Bradford Care Association

Bradford Care Association

Bradford Care Association November 2016 Konrad Czajka (Chair) Louise Bestwick (Secretary) Ben Redhead (Treasurer) Jack Redhead (Committee Member) Mike Reynolds (Committee Member) David Crabtree (Committee Member) Giles Bateman (Committee Member) Karen Thornton (Committee Member) John Sutcliffe (Committee Member) Carol McDonald (Associate Committee Member)

Bradford Care Association Membership 74 Care Home equates to 2835 care beds equates to 68% of total beds in Bradford excluding Council beds Total Beds: 4341 BCA Beds: 2835 19 Homecare Providers Bradford Council requires a list of BCA members Fees 2016 Anomalies Residential Care: 460.95 p.w. ie 2.74 per hour No Rate for Dementia

Residential Care 529.90 p.w. for Physical Disabilities under Pensionable Age. Nursing Home Care 508.06 p.w. for PD under Pensionable Age. 21.84 LESS for Nursing Care than Residential Care Continuing Healthcare Rates 643.94 p.w. Low Rate 650.51 p.w. Middle Rate 810.04 p.w. Higher Rate Middle Rate is only 6.57 p.w. above contract price (643.94) due to increase of FNC rates from 112 p.w. to 156.25 p.w. (40% increase). To be reviewed by January 2017. Fee Rates for Residential and Dementia Care Bradford:

460.95 per week No Dementia Rate Kirklees: 484.10 per week (max) 475.36 to 524.10 Dementia Leeds: 486.00 per week (max) 420.00 to 507.00 For Dementia (6.26% Increase awarded)

North Yorks: 499.73 per week (max) 499.73 For Dementia Calderdale: 421.92 per week Figures obtained from Laing & Buisson (July 2016) 456.90 to 477.21 For Dementia (5% increase awarded) (4.99% Increase)

Uplifts of Fees April 2017 1. Bradford Council never agreed figures for a previous Cost of Care exercise but have given increases for 2014, 2015 & 2016. 2. Propose new Cost of Care exercise to include a figure for R.O.C. (Return On Capital) 3. Cost of Care Exercise would consist of: Engaging Nigel Bullas of BHP Clough & Company (An independent firm of Accountants) to undertake this review. Providers to appoint an appropriate person (with sufficient understanding of the numbers for your organisation) to prepare the information required and liaise with BHP Clough & Co. The appointed person to complete a spreadsheet and return it to Nigel Bullas

at BHP Clough & Co. Questions arising from the spreadsheets will be addressed by the Appointed Person in your organisation and BHP Clough & Co. To ensure confidentiality the information will only be provided to the B.C.A. and Bradford Council or other bodies in summarised form and not linked to Home names. 4. Cost of care exercise for Homecare/Domiciliary Care. Scrutiny Committee recommendations not delivered. Rate of 14.43 per hour is below UKHCA minimum Cost of Care rate of 16.70. 5. Uplift of fees for continuing healthcare suggest discarding the low dependency rate and have uplifts on medium and high rate levels.

Meeting to be arranged with Rob OConnell (Head of Integrated and Continuing Healthcare) Bradford Care Association Summary Negotiating uplifts on fees requires the support of all Care Providers (Nursing, Residential & Homecare) Joining the BCA and making our Association stronger is of paramount importance. A Reset with Bradford Council where collaboration and cooperation should be the way forward is of paramount importance. Bradford Council Directorate and Officers must treat the Independent Sector Providers with respect as Professionals. At the end of the Cost of Care exercise the conclusion may be that there is minimal money

available due to austerity measures and the Social Services overspend (6m in the first 6 months of 2016) The 4% increase in National Living Wage, differentials, inflation, R.O.C., etc need to be addressed by all parties in order that the Older, Frail and Disabled People living in Bradford receive the quality care they deserve.

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