Classification of Organisms -

Classification of Organisms -

Classification of Organisms The Seven Level System Kingdom Phylum Class Order Family Genus

Species King Phillip Called Oprah For Good Spices

Phylum Monera Kingdom of monera is made up of simple single celled organisms. Prokaryotic cells Monerans have four Phyla Phyla of Monera Phylum: Schizophyta- The largest phylum of Monera. Contains organisms commonly known as bacteria

Phylum: Archaebateria- primitive organisms that live in harsh climates Phylum: Cyanophyta: Organisms known as blue-green bacteria Phylum:Prochlorophyta: Monera that live in marine environments General Information 5,000 species of monerans have been identified

Bacteria surround us- they are necessary for life but also cause disease Bacteria is used in many different ways by modern science Uses of bacteria Cause Decay- Useful in natural recycling Used in food production- Change the original form of food into the product we eat Medicine- Species of bacteria are used in the

production of antibiotics Feed for animals- Used in Aquaculture Water Treatment- convert toxic substances in water into safe substances Growing Crops- convert nitrogen in the air into a form plants can use Kingdom Protista Single celled organisms More complex than Monera

More than 65,000 organisms have been classified into the kingdom Protista 9 Phyla in Kingdom Protista Phyla of Protista Sarcodina- Have cell membranes that are flexible. Includes Amebas

Ciliophora- These organisms have tiny hairs called cilia to move around. Zoomastigina- Have a long whip like structure called a flagellum for locomotion. Sporozoa- Have know means of locomotion they are carried in the bodies of host animals Phyla of Protista Chlorophyta, Phaeophyta, Rhodophyta, Chrysophyta,

Pyrrophyta- these are the five phyla of algae, algae are plant like organisms that can make there own food Colonial algae are groups of algae cells that act as a unit and share functions needed for life How Protists Effect Life

Can cause disease Used to polish or grind stones Provide Food Add Oxygen to water and air

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