Carl Sandburg's "Chicago" - Avon Schools

Carl Sandburg's "Chicago" - Avon Schools

Lesson 10 1. Collect epitaphs 2. Epithet and Apostrophe ~ Chicago by Carl Sandburg OBJECTIVE: Students will analyze the effect epithet and apostrophe have on the poem Chicago.

Carl Sandburgs Chicago "My Kind of Town" SoooWhat do you think?

How has Chicago changed over the century? Chicago Now Chicago Then Heres what you need to know about

Carl Sandburg With his writing, "attempt[ed] to find beauty in modern industrialism."

Chicago "Chicago" Now, you will read it a second time. This time, as you read, annotate the poem to create meaning.

Now, lets talk terminology. Simile Comparison between two unlike objects, using like or as Personification

attributing human characteristics to something that is not human with lifted head singing so proud Epithet a characterizing word or phrase accompanying or occurring in

place of the name of a person or thing Hog Butcher for the World representing Chicago Apostrophe a direct address of an inanimate object, abstract qualities, or a person not living or present.

Busy old fool, unruly sun, Why dost thou thus, Through windows, and through curtains call on us? Now lets find some examples! With a partner or by yourself, go

back through the poem and find as many examples of these terms as you can. Highlight each example and then label either P

(personification), E (epithet), S (simile), or A (apostrophe). In the margin next the appropriate stanza, answer the following questions:

What effect do the examples of EPITHET have in the first stanza? What effect do the examples of APOSTROPHE have in

the second stanza? What effect do the examples of PERSONIFICATION have in the second part of

the second stanza? What effect do the examples of the SIMILES have in the final stanza? Your Turn

For your assignment, you are going to write your own Place I Love poem. As your handout says, you should follow the same organization as Chicago. Use the poem as a model! You are not limited to a city! You could write about

your job, your treehouse, your car, your room, any PLACE you want! Requirements

List epithets describing the place Use apostrophe to say what others might say about it Defend it Use a simile to describe the place Personify the place, giving it human characteristics

Close by repeating the epithets from the beginning (or a variation) Your poem must be AT LEAST 16 lines You must have a title (you can just call it something as simple as Dunder Mifflin or Boise) ***Before you turn in, you should label your epithets, apostrophe, simile, and personification. This shows me

specifically that you used these techniques, and you know what they are.

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