Children's Discovery Trail - Bureau of Land Management

Children's Discovery Trail - Bureau of Land Management

Welcome to the Childrens Discovery Trail Happy Trails!!!!!!!

As you approach the Childrens Discovery Trail, notice the different types of vegetation at the various elevations.

Make predictions about the weather and temperature after looking at the sky and cloudsor lack of.

This marks the beginning of the trail. Remind students about Leaving No Trace.

PLEASE be sure to hike on the trail! Remind students and parents NOT to take any rocks or plants

home. Watch for different vegetation. What adaptations do they use to

survive in the desert? The desert trumpet

Think about what might be in the sac near the top of the stem. Why? Can you find any possible animal

homes or shelters? How do they stay safe? Stop 1. Look at the ground ahead. Why

are there so many small, smooth rocks? What is this area called? This area is a WASH. How does

this area get larger? Where does the water go? What color rocks do you see around you?

How do they look similar/different? How did the older rocks get on top of the newer rocks?

Where do you think these large rocks came from? The sandstone rocks are many different colors.

Look for characteristics of this type of rock. This rock is softer than the limestone. The colors red, yellow and beige are dominant colors. Sandstone appears

to be softer and rounder. ManzanitaLook closely at the bark and small, green leaves.

Mormon Tea and Sage is very popular along this trail. Gently touch the Sage to smell its fragrance.

Look closely at the ash-like ground. This served as a roasting pit for many Piautes.

The trail gets tricky Keep your eyes on the trail, but be

sure to check out the different things that grow along the trail. Oak Scrub

Utah Junipertrees had many uses. Can you think of any?

Look how easily this bark peels from the Utah Juniper. What could be made from the bark?

Pinion PineCan you see what is growing on the trees? These were often gathered. Why?

Pine nutsvery tasty & high in calories! mmmmm Lots of Yuccas can be spotted.

Banana Yuccas dont have a trunkMohave Yuccas do. Concretionsthey made for a great, old-fashioned game. Any

ideas? What is all over these rocks?

Be careful! The trail gets very narrow. Who would use this shelter?

From what? Yucca

Prickly Pear Cactus Agave

Mormon Tea Look at this great shelter. Why would this be a great place to live?

The view is spectacular and you can hear the stream. Why are these things important?

Whats that on the rock? Look at that cactusa cholla.

Watch the paths textures change along the way. Look at the wild grapes!

The boardwalk is protecting many things that grow here.

The Lost Creeklisten to the sounds of its music. Who uses the creek? Why is it important?

Ponderosa PineTake time to smell the bark. What does it remind you of? Back to the wash again. Look for

fossils and favorite rocks. The End!

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