Burnaby Girls Soccer Club A Place for Every Girl to Play

Burnaby Girls Soccer Club A Place for Every Girl to Play

Burnaby Girls Soccer Club A Place for Every Girl to Play U8U18 COACHES MEETING Sept 2019 Agenda Introductions Success In The News Coaching Info Fields Equipment & Keys Pre-game Information

Game Day Referees Scheduling BGSC Events Technical Program Questions Introductions Position Person Burnaby District

William Oching Registrar Tom Berry (acting) Secretary Rishma Vallani Treasurer

Shannon Kaustinen Vice President Greg Burkett President Tom Berry Club Manager Lynne Schweitzer

Referee Coordinator Tom Berry Risk Manager Tom Berry Coaching Criminal Check BGSC requires all volunteers to get a Police Criminal

Check every 2nd year. BC Soccer every 3 years. Online CRC system in place. We will be reviewing all team officails and emailing link and password to those who need to complete. Coaching Communication and Resources The Club Manager will email you a document with all your players contact information Get to know the BGSC Website it has valuable information to help you:

http://www.burnabygirlssoccerclub.com Club Contacts on the Website provides you access to email Executive members including field and referee coordinators and team contacts Please review all policies Coaching - Player/Coach Cards Required for U8 to U18 teams, players and all team officials (Coach, Asst Coach, Manager, Team Mom) Up to 4 coaching team officials permitted per team Players can upload their own photo in their profile on the BGSC website

Cards are brought to each game to show to game officials. Players are not permitted to play without a card. Practice Fields Most turf practice fields have 4 teams per field must rotate every week to share the goal posts Call Park Patrol, 604-294-7227 if there is a problem (other non BGSC groups, safety issue) City issued keys are handed out for lights and posts

at the turf fields (C-OVAL) All Weather lights are the F.L. key Home Game Fields Each week the team must check the BGSC Home Game Schedule posted on our website under Schedules This is the official version of all of our home games that we use to book officials. If your league issued schedule is different from what is posted on the BGSC website please reach out to the Club Manager asap to correct/clarify. Games are often moved, particularly with weather issues in

winter so this is an essential duty of each home team each week. If you are moved please ensure you have the necessary keys for the field you are playing at prior to the weekend. Equipment & Keys Keys Combination lock opens BGSC boxes at Byrne and Central with nets and corner flags, same combo at both our turf fields. C-OVAL turf posts and turf lights F.L. Lights at all Weather fields

FRN storage room at Riverway FBH storage room at Heights Pre-Game Information Check your email regularly as well as the club website For home games, contact your opposing coach no later the Wednesday night and ensure they have the correct game time and location Field closures announced Friday afternoon on the City phone line and website 604-294-7984 or check the Citys website

Citys website is NOT updated on the weekend check the phone line only Pre-Game Information Home Game Schedule is produced and posted by Monday of each week, in most instance 3-4 weeks in advance This lists all the home games played each week Please note who is playing before and after you All referees are assigned according to this schedule Game Day BGSC Equipment

If youre the first game of the day, your team (home team) is responsible for putting up both nets and lining the field (if on grass). If you play the last BGSC game of the day please take down the equipment and lock away in storage container. If you take equipment away from the field please let the Club Manager know.

Please let the Club Manger know if equipment is in disrepair or missing. Game Day - Playing Policy BGSC Playing Policy for Teams is: U11-U18 (Divisional and Select teams) At least half the game U6-U12 (House teams) Equal playing time Playing time can be restricted due to:

Player failing to attend practices during the week without notifying the coach in advance Player arrives late to practices and games without notifying the coach in advance Player behaves poorly during weekly practices Full policy is on the website Referees We cannot have games without officials All BGSC Volunteers are expected to treat the game

officials with courtesy especially the new, young refs! Referee abuse will not be tolerated Infractions are addressed by our club and the Burnaby District Youth Soccer Discipline Committee Discipline will result in suspensions from soccer Coaches are responsible for the conduct of themselves, their players and their parents/fans Referees - Filing a Complaint Please do not confront the referee at the field Wait 24 hours then email our Referee Coordinator

Tom Berry [email protected] Scheduling Burnaby District Royal City, Cliff Ave & Burnaby Girls U8 Play in league with New West - 5 Aside (4 plus keeper) U9 and U10 in Burnaby District league 7v7 (6 plus keeper) U11 and U12 House in Vancouver league Super 8 U11 and U12 Select teams play in Div 1 and Div 2 of BCCSL U13-U18 in Div 1, 2 and 3 of BCCSL Scheduling BCCSL Levels of Play Gold, Silver, Bronze are no longer being used!

Three divisions of play Div 1, 2 and 3 No standings kept for U11 and U12. (scores are recorded by the league to help with re-tiering but not posted) U13 and older Div 1 and Div 2 play in Provincial BCup U13 and older Div 3 play in Burnaby Cup Scheduling BCCSL Levels of Play BGSC enters teams into the league in mid-June. Club makes recommendations as to starting level of play of each team (i.e. Div 1, Div 3 etc)

This is a guess (albeit an educated one) based on team roster as of early June. After 5 weeks of play all teams are subject to re-tiering to correct/adjust any mistakes made in initial placement. Events - Remembrance Day Tournament Monday November 11, 2019 Burnaby Lake West U8 U15 U16 U18 7 Aside 6 Aside

Super 8 size field and posts We need volunteers! Biggest one-day tournament in Burnaby Tournament Coordinator Lynne Schweitzer Events Photo Days Saturday October 26th from 9- 11:30am and Tuesday November 6th from 6-7pm All teams will be contacted to select their preferred time or times in late September

Have a great season! Thank you very much for the time you give our club A Place for Every Girl to Play

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