Causes of deforestation in the Amazon - Geography

Development in the Amazon Day One Causes of deforestation in the Amazon Predict Which colour is which types of deforestation? Write down Write down the correct figures Large scale development in the Amazon

In the 1970s Brazils government aimed to open up the Amazon to development. Road and rail development Logging Ranching Hydroelectric Power (HEP) Mining Settlement They used slash and burn techniques to clear the land for settlement and ranching.

Developments in the Amazon the Carajas Project Carajas Project Belem Sao Luis Tucurui iron ore, copper, manganese, nickel, bauxite, gold,

tin, lead, zinc rail link Carajas 0 100km TransAmazonian Highway In 1985 the

government approved the development of the largest iron ore mine in the world. It is an open pit mine, and largely powered by the hydroelectric power of the Tucurui Dam Carajas mine Its HUGE!!

Carajs mine Tucurui Dam cost $5 billion Describe the dams impact on the landscape. Road River Tocantins Tucurui Dam HEP plant

flooded an area 3 times the size of the Grand Bahama Amazonian Indian villages Before Tucurui Dam After Tucurui Dam

Tucurui Dam Tucurui Dam was built between 1976 and 1984, The reservoir created upstream of the dam is over 2000km2. The dam will produce more than 4000 MW of electricity. Fish have stopped migrating upstream, chemicals from defoliation have poisoned the river, thousands of people were displaced.

Trans amazon highway Why was road building such as the Trans Amazonian Highway vital to all these large scale development projects?

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