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Pointers Review recursion scoping rule enforced by auto class solution formation arrays and pointers

call-by-reference Relation between Arrays and Pointers int a[10], i; a[i] is equivalent to *(a + i)

int i, *p p[i] is equivalent to *(p + i) a + i is equivalent to &a[i] Arrays as Function Arguments When an array is passed as an argument t o a function, the base address value is pas sed. the array elements are not copied

equivalent function headers double sum(double a[], int n); double sum(double *a, int n) Dynamic Memory Allocation The standard C lib contains void *calloc(int n, int m); void *malloc(int m);

if failed, NULL is returned calloc (n, m) is equivalent to p = malloc (n*m); memset(p, 0, m*n); - what is p+2? Memory Release Youd better free the allocated space

free(p); p must be the pointer to the space allocated by calloc() or malloc() If you forget to free, it will be freed when the process exits for some systems like Linux, Windows for some other systems, nothing is guaranteed

Strings review char *s = abcde; char s[] = abcde; char s[] = {a, b, c, d, e, \0}; you s

are a fool \0 String Functions ANSI C Lib contains many useful functions char *strcat(char *s1, const char *s2);

result is in *s1 what if there is no space after s1? strncat( dest, src, n);

char * const a; /* can change char but NOT pointer */ return value == s1 /* why do we neet it */ int strcmp(const char *s1, const char *s2); returns negative, zero, positive depending on the lexic ographical order char *strcpy(char *s1, const char *s2); copy s2 to s1

what if s2 is longer than s1? strncpy(dest, src, strlen(dest)); /* safe */ size_t strlen(const char *s); size_t is usually unsigned int S h

a p p y

\0 e n d i

n g S1 h

a p p y \0

S2 e n d \0

Multidimensional Arrays int a[3][4] row column the base address is &a[0][0], NOT a what is a[1] ?

You can expand it to three dimensional arr ays int a[3][5] a[2][3] is equivalent to *(a[2] + 3) (*(a + 2))[3]

*((*(a+2)) + 3) *(&a[0][0] + 5*2 + 3) Initialization Arrays of Pointers char *w[N]; an array of pointers each pointer is to char

ragged array char *p[2] = {abc, 1234567890}; read the sort_words example in the textbook Arguments to main( ) int main(int argc, char **argv) argc and argv are used for main() argc is the number of arguments

argv is an array of pointers argv[0] is the name of the main program then naturally, argc >= 1 argc = 5 argv[0] = my_echo argv[1] = midterm argv[2] = is argv[3] = on

argv[4] = Thursday Functions as Arguments a function name can be passed as an argument think a function name as a pointer (like an array) (*f)(x) f is a pointer to a function *f is a function (*f)(x) is a call to the function

if you are still confused, just follow the example Functions as Arguments prototypes const volatile const int N = 3; N cannot be changed after initialization

N cannot be used for array definition like int k[N]; with pointers int *const ptr; const int* ptr; volatile int *p; telling a compiler NOT to change order,

cacheing or anything related to the integer since it may be changed by an external event void SendCommand (int * hwstatus, int command, int data) { // wait while the gadget is busy: while (hwstatus == isbusy) { // do nothing here.

} // set data first: hwdata = data; // writing the command starts the action: hwcommand = command; }

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