Chapter 7

Chapter 7

Chapter 7 Climax: Confrontation between Gatsby and Tom. Heat (outside temperature) serves as a barometer for the rising tensions present in the group. As the

temperature rises, so do emotions (until the afternoon outburst) Pathetic fallacy Pammy (daughter): Pammy is nothing more than a dream, an interesting little object that she displays to the

nurse. Pammy presents a problem to Gatsby as she makes it impossible to erase the last 4 years of Daisys life (he wants to forget that this exists) In describing Daisys voice as full of

money, Gatsby is telling the source of his fascination. She represents to him the American Dream. If he possesses her, then he possesses the Golden Girl every mans ideal. Plus all the wealth that America, the golden land has promised.

When Daisy tells Gatsby that he looks so cool and that he represents the advertisement of man, she is really saying that she loves him. BUT her love is a result of his presentation (just like the advertisement)

Therefore, she doesnt see him at all, but only his good looks, beautiful shirts and neat suits. When Tom confronts Gatsby, it forces Daisy to make a choice. She doesnt want to as she enjoys the stability of

Tom and being wooed by Gatsby. Gatsby wants her to say she never loved Tom because this is the essence of his dream to return to the time they were both young, untainted and newly in love. Because she cant say this, Tom feels

victorious. Daisy shrinks back into herself and he is confident she is his again (so confident that he forces her to ride home with Gatsby) Upon return home, Nick realizes he will soon turn 30 (represents the end of

youth) This forces Nick to assume full moral responsibility. That is why he is repulsed by the Buchanans lack of concern/compassion at the death of Myrtle. Even though Gatsby has been betrayed

by Daisys refusal to comply to his dream, he is unable to abandon her. He seeks to protect her. Believes she will come through for him when she calms down.

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