Cen Consists Of:

Cen Consists Of:

Current status in standardization in the field of PED Bratislava-11, 12 and 13 April 2005 Nouredine Hakimi CEN Programme Manager Content Some important horizontal decisions taken at CEN level The Pressure Equipment Advisory Nucleus The work programme and status of draft standards The promotion of Pressure Equipment standards Conclusion Sources of Information CEN IS MADE UP OF: a system to carry out formal processes shared between: 28 National Members, and the representative expertise

they assemble from each country 8 Associates; 2 Counsellors (EC, EFTA) The CEN Management Centre, Brussels Some important horizontal decisions taken at CEN level Mr Lars Flink, the new chairman of the CEN Board, outlined the challenges facing CEN in the next three years: 3-year timeframe for the development of standards: the successful implementation of this action; Enlargement of CEN: participation of all CEN Member bodies in the technical work. Technical work in the enlarged CEN (Resolution BT 10/2004) BT created a group (BT/CAG 172 Technical work in enlarged CEN) to advise the Chairman on ways to facilitate the participation of the National Standards Bodies in the technical work, at all levels.

Global relevance of standards (Resolution BT 17/2004) BT noted that BT/WG 152 Global relevance in standards is developing guidance to CEN technical committees on the implications of global relevance. Global objective: The Three Year Cycle for ENs Timeframe Milestones 0 Receipt of TC resolution (e-mail date) +6 months Circulation of first working draft

+6 months Dispatch of Enquiry draft to CMC + 2.5 months Submission to Enquiry + 5 months Closure of Enquiry + 8 months Dispatch of Formal Vote draft to CMC + 3.5 months Submission to Formal Vote

+ 2 months Closure of Formal Vote + 1 months Ratification + 2 months Definitive text available = 36 months ENQ + FV / PQ-UQ + FV Timeframe Milestones 0

Receipt of TC resolution (e-mail date) +6 months Circulation of first working draft +6 months Dispatch of UAP draft to CMC + 3.5 months Submission to UAP + 3,4 or 5 months Closure of UAP + 1 months

Ratification + 2 months Definitive text available = 21.5 to 23.5 months Unique acceptance procedure UAP The Pressure Equipment Advisory Nucleus: PE-AN The pressure Equipment Advisory Nucleus is a group reporting to the CEN Technical board. There are 16 members (NSBs, EC, Notified Bodies, Users, Manufacturers, CMC,..) The PE-AN is a forum for the management of sector activities The PE-AN has plenary meetings 2 to 3 times a year. Last meeting: 5th of April

PE-AN The PE-AN issues recommendations that are handled by the CEN Programme manager. This could lead for example to: BT decisions Messages to CEN/TCs The PE-AN could be addressed to answer to specific concerns related to the sector Specific principles in the pressure sector The pressure equipment standards are classified into two categories Type 1 standards (Cited in the Official Journal) Type 2 standards (not cited ) Classification of Standards: Type 1 standards

Provide a technical solution to [fully] achieve one or more specific PED Essential Safety Requirements either by itself or by calling up other references (see guideline 10.5). It can be a product standard (i.e. a standard dealing with items of pressure equipment or assemblies) or a standard dealing with materials, procedures for permanent joining, approval of NDT personnel etc. Classification of Standards: Type 2 standards Provide useful elements that contribute to the fulfilment of ESR(s) cannot alone give presumption of conformity to these ESRs. Examples: NDT test methods, general principles, terminology. Type 2 standards are likely to be used as normative references in type 1 standards

The work programme and status of standards European Standards Some 24 CEN and 9 ECISS Technical Committees relate to the PED 280 harmonized standards 562 supporting standards Published harmonized standards and amendments 45 40 35 30 25 20 15 10 5

0 Standards Amendments 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005

Harmonized standards by TCs Technical Committee Title # of standards TC 23 Transportable gas cylinders TC 54 Unfired pressure vessels TC 57 Central heating boilers 1

TC 58 Safety and control devices for gas-burners and gas-burning appliances 4 TC 69 Industrial valves TC 70 Manual means of fire fighting equipment TC 74 Flanges and their joints TC 79

Respiratory protective devices TC 121 Welding TC 132 Aluminium and aluminium alloys 3 TC 133 Copper and copper alloys 8 TC 138 Non-destructive testing

2 TC 155 Plastics piping systems and ducting systems 3 TC 182 Refrigerating systems, safety and environmental requirements 8 3 31 32 3

11 1 30 Technical Committee Title TC 190 Foundry technology 5 TC 194 Utensils in contact with food 1

TC 210 GRP tanks and vessels 4 TC 234 Gas Supply 2 TC 235 Gas pressure regulators and associated safety devices for use in gas transmission and distribution 4 TC 237

Gas meters 2 TC 267 Industrial piping and pipelines 11 TC 268 Cryogenic vessels 21 TC 269 Shell and water-tube boilers 24

TC 286 Liquefied petroleum gas equipment and accessories 12 TC 326 Gas supply for Natural Gas Vehicles (NGV) 2 TC 342 Metal hoses, hose assemblies, bellows and expansion joints 2 ECISS/TC 9

Technical conditions of delivery and quality control 1 ECISS/TC 22 Steels for pressure purposes - Qualities 14 ECISS/TC 28 Steel forgings 12 ECISS/TC 29 Steel tubes and fittings for steel tubes 18

ECISS/TC 31 Steel castings # of standards 5 The status of harmonized standards 21 Total: 280 WIs 68 165 Drafting 26

Enquiry Formal vote Ratified The status of supporting standards 12 18 13 Total: 562 WIs 519 Drafting Enquiry Formal Vote

Ratified Amendment, revision, maintenance Standards are continuously amended or revised to stay at the state of the arts or include new topics Maintenance : There are 3 Help desks covering major standards EN 13445:2002 Unfired Pressure Vessels EN 13480 Metallic Industrial piping EN 12952 and EN 12953 for boilers Because of the complexity of the standards for : - correction of potential errors and mistakes; - answering queries raised by users. EN 13445 Unfired Pressure Vessel Help Desk

A central point to collect questions & feedback from the users of the standard A network to answer the queries in a very short time An official body to give authorised answers, accepted by the authors of the standard A professional body to prepare corrected pages of the standard A place to find updated information about the standard, its status, its future. EN 13445 Unfired Pressure Vessel Help Desk The CEN Management Centre makes the corrected pages available to the CEN National Standard Bodies. The delivery of these corrected pages to the final users is under the responsibility of CEN National Standard Bodies. EN 13445 MHD: Functioning

Receipt of a question form ?? ?? ?? ?? Expert group Analysis of the question by experts designated by CEN members Decision Interpretation Information on the website Correction

Technical question Correction notice with corrected pages issue 2 . n Transfer to TC 54 for action EN 13445 Unfired Pressure Vessel Help Desk 38 experts from 10 countries The helpdesk is accessible through the CEN website but also through www.unm.fr/en/general/en13445/ A log of all pages for each Part, with their issue number and date, is given as downloadable documents, for each language version (English, French, German) : The 13th issue of EN 13445 was made available to the CEN members in March EN 13445 Unfired Pressure Vessel

Help Desk The status on the 1st of April was, 393 questions have been received among which 273 corrections issued 11 interpretations issued 63 technical questions (transferred to TC 54) 44 (not defined or no action) Issue 13 Issue 12 Issue 11 Issue 10

Issue 9 Issue 8 Issue 7 Issue 6 Issue 5 Issue 4 Issue 3 Issue 2 corrected pages EN 13445 (EN+DE+FR) 250

200 150 corrected pages 100 50 0 The future of EN 13445 EN 13445 shall become the most popular PV standard in Europe, and a major PV standard outside Europe promote EN 13445 during international conferences publish success stories concerning its use make comparison studies with its competitors explain the background of the rules organise training sessions EN 13445 shall remain up-to-date encourage companies to send experts to CEN/TC 54

initiate pre-normative research when needed EN 13480 : Piping Help Desk The Help Desk is a CEN/TC 267 Industrial piping and pipelines working group It provides prompt official responses to questions regarding the application of the Standard as well as updated information about the evolutions of the standard. The helpdesk is accessible through the CEN website but also through http://comelec.afnor.fr/cen/en13480. 19 experts from 5 countries EN 13480 : Piping Help Desk Up to now, 55 questions have been received among which 10 have been treated 12 are under treatment 33 still to be distributed to the experts of the help desk. In total there will be approximately 8 corrections that will

be incorporated in the 2nd issue of EN 13480 that will be published probably in coming months. EN 12952 and EN 12953 Boiler Help Desks Experts have already been nominated Chairman and Secretary of CEN/TC 269 Convenors of CENT/TC 269/WG 1, WG 2 and WG 3 CEN/TC 269 will provide the following internet address for the help desk: http://www.nard.din.de/index.php? lang=en&na_id=nard The activity of the Boiler help desk has encountered some delays but will start soon EN 12952 and EN 12953 Boiler Help Desks The MG shall deal with editorial problems. Any Technical problems, or lack of agreement, shall be passed to the

appropriate WG for resolution. The Promotion of Pressure Equipment Standards CMC does not sell standards but encourages their use The promotion of standards is to the benefit of all, especially the NSBs Ways of promoting are: Writing case studies on the success of manufactures using ENs Being present at important conferences (speakers, booths) Publishing articles on important standards Organising workshops/conferences Developing help desks Promotion of standards outside Europe: Visibility Fund

The European Commission Services Visibility Fund for co-financing projects aimed at the promotion of standards outside Europe has been used in 2004 for four projects : Presentation of the Design Criteria of EN 13445 During the 57th Annual Assembly of the International Institute of Welding (IIW),Osaka (Japan) 11-16 July 2004; This includes 16 presentations from European experts; Presentation of the European position on sealing technology, creep damage and repairs at the Pressure Vessel Research Council Meetings of April 5-8, 2004 in Savannah, Georgia, USA.; by Guy Baylac; Presentation of the results of the Comparative Study on Pressure Equipment Standards at the ASME PVP Conference 2004, July 25 29, San Diego, CA, USA, by Prof. Josef Zeman TUW (Vienna, Austria); Lectures at the Pressure Vessel Association of China, and the East China University of Science & Technology in September 2004, by John Darlaston

Visibility: 2005 projects ASME PVP Conference in DENVER (July 2005): Guy Baylac as co-ordinator Five papers will be presented: Non destructive testing of unfired pressure vessels European acceptance criteria for radiographic testing Inspection and testing of serially produced pressure vessels Non destructive testing of welds Non destructive testing and inspection of unfired pressure vessels subject to cyclic loads in EN 13445-5 Workshops in Korea in association with industry, Korea Power Engineering and the University of Seoul (Sept, Oct 2005) John Darlaston

Conclusions The CEN work programme supporting the PED has well progressed Some gaps should be filled: Harmonized standards for Cast Iron are still an omission Develop copper and aluminium material standards for pressure purposes CEN looks forward for the Completion of mandated programme Major product standards are available and need to be used more by industry CEN looks to further improve competitiveness of ENs And to promote EN standards Useful websites www.cenorm.be CEN Home page http://ped.eurodyn.com Text of Directive, Guidelines and links to standards, notified bodies, JRC, etc www.eotc.be/newapproach Blue Guide

http://www.newapproach.org/Directives/Default.asp Directives and related standards Restricted access electronic platforms: CEN Livelink: For TCs having asked CMC DIN Livelink: Used by TCs hold by DIN COMELEC: Used by AFNOR TCs Access is granted by contacting the TC secretary Mainly used for TC/WG daily work Online Database PROJEX online (user restricted) Only for TC secretaries and TC Chairman CEN Publications/ Communications Sector News (every month) Networking (every 2 months)

COMPASS European Standardization in a nutshell Programme Managers and Info Desk For targeted questions: There are 11 Programme Managers in the CEN Management Centre For General questions Ask the CMC InfoDesk [email protected] CEN Programme Managers Business domain Sector PM Building & Civil engineering Construction Products

ADC JVT Chemistry Chemistry GDJ Explosives for Civil Uses GDJ Environment Environment (EHD) G.G SC

Food Food MCH General standards Quality MCH Measurement / Metrology LP Occupational Health & Safety MCH

Personal Protective Equipment MCH Healthcare Medical Devices LP Heating, cooling, ventilation & air-conditioning Gas Appliances Gas utilization Gas distribution AGU Oil and solid fuel appliances JVT

Others (Solar heating) JVT Household goods, sports & leisure Toys GDJ Materials Metallic [Steel ECISS] SJ Health & Safety Programme Managers

Business domain Sector PM Materials Non metallic various Mechanical engineering Machinery & Lifts SJ Pressure Equipment NH

Noise of machines AA Explosive atmospheres NH Services Services AGU Transport & Packaging Recreational Craft TL

Transport of Dangerous Goods TL Packaging TL Rail TL Cableway Transport TL Aerospace LP

Energy NH Water JVT Utilities & Energy Details of Programme managers

(ADC) Amilcar Da Costa [email protected] (GDJ) Guido De Jongh [email protected] (MCH) Marie-Christine Hloire [email protected] (AGU) Andreea Gulacsi [email protected] (SJ) Stefan Joannin [email protected] (NH) Nouredine Hakimi [email protected] (LP) Ludwig Paul [email protected] (TL) Thierry Legrand [email protected] (JVT) Johan Van Tiel. [email protected] (SC) Sam Cross [email protected]

(GG) Gerrald Goselink [email protected] Question/answers The floor is open Thanks for your attention

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