Careers Education and Guidance: the changing context

Careers Education and Guidance: the changing context

CEG in England: a brief history and views for the future Institute of Career Guidance Wednesday 2 February 2005 David Andrews What we might have talked about Governments response to Tomlinson and implications for CEG..but awaiting White Paper on 14-19 learning Outcomes of end-to-end review of CEG

and future arrangements for universal IAG services for young people in England and for CEG support and training..but awaiting Youth Green Paper What I will talk about Brief historical perspective on CEG over past 18 years Suggestions for improving CEG from here Aims of the school

curriculum to provide opportunities for all pupils to learn and to achieve to promote pupils spiritual, moral, social and cultural development and prepare pupils for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of life Guidance for 14-19 options Information on post-14 (KS4) options

on progression routes comprehensive, up to date, accessible Guidance linked to tutoring and mentoring effective recording and referral impartial (free of departmental and institutional bias) Careers education how to use information and guidance 11-19+ 1987 Working Together

for a Better Future (DES/ED) TVEI Extension (ED) National Curriculum consultation document (DES) 1990/91 Careers Work (DES)

Co-ordinating Careers Work (ED) National Record of Achievement Careers Library Initiative NCC 6: CEG as a cross-curricular theme 1994/95 Better Choices

End of TVEI (DFE/ED) GEST (95-98) Careers Service INSET (95-98) Year 9/10 initiative Looking Forward (SCAA) 1998 Careers education statutory Y9,10,11 Learning Outcomes

from CEG (QCA) Ring-fenced budgets in careers services for CEG support and training (DFEE) Progress File demonstrations projects National survey (Ofsted) 2000/01 Careers in the New

Curriculum (DfES) School improvement: how careers work can help (DfES) Preparing pupils for a successful future in learning and work (DfES) CESP & CEGNET Preparation for Adult Life group (QCA)

2003/04 CEG in England: a National Framework 11-19 (DfES) Extension of statutory requirement to include Y7&8 (ILPs) (workforce remodelling) Reduced attention to CEG in Connexions

partnerships End-to-end review of CEG: conclusions CEG and coherent support for severely disadvantaged young people are distinct policy goals Connexions has made excellent progress in most places but CEG gets too little attention in policy and planning Connexions Partnerships do not have the capacity to deliver both targeted support and CEG the greatest potential for improvement lies in driving up the coherence, quality and relevance of careers

education in schools, colleges and work-based providers Issues for CEG Priority given to careers guidance within Connexions careers education in schools, colleges & work-based training Access to impartial and challenging information, advice and guidance Quality of provision, regulatory framework and performance measures

Two-thirds of careers co-ordinators without a professional qualification in CEG A vision for the future: CEG in 11-19 learning A new foundation subject, personal and career development, statutory at KS3 ILPs integral part of KS3 (secondary) strategy Career planning and career management skills, and personal review and planning, part of the

common core 14-19 A vision for the future: leading and managing CEG Subject leader for CEG, plus careers support assistant Nationally-recognised professional qualification for CEG leaders Single self-evaluation tool for CEG, recognised by Ofsted, developed from current local quality awards

Actions that could be taken now in schools Work with co-ordinators of PSHE and citizenship to integrate these related areas of the curriculum Work with KS3 managers and Progress File co-ordinators on individual learning planning Work with 14-19 managers on developing CEG in 14-19 learning Take advantage of the workforce remodelling developments to clarifying the respective roles of careers co-ordinator and careers support assistant

Actions that could be taken now in Connexions Continue to support curriculum development and INSET for CEG, working with LEA advisers Review access for CEG leaders to professional qualifications for CEG Review existing quality award for CEG against recommendations in National Framework (CEG 11-19) Issues for national policy for

CEG Bring careers education policy responsibility into Curriculum Division Replace CEG, PSHE, and work-related learning frameworks, and citizenship PoS, with single PCD programme of study KS1-3 Include CEG in 14-19 core Introduce a national professional qualification for CEG leaders Establish national kite-marking of local quality awards

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