Character Archetypes - Denton ISD

Character Archetypes - Denton ISD

Archetypes Definition An archetype is a universal symbol. These symbols stretch across time and culture.

Originator of the Idea of Archetypes Carl Jung developed the idea of archetypes. He believed that man has unconscious,

pre-existing images that act as organizing principles for what we see and do. Literary Symbols vs.

Archetypes Literary Symbol: a symbol that is specific to one work of literature Archetype: a symbol that is not specific to one work of literature but is relevant in many works of literature throughout time and cultures.

Character Archetypes The Hero Spirited away and raised by foster

parents Almost nothing is known about his childhood Upon reaching manhood he returns to his future kingdom Has a victory over a king or beast Marries a princess (gets the girl) Has a mysterious death

The Young Man from the Provinces Hero is spirited away as a young man and raised by strangers. He later returns to his home and heritage where he is a stranger who can see new problems and new solutions.

The Initiates These are young heroes or heroines who, prior to their quest, must endure some training and ceremony. They are usually innocent and often wear white. Mentors

These individuals serve as teachers or counselors to the initiates. Sometimes they work as role models and often serve as a father or mother figure.

Mentor-Pupil Relationship The mentor teaches by example the skills necessary to survive the quest. Father-Son Conflict Tension often results from separation during childhood or from an external

source. When the individuals meet as men, the mentor often has a higher place in the affections of the hero than the natural parent. Group of Hunting Companions Loyal companions

willing to face any number of perils for the experience of being together to share lifes adventures.

Loyal Retainers These individuals are somewhat like servants who are heroic themselves. Their duty is to protect the hero and

reflect the nobility of the hero. Friendly Beast This creature shows that even nature is on the side of the hero. The Devil Figure

Evil incarnate, this character offers worldly goods, fame, or knowledge to the protagonist in exchange for possession of the soul.

The Evil Figure with the Ultimately Good Heart A redeemable devil figure saved by the nobility or love of the hero.

The Scapegoat A human or animal whose death in a public ceremony expiates some taint or sin that has been visited upon a community. Death often makes scapegoats a more powerful force in the society than when they lived.

Who is our most famous scapegoat? The Outcast A figure who is banished from a social group for some crime (real or imagined) against a

fellow man. The outcast is usually destined to become a wanderer from place to place. The Woman Figure

The Earth Mother Symbol of fruition, abundance and fertility. She provides emotional and spiritual nourishment for those with whom she comes in contact. Usually is shown wearing earth colors. She usually has large breasts and hips to

symbolize her childbearing capabilities. The Temptress The temptress is a sensuous beauty that physically attracts the hero. She usually contributes to his downfall.

The Unfaithful Wife This woman is married to a man she finds dull or boring and is interested in a more virile or exciting man.

The Platonic Ideal A woman who the hero is intellectually or spiritually attracted to. They do not have a romantic relationship. Star-Crossed Lovers A couple that is

in love but their relationship is not approved of by their families or society. It is fated to end tragically for one or both of them.

Creature of Nightmare A monster created in the deepest, darkest part of the human psyche. Usually a perversion of the human form.

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