Careers in Marketing Honors Marketing - Council Rock School ...

Careers in Marketing Honors Marketing - Council Rock School ...

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Marketing What its all about and why its a great career! What I will be talking about What is Marketing really? Marketing in action Careers in marketing Getting into marketing Questions What is marketing really?

Advertising Emails Event Management Merchandising Surveys Research Direct Mail Websites Brochures Public Relations (PR)

Branding Promotions Personal selling Questionnaires Sponsorship Product Development Changing attitudes and behavior

What we think attitudes | What we do behavior What we buy consume | Who we vote for believe Our lifestyles habits | Core beliefs values Marketing in action Preview: Think Outside The Box Ready ? Choose a

Problem: Chewing Gum Litter Students stick gum under desks Spit gum out on ground and sticks to shoes Stick gum to other unsanitary public places Walls, doors, windows, floors, tables, chairs, signs Clean up costs are expensive Case Study: Cleaning Up Council Rock SD Problem Chewing gum litter Expensive and difficult to clean.

Unhygienic. Unsightly Solution Gum Targets used by students Result Est. 10,692 pieces of gum collected first year. 33% reduction in gum litter at sites Cleaning cost reduced by 50% Saving of 10k per annum Positive press coverage for Council Careers In marketing

Why choose a career in marketing? Why choose a career in marketing? Good salary All about understanding people Blends Art and Science plus sector knowledge Creative and innovative International Results driven About teamwork Fun!

Why choose a career in marketing? Almost all businesses have marketing careers; manufacturing, retail, wholesale, transportation services, community/social services, education, etc. The great thing about marketing is it is a function that is needed in every company in every industry, so career potential is unlimited. About 33 million Americans earn a living in marketing thats 1/3 of the US workforce! Bureau of Labor Statistics projects

employment in marketing & sales to be DOUBLE DIGIT! Contrast marketing careers with careers in medicine. BRAINSTORM: 2 columns = Differences & Similarities Think of as many as you can for each column. Number them! Lets see who can come up with the most for each column! 2 minutes BEGIN! Marketing vs. Medicine DIFFERENCES:

? ? ? ? Marketing vs. Medicine SIMILARITIES: Lots of different areas to work in and good pay

Both require training and professional level skills Patients = Customers Marketing Concept applies to both Highly specialized (medical specialties & sales areas) Take the AMA Career Survey! Go to my faculty webpage and select the marketing survey link. Print out your results for credit. No Results!... No Credit! How much will I get paid?

Basic Salary by job role* (* -August 2015) Advertising Manager/Director $82,698 Brand Manager (Associate) $64,032 Creative Director $81,347 E-Commerce Sales Manager $127,434 Customer Relations Manager $95,658 Marketing Research Analyst I $53,914

Meeting/Event Director $106,236 S123,735 Average Salary of a Marketing Director* * August 2015 Marketing functions and sectors Functions Sectors

Advertising Public relations Arts and Drama Not for profit Charities Consumer goods Publishing Industrial Recruitment and search Property Professional services Fashion

Restaurant marketing And many more Direct Marketing Product management Market Research Events Campaign management Digital marketing Sales promotion Branding Customer service

What sort of company might you work for? Client side Agency Own the product or service In-house marketing team Hire agency for specialist skill Provide service to client Many clients to service Creative or specialist services

Marketing Assistant Marketing Executive Marketing Director DM Campaign Manager Research Manager Events manager

Web manager Account Executive Account Director Account Planner Copywriter

Creative director Business development Media planner/buyer Graduate job: Marketing assistant (Client) Implements marketing projects to support the manager (Entry level) Organizing events Copywriting for brochures, online and email Customer surveys Briefing agencies Organizing sales

promotions Public Relations Salary Range: $38,345 to $59,465 Booking or buying advertising space Maintaining databases Writing newsletters Preparing PowerPoint presentations Reporting web trends Graduate job: Account executive

(Agency) Looks after a number of client accounts with support from Account manager. Often specializes e.g. Public Relations Meeting clients Establishing project requirements Writing marketing plans Recommending activities Updating clients Briefing creative team Salary Range: $49,817 to $88,341

Assisting on business pitches Ensuring deadlines are met Organizing promotions/advertising Managing budgets Getting Into marketing What employers want Qualificatio ns

Relevant Experience Aptitude Get qualified Work hard to get a good 1st or 2nd degree! Identify the areas of your degree relevant to a marketing role Think about obtaining a professional qualification such as the Professional Certificates or Professional Graduate Degrees once working. Can be studied part time

Ask at 2nd stage interview if your employer offers sponsorship for qualifications and additional degrees and training Build experience You often wont know if its really for you until you have tried it! Summer placements/Internships Student brand managers Marketing jobs rotations Try before you buy for you and them Market yourself create your own placement campaign! Build a E-Portfolio and Resume Career Research at and select careers

Create your personal marketing plan 1.Identify an area of marketing that might suit you 2.Research potential employers. Put yourself in their shoes why would they want to employ you? 3.Undertake a skills audit, develop a Personal Marketing Plan (PMP), and start to build your C.V. 4.Holes in your raft? plug the gaps! 5.Gain work experience in a marketing role 6.Hone the personal skills 7.Leverage your contacts 8.Be flexible have a plan B! example content


Use a personal statement to highlight your background and key achievements. Only include this if you can make an impressive statement, ensuring that the content is clear, short and concise. Try to keep to around four lines, which say what you are (e.g. marketer), what experience you have and what you have to offer the company. EDUCATION AND PROFESSIONAL QUALIFICATIONS List your qualifications, starting with the most recent and stating the results obtained. If the qualification is relevant to the job make sure you include further details, as topics covered. If it is not directly linked ensure that you highlight the

relevant transferable skills you developed. Describe your role, including level of responsibility and accountability within the organization. Areas of accountability that you hold and what skills they display. How your role impacts/impacted on business performance. What initiatives you have developed/implemented. Tasks that show core skills such as teamwork and communication. If the job requires certain skills, ensure that

you include details that prove you have this capability, e.g. sales increased company sales for xxx by implementing xxx. CV Advice KEY ACHIEVEMENTS Any further achievements. Areas where you have made a particular difference to an organization. If possible try to quantify this with real examples SKILLS Languages

IT packages and computing skills Keyboard skills Driving ability INTERESTS AND ACTIVITIES Membership of clubs and societies Positions of responsibility Travel Hobbies and other leisure activities REFEREES If necessary you can simply put References available upon request, if you do not wish to name them prior to interview. Alternatively the standard is to include the names and

contact details of two referees. Where to look for jobs Trade magazines University Careers Service Contacts six degrees separation Network AMA member events Marketing Press Internet - Recruitment agencies Marketing in disguise: Customer Insight Manager Individual Giving Manager Business Development Manager

Download a College2Career Issue @ https:// Join the student membership group at to begin networking to your future. American Marketing Association Free marketing careers website Find a job - listing of graduate schemes Know the industry - video introductions Research your career - job profiles Student Brand Manager scheme Test your knowledge - interactive quiz Get qualified AMA qualifications

Start your marketing career at Any Questions? Build Your E-Portfolio & Resume Picture of U Short Biography Action Pictures List of accomplishments Future plans Contact information

Advice for Interviews Research Become familiar with the organisation Culture and Values Turnover Competitors History

Mental preparation Try to put yourself in the position of the interviewer if you were interviewing individuals for this role what would you ask? Prepare responses to the following questions, and any others you think of: Why do you want the job? Why are you the most suitable applicant? What have you gained from your employment/qualifications/extra-curricular activities? What prompted you to make the career decisions you have made? What was your worst or best decision? What did you learn about yourself when? What would you identify as your main

strengths/weaknesses? First Impressions Dress appropriateness Building rapport Eye Contact Be Prepared Unpredictable Questions Why are Manhole covers round? How many tennis balls could you fit in a 747 jumbo jet? If you were a type of food, what type of food would you be?

Ask Questions Interview Practice Can U Market Yourself? Examples of Free Portfolio Software Online Resume and Portfolio Website: (link is external) VFOLIO personal portfolio & resume website: (link is external) Jobrary Resume & Portfolio management made simple:

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