Chapter 9 Industrial Design - Research

Chapter 9 Industrial Design - Research

Industrial Design Chapter 9 Industrial Design is: Service of creating & developing concepts and specifications that optimize the function, value, and appearance of products and systems for the mutual benefit of the user and manufacturer. Work also includes:

User-centered ergonomics Improving manufacturing methods Client image considerations, including advertising and layout Standards setting & verification Normal professional responsibilities Involved Professions Marketing experts appeal, value Design engineers layout, improv. Biomedical engineers usefulness,

usability, safety, compatability Human factors experts - safety Manufacturing engineers - mfgability Service personnel complaints, ease Returns - complaints Industrial Design Steps Set usability goals Provide quantitative basis for acceptance testing Objective or subjective Typically 50 goals, combination objective

and subjective Examples Anesthetist will rate alarm control/reset controls as 5 or better on a scale of 1-7 Machine will be calibrated and ready to go in 30 seconds or less Industrial Design Steps (ctd.) Design user interface concepts

Develop conceptual model Develop user interface structure Define interaction style Develop screen template Develop hardware layout

Develop a screenplay Develop a refined design Develop final design Industrial Design Steps (ctd.) Model the user interface Build a prototype to evaluate dynamics of user interface Software, hardware, mockup Test user interface

At start of development effort When prototype is developed When marketing claims may be displayed Conferences, office, lunchroom Specifying the User Interface Style guide Screen hierarchy

map Screenplay Specification prototype Hardware layouts Main Menu Mock-up for Monitoring Drug View Primary Administration

Graph Plotter Control View Secondary Routine Events Trend Select Graph View/Set Alarm

Comment Entry Examine Variables Limits Equipment View Drug Dose Patient/Operation Exit Program

Configuration Totals Information Entry Additional Industrial Design Considerations Consistency and simplicity Safety Environmental

/ Organizational Considerations Documentation -Not only for Human Factors! Written to meet needs of various target populations Study capability and information needs of documentation users

Attempt to avoid this! Mental abilities Physical abilities Previous experience Understanding of general operation

Special needs of environment Alarms and Signals Purpose is to draw attention of operator 3 categories: High priority: immediate response required Red flashing light Medium priority: prompt response required Yellow flashing light Low priority: awareness required

Steady yellow light Audible signal when not in line of sight Displays Visual displays should clearly indicate system status Graphic displays should be used when perception of pattern of variation is important Numeric displays should be sued when quantitative accuracy is

important Displays should be consistent Interactive Control System response times should be consistent with operational requirements Control-display relationships should be straightforward

and explicit Menu selection for interactive controls Feedback and Error Management/ Data Protection Present status, information, confirmation, and verification throughout the interaction Standby should be accompanied by WAIT message Feedback should be selfexplanatory

Easy methods of correcting errors Think about: Your limits in designing a new device, such as an anesthesia machine for the third world. Where would you need help?

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