Chapter 5 Gases - EIP BIOLOGY

Chapter 5 Gases - EIP BIOLOGY

Plant Tissues Sequestering Carbon in Forests Human activities are increasing the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere exponentially, with potentially catastrophic effects on Earths climate Plants remove CO2 from the atmosphere by photosynthesis and sequester it in their tissues

Carbon locked in molecules of wood and other durable plant tissues can stay out of the atmosphere for centuries Wood Carbon is a major part of cellulose and lignin

that reinforce specialized cells and structures that allow a woody plant to grow tall Organization of the Plant Body

Most flowering plants have aboveground shoots, including stems, leaves, and flowers Most kinds also have below-ground roots Monocots and eudicots differ in tissue organization The Basic Body Plan

Pipelines inside stems conduct water, nutrients, and photosynthetically produced sugars between leaves and roots Roots absorb water and dissolved minerals, and usually serve to anchor the plant; some plants have specialized root cells that store carbohydrates Three Plant Tissue Systems

Ground tissue system Makes up the bulk of the plant body Stores materials, functions in photosynthesis, and structurally supports the plant Vascular tissue system Tubes distribute water and nutrients through a plant body Dermal tissue system

Covers and protects the plant body Includes simple and complex tissues Body Plan of a Tomato Plant Vascular tissues conduct water and solutes

Ground tissues make up the plant body Dermal tissue covers root and shoot surfaces Body Plan of a Tomato

node dermal tissues Plant vascular tissues shoot tip (terminal bud)

lateral bud flower leaf seeds in fruit

ground tissues shoots roots withered seed leaf (cotyledon)

stem primary root lateral root root tip Fig. 25.2, p. 398

Eudicots Versus Monocots Tissues and other characteristics are organized differently in monocots and eudicots:

Seeds Flowers Leaves Pollen Vascular Bundles

Eudicots Versus Monocots Monocots and eudicots are named after their cotyledons leaf-like structures that contain food for a plant embryo cotyledon The primary leaf in the embryo or the seed leaf

Eudicot and Monocot Cotyledons A Eudicots In seeds, two cotyledons

(seed leaves of embryo) Fig. 25.4a.1, p. 399 Eudicot and Monocot Cotyledons

B Monocots In seeds, one cotyledon (seed leaf of embryo) Fig. 25.4b.1, p. 399 Cotyledons

Eudicot Flowers Flower parts in fours or fives (or multiples of four or five) Fig. 25.4a.2, p. 399 Monocot Flowers

Flower parts in threes (or multiples of three) Fig. 25.4b.2, p. 399 Eudicot and Monocot Flowers

Eudicot Leaves Leaf veins usually forming a netlike array Fig. 25.4a.3, p. 399 Monocot Leaves

Leaf veins usually running parallel with one another Fig. 25.4b.3, p. 399 Eudicot and Monocot Leaves

Eudicot Pollen Pollen grains with three pores or furrows Fig. 25.4a.4, p. 399 Monocot Pollen

Pollen grains with one pore or furrow Fig. 25.4b.4, p. 399 Eudicot and Monocot Pollen

Eudicot and Monocot Vascular Bundles Vascular bundles organized in a ring in

ground tissue of stem Fig. 25.4a.5, p. 399 Eudicot and Monocot Vascular Bundles

Vascular bundles throughout ground tissue of stem Fig. 25.4b.5, p. 399 Vascular Bundles

Monocot Eudicot

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