Class 4/15/15

Class 4/15/15

Class 4/15/15 1. The Iliad KWL (with history of Trojan War videos) Videos and turn-and-talk 2. The Iliad book checkout and reading guide 3. The Iliad lesson overview Teach with a group 4. Exit Ticket Two Hopes, One Fear 5. Characters from The Iliad research presentation in class on Friday, April 17, 2015 CLO: Today you will, in writing, synthesize information presented to create a concluding statement or

section about the Trojan War that supports the information or explanation presented in a video using a KWL chart with a turn-and-talk and language such as The Iliad highlights _________ about the Trojan War; consequently, the Trojan War caused___. As a result, the Trojan War is connected to The Iliad by Lets Move On! The Iliad by Homer What do you already know about The Iliad or the Trojan War? Write it in the first box titled What do I already KNOW about the Trojan War? What do you Want to know? Write three questions in the W

section of KWL chart What did you learn from the videos? Summarize the video on the back side (dont forget to answer your questions) Completed KWL chart is due 7 minutes after the videos. History of Trojan War Part 1 Watch the videos in order: History of Trojan War Part 2 History of Trojan War Part 3

Turn and talk for three minutes after the last video to make sense of the information you just viewed. Afterward, explain what you learned to answer your questions on the L section of the KWL The Iliad Book checkout Study guide read book 1 and complete summary sheet by Friday, April 17, 2015 Dont get caught up in the language! Be sure to read a summary of the book at one of the web sites linked from my site. You will see it under The Iliad tab

You will complete the reverse side for the presentation given in class that day and turn it in afterward. I will not grade these in class. The Iliad Lesson Overview How do I teach the class about the book? As a group, you must include in your lesson: Summary of the book Activity to for students to do in order to create notes for the book Meaningful quotes and interpretation Vocabulary (if any) Gods/Goddesses explanations (if present in book)

Literary Features How you teach the lesson is up to you and your group. See the guide with the dates you will teach your lesson. YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR BEING IN CLASS THAT DAY!!! This is not an assignment that can be made up easily. We would have to have a parent conference if you miss you day to teach in class. Dont let your group down! Two Hopes, One Fear List two things you hope to see or do this unit List one thing you fear about this unit

The Iliad Characters Research The Iliad by Homer is a story packed with action, vengeance and adventure. It combines passion, war and love all into its epic adventures. Before you begin reading however it is important to understand the key players. You will research the sordid pasts and histories of the Olympian gods and goddesses and how this affects their roles in the Trojan War. You will research and create name tags for your gods or characters, and present your findings to the class on Friday, April 17, 2015. You will need to research:

Both their Roman and Greek names (if applicable) Whose side they take in the Trojan War: either Achaean or Trojan (if applicable) Which other gods/goddesses or humans they are related to

What they are the god/goddess of, or why they are important One story (myth) they are associated with. Remember these should answer the questions above. Make a Name Tag Now you are going to take the information that you have learned and make name tags for your character. On a sheet of construction paper you will write the Roman and Greek names of your character

(if applicable) and include a symbol or image that represents them. This is two separate pieces of paper. Most students fit this on one side of a large page

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