BPRO 2019 Spring Conference

BPRO 2019 Spring Conference

BPRO 2019 Spring Conference Welcome to the Hotel Roanoke Welcome to all members Business Meeting Roanoke, Va May 29th, 2019

Call to Order Stacy Bowman(Amherst DSS) Welcome Statement Elaine Burgess (Virginia Beach DSS) Roll Call Stacy Bowman(Amherst DSS) Business Minutes Stacy Bowman(Amherst DSS) Treasurers Report Elaine Burgess for Rebecca Carter-Nutter The BPRO 2019-2020 Budget will be posted on the website for members to review. Checking account balance $111,855.85

CD $ 26,980.39 Recognition Moment The achievements of an organization are the results of the combined effort of each individual. I would like to recognize those members who have worked so hard during my term as President. Our Committee Chairs Ambassador Elaine Tweatt Archives Jo Linton By-Laws

Mignon Jones Communications Quinn Hughley Energy Phoebe Wright Foster Care/AA Stephanie Wood Hospitality Samantha Arney Legislative Minnie Pender Medicaid Bellamy Monger Professional Development Donna Montgomery SNAP Trerina Richardson

TANF Christie Bruce Technology Rick Waugh Our PD Presidents PD PD PD PD PD PD PD PD PD PD

PD PD 1&2 5 & 12 6&7 8 9 & 10 11 13 & 19 14 15 16 & 17 20 21

Sally Sexton Katherine Birchfield Buffy Showers Serenity Kenny Mary Jane Skidmore Preston Sellers Tina Dixon Christie Bruce Kyle Jones Tiny Lefear Willie Wilkerson April Major GET YOUR TICKETS OUT !!!! State Board Deana Bennet (Prince Edward DSS)

Conference Tina Caldwell Eheart(Charlottesville DSS) Professional Development Committee Membership Tonia Alexander (Charlottesville DSS) Notes from State Board of Social Services meeting April 17, 2019 Commissioner Duke Storen stated 93 bills passed pertaining to DSS. He discussed the SNAP Work requirement public comment period has been closed. Final decision should be made this year to impact next year at this time. He reported Immigration is seeing less of an increase in services-mainly due to fear and reported TANF was reauthorized-TANF Block Grant.

Commission reported on the state level at the General Assembly there was child welfare bills, foster care, child support legislation, licensing regs, assisted living regs, TANF-VIEW program name change to Virginia Initiative for Education and Work. DSS has been directed to do a study of TANF Program to look at Eligibility Criteria, Drop in Caseloads and Payment Levels. Also discussed Child Care transitional CC is now allowed for those pursuing degree; JLARC looking at MA Expansion and 3% raise for state and local, setting standards and minimum and will continue to look at LDSS salary for next General Assembly. He acknowledged April is Child Abuse Prevention Month and to look for the Pinwheels. Carl Ayers spoke on Family Services Plan and Program Improvement Plan. Seyoum Berne gave a presentation on Refugee program and Fran Inge gave a presentation on Opiod/Addiction Initiatives.

Comment from VLSSE by Rick Verilla was in regards to the Dashboard. He indicated the 150 members support it and are thankful to the Commissioner for removed CPU information. He indicated the Dashboard tells us the what but not the why and how so now we need to look at the why and how. Jim Schuyler from Virginia Community Action Partnership discussed 2Gen Whole Family Approach. Board voted on Resolution to Recognize April 2019 as Office Services Support Appreciation Month. Respectfully submitted, Deana J. Bennett 1st VP GET YOUR TICKETS OUT !!!! Committee Reports

Liaison Reports League Alliance Possess Deana Bennett(Prince Edward) Shel Bolyard-Douglas(Prince George DSS) Carolyn Harlow (Harrisonburg/Rockingham DSS) Carolyn Harlow (Harrisonburg/Rockingham DSS) Bitsy Candelario Scholarship Educational Scholarship in the amount of 500.00 to children and grandchildren of BPRO members

Guy Lusk Scholarship Education Scholarship in the amount of 500.00 to current members of BPRO GET YOUR TICKETS OUT !!!! ha t an m Sa bb Co Jos

Wa hua lke Cal eb r New Business 2019 Fall conference Tina 2020 Spring conferenceTina Neon Elaine

Welcome to our new BPRO President for 2019-2022 Closing (Carolyn Harlow) Elaine Thank you to my executive board for their patience and dedication Motion to adjourn

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