CLS - DoD Procurement Toolbox

CLS - DoD Procurement Toolbox

Clause Logic Service Senior Leader Brief July 2015 1 Clause Management and Service An Enterprise Function In April 2013 Clause Logic Service identified by Director, DPAP as a Defense-wide Service In June 2013 USD (AT&L) reported to Congress (in response to

section 862(e) of FY13 NDAA) that a uniform clause logic service would be employed by DoD for contract writing. On September 25, 2014 DPAP issued a Strategic Plan For Defense Wide Procurement Capabilities (A Functional Strategy) with Clause Logic Service as a key objective dpap/pdi/eb/docs/PDI_Functional_Strategy_(5-year_strategic_plan).pdf 2 Clause Logic Service Mission - To ensure the selection of provisions and clauses based on a standard set of system logic rules for the current FAR, DFARS and Agency Supplements in accordance

with local clause control rules per PGI 201.301 Objective - Operational enterprise web service Clause Logic Service (CLS) (using the Procurement Data Standard) to be used by procurement personnel, or system-to-system during the procurement process to allow for consistent inclusion of provisions and clauses in procurement actions Approximately 20% of regulations can be fully automated; 80% require judgement by a contract specialist (approximately 27% of both FAR and DFARS clauses and provisions require fill-ins) 3 CLS CONOPS

Users can access CLS Via a web service connected to their contract writing system, or Directly from a website Data Management Framework eCFR is the targeted master source for prescription, provision and clause content (including Service Supplements) All Provisions and Clauses must be uploaded to eCFR for system download - not maintained manually Local clauses/supplements To be managed in accordance with DFARS Clause fill-ins can be made in CLS or CWS 4 Current Operations

Clause Logic Service is operational and in integration/test with: IDEAS (DISA) oContrax (Contingency CWS) Currently adapting CLS for high volume environment eProcurement FEDMALL open market (initially limited to Simplified Acquisition) GSA MOA updated in Feb 2015 to require use of CLS for actions placed for DoD (Discussion with GSA underway) 5 Training & Outreach Formal Classroom Training Not Required

CLS Question Process is Self Explanatory User Guide to be published December 2015 and available as online help within CLS User Interface DPAP Clause Logic web page: 6

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