Chapter Three: Sexual Morality

Chapter Three: Sexual Morality

Chapter Three: Sexual Morality Review Applying Ethics: A Text with Readings (10th ed.) Julie C. Van Camp, Jeffrey Olen, Vincent Barry Cengage Learning/Wadsworth What is the Traditional View of Sexual Morality? All sex outside marriage is wrong View that everything in nature has a purpose, derived from Aristotle and Aquinas

The purpose of human beings is to engage in fully human love, which must accompany sex and be conducted within marriage What is the Libertarian View of Sexual Morality? Sex is an activity like any other Standards for morality are no different from other activities Defense of sexual libertarianism: why shouldnt sex be treated like any other

activity? Declaration on Certain Questions Concerning Sexual Ethics The Vatican What is the role of natural law in determining how people should behave? It provides objective standards for how people should behave How do we recognize and develop these values?

By using human reason and divine revelation What is immoral, according to natural law? premarital sex, having children outside of marriage, homosexual acts, masturbation Sexual Morality and the Concept of Using Another Person Thomas A. Mappes How should sexual morality be analyzed? In terms of Kants principle that persons should be respected as

ends in themselves. What is the role of voluntary informed consent? It identifies when people are not being used merely as a means When is the consent requirement violated? When there is deception or dishonesty in relationships Should a Feminist Choose a Marriage-Like Relationship Marjorie Weinzweig

What is the paradox of feminism and marriage? Feminist goal of autonomous self-development conflicts with the structure and context of marriage-like relationships Development of autonomous individuality is best promoted by living in a committed relationship What are the three stages of self-development? Inauthenticity Autonomous being oneself Autonomous being with others

The Case for Lesbian and Gay Marriage Richard D. Mohr How should traditional definitions of marriage accommodate same-sex couples? How should progress toward justice for all include marriage for same-sex couples? How would same-sex marriages promote further improvement in societys understanding of marriage in general?

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