Canadian Supply Chain Food Safety Coalition

Canadian Supply Chain Food Safety Coalition

Canadian Supply Chain Food Safety Coalition Annual Report for 2007 Presented at the Annual Meeting 30 January 2008 Via Conference Call & Webcast Canadian Supply Chain Food Safety Coalition Our Vision: Canadas agriculture,

fisheries and food industry will have a world-class reputation for producing and selling safe food. Canadian Supply Chain Food Safety Coalition Our Mission: To facilitate, through dialogue within the food industry and with all levels of government, the development and implementation of a national, coordinated approach to food safety to

ensure credibility in domestic and international marketplaces. 2007 Priorities

Member Relations Incorporation Revitalizing the Website Pandemic Preparedness Planning Government Relations Issue Management Collaborative Action Priority #1 Member Relations

Continued Member support Financial stability Information bulletins Member calls Priority #2 - Incorporation Process

Initiated by Members March 21st call Discussed by Members April 18th call Approved by Members June 8th call & email vote Application submitted August Letters Patent issued under Canada Corporations Act September Priority #3 Revitalizing the Website Identified as a priority in 2006, the project was completed in 2007

Funded from events surpluses Relocated to Ottawa service provider Fully redesigned & bilingual Directly administered by the Secretariat Positively received Priority #4 Pandemic Planning (1) A new priority in 2006 continued in 2007 Global Grippe Workshop March 2007 Great success Clear recommendations

Follow-up initiated the industry/government subcommittee Seen by the Private Sector Working Group as an excellent model Priority #4 Pandemic Planning (2) Industry/Government Subcommittee on Pandemic Preparedness Planning in the AgriFood Sector 2 meetings May & December Reviewed Global Grippe recommendations Initiated development of new workplan

Reported to Private Sector Working Group & GFIS-IG Priority #5 Government Relations A top priority Expanded contacts with officials, including the FPT committee chairs Participation in government consultations Participation in FPT subcommittees HACCP/HACCP-based recognition

Priority #6 Issues Management (1) APFII or Growing Forward 2nd Submission - March Letter to Ministers & Press Release October US Government & Congressional Initiatives Information Bulletins 6 in July, September, October & November Food & Consumer Action Plan

Information Bulletin November & December Priority #6 Issues Management (2) Main points in the Coalition submission: include food safety as a priority theme be based on a new vision of food safety developed by government & industry include a renewed & well resourced commitment to greater harmonization across jurisdictions result in the establishment of a new & effective food safety decision-making mechanism

recognize the important role of industry-led programs Priority #6 Issues Management (3) Main points continued Must include funding for the infrastructure of industry-led programs (food safety & traceability) Must include funding for on-farm & post-farm implementation by SMEs Must result in simpler & more streamlined programs & reduced administration costs for

applicants Completion of the recognition programs for industry-led food safety schemes Priority #7 Collaborative Action CFSQ Program Application Activity 1 Gap Analysis & National Strategy Activity 2 Communications Activity 3 Post-Farm Recognition Program Task Group

Executive & Steering Committee 2007 Heather Holland - Chair Justin Sherwood & Jackie Crichton (CCGD)

Heather Gale (CHC) Jocelyne Galloway (CFA) (until September) Kathleen Sullivan Treasurer & Julie Latremouille (ANAC) Derek Nighbor (RCC)

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