Causes of the American Revolution

Causes of the American Revolution The French and Indian War King Georges War (1740-1748) Woman coming to the Austrian throne for the first time. Also, with this comes the title of Holy Roman Emperor. Her name is Maria Teresa. So the ruler of Prussia, Frederick II, invades to expand Prussia and strikes up other wars over territory. England gets into this war with King George v. France. English attack French colonies in North America and take a

fort on the St. Lawrence River. The War is over in 1748. The French begin to build a series of forts along the frontier to defend against any English colonists who are coming into the frontier. They build all around the Ohio River Valley. The English call this space, Virginia Territory. Ft. Duquesne This is where two rivers come together to form the Ohio River. In 1754, the government of Virginia, with several prominent members decided to develop the Ohio Valley in order to make profit. They sent a

young man to survey the land for this purpose. The survey group ran across a French party, and the French party tells the British colonists to leave. The young British colonists returned home and reported to the governor that the French were out there and told him to leave. Hearing this, the Governor made the man into a Lieutenant Colonel and gave him men and sent them and some Indian allies back out. They ran into a French military detail, fought and won, leading to the French group surrendering.

The Mohegan Chief with the British colonials, takes a tomahawk to one of the French soldiers heads, and literally plays with his brains. The English were allied with the Iroquois. The French was allied with the Algonquin. The young leader of the British military was Lieutenant Colonel George Washington. Fre

n ch a nd I nd ia n Also known as the 7 Years War, lasts from 1754-1763. Prussia has

joined the English by 1756 and this becomes the first true world war. It all starts at Ft. Duquesne fight. The fort becomes Ft. Pitt, now we have Pittsburg. The war ends in the Americas in 1759 when Montreal falls to the British/British colonists. W French and Indian War

This is the end of the war on paper. Issues will arise from this treaty that lead to the revolt in the colonies. They relate to problems with economics, personal rights and politics. France has lost its empire, and England has gained one. Canada is lost to Britain. France is completely removed from North America except for some Caribbean Islands. Spain took New

Orleans and west of the Mississippi. So at this point, England had control of all land in North America east of the Mississippi. England has become the superpower of the New World. 1760, King George II dies, King George III is now on the throne. Treaty of Paris

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