Chapter 16: Visions of National Identity

Chapter 16: Visions of National Identity

Chapter 16: Visions of National Identity Ebrahim, Shahab, Sarah, Yasmine, and Hamoudeh Key Terms: a) Cosmopolitan: People that are borrowing, adopting and also adapting values from many cultures. Characteristics of Cosmopolitan: 1.Well-travelled

2.Knows many cultures 3.borrowing, adopting and also adapting values from many cultures. b) Asymmetrical federalism: The idea that all Canadian provinces & territories dont need to share power with the federal government in the same way. Would you Embrace a National Identity? Visions of a nation?

National identity: A group identity that is based on linguistic, ethnic, cultural, religious, geographic, spiritual, or political understandings of nation. For example: Japanese people share common racial,cultural, and religious traits. They also share the same language --Japanese. When a nation doesnt have a country of their own, their national identity would be based on a religion, language, or culture.

For example: The tibet are a nation but without a country. Pluralism and Diversity A Pluralistic society is a society that respects diversity. Diversity helps everyone, and people of all cultures, religion and language to have the right to enjoy some degree of selfdetermination. In 2008,more people than ever were migrating around the world, bringing unique experiences, and points of views to their new homes.

A Pluralistic Country There is a high % of Canadians that are proud of and support the countrys multicultural and pluralistic nature. Canadians view multiculturalism and pluralism as characteristics that make Canada different from other countries. People are concerned about multiculturalism and pluralism. Though they are many observers believe that these policies have helped create a new form of nationalism in Canada For many canadians, ethic ties are no longer their first concern. More and more canadians say that they are of mixed background. In 2003 it was shown in a survey that many people viewed ethnic background as the least important

factor when choosing a spouse. Today's Aboriginal Nations The 1996 report of the royal commission on aboriginal peoples said that canada is a nation of nations. It said the the aboriginals are one of the three orders of government in canada, the federal, provincial, and aboriginal. In a 2003 study of participation by aboriginal people in canada's election, political scientist Alan C. Cairns wrote to the royal commision that nation was the people's fundamental unit of analysis, and the relation between aboriginal people and canadian state was to be nation to nation. Canada was to become a multinational federation in which interactions would be among nations not citizens.

The Quebecois Nation Recently , Quebec sovereigntists have lost support from Quebecois voters. In 2007 they placed third for the provincial elections. About a year later, the PQ announce that they were no longer going to hold another sovereignty if they regained power. Instead they were going to focus on getting the people of quebec to engage in a debate focused more about self-determination and sovereignty. PQ leader Pauline Marois explained that even though there are 300 million anglophones around us. We have to find ways to clearly indicate that in quebec, things happen in

french. The government apology On june 11, 2008 prime minister stephen Harper apologized to First Nations in Canada for the treatment of their people in residential schools. These schools had been the cause of great suffering for young Aboriginal children and families. These school have separated and

destroy many children's lives. Children were forbidden to speak and practice their language, culture and traditions. They were stripped down of their identity and abused in many different ways. Quebec and Reasonable Accommodation In the early 21 century, reasonable accommodation became an issue in Quebec. Many st

different minority groups said that they werent able to or encouraged to express or promote their culture and tradition. This issue came to head in 2007, when the council of the small Quebec town Herouxville adopted a code of conduct for immigrants. Even though no immigrants actually lived in the town, the code included family and religious matters also. This became a domino effect on the nearby towns. In response the Quebec premier Jean Charest established a commission to explore the problems of reasonable accommodation in the province. The commission chairs (Gerard Bouchard and Charles Taylor) went from town to town to get opinions from people and

groups all around the province. Canada in the World Canada is described by some as a middle power which means a country that is not a superpower but a country who does have some influence on world affairs. Canadians also often take pride in their countries reputation for leadership in areas such as multiculturalism, peacekeeping, and foreign aid. in 2008 when a food crisis was threatening people in undeveloped countries jeffrey said that no ones seen any global leadership from canada around this issue. He believes that canadians want to be a leader in helping people in need but that the government's policies stand in the way of that. Also Janice Gross Stein, a canadian political scientist believes that canada's diversity can make a difference in

the world. It can connect canada across the globe and it can make canadas voice heard on international issues. North American Integration Canadians have a lot in common with Americans. Both of which are democracies,and English is the main language in both countries. They also dress alike, watch most of the same tv programs, listen to much of the same songs, etc. As a result, people from other parts of the world often find it hard to tell the difference between citizens of the two countries. People suggested that Canada and the United States should join together, but the two countries are not that

ecstatic about that idea. When canada and US entered into the Free Trade Agreement for example, many people and groups warned that this economic union was the first step towards a political union. Meaning of a Nation of Nations Under asymmetrical federalism, all provinces and territories would not share power with the federal government in the same way. Political philosopher Will Kymlicka believes that Canadians outside Quebec view Canada as a single national community. This community includes all citizens, no matter what their language, ethnic or religion is.

Quebecois have a different view on what really makes a nation a nation Will also believes that if Canada is to survive as a country of many nations, Canadians must embrace the idea of asymmetrical federalism. A Nation of Many Nations Canadians view Canada as a confederation of many nations. Also confederations of FN existed in North America before the arrival of Europeans. The 6 Nations of the Haudenosaunee: 1.Mohawk 2.Oneida

3.Onondaga 4.Seneca 5.Cayuga 6.Tuscarora Each of these nations look after their own international affairs, but they have agreed to work side by side for protection and trade. They represented the peoples and met when the need arose. Canada and Globalization As the world becomes more globalized, Canadians and others are debating

the effects of globalization on national identity. They believe that a sense of national identity will become even more important in the 21st century. Canada is a world leader in promoting multiculturalism and cultural pluralism . The country has evolved and continues to evolve from its diverse linguistic, cultural, religious, and ethnic roots. The Canadian ideal of diversity is widely admired, but some people believe that it is just:an idea.

What is Your Vision of National Identity? Reference Hoogeveen, M. (2008). Understanding Nationalism. Whitby, Canada: McGraw-Hill Ryerson. Link:

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