Coal Mine Trails

Coal Mine Trails

Northern Anglesea MTB Trails WHY TRAILS? Already popular destination Caters to all ages, genders, abilities

Multiple environmental benefits Not another You Yangs or Forrest Social, health, economic benefits WHY TRAILS? Local user group to drive & sustain the project

Properly constructed, minimal ongoing work to sustain Surf Coast MTB Trail Strategic Plan VISION 40km of dedicated MTB trail

40-60km of trails: day trips 80-100km of trails: day trips & multi night stays Additional walking / running /access trails Cater to all rider abilities green, blue, black Co-exist and mutually beneficial to alternate



Warburton Feasibility Study 2015 $4.2M for 100km of trail Direct economic benefit $12.6M pa Direct + indirect economic benefit $23.7M pa New jobs Funding options

State govt grants Local shire grants Private-public partnerships QUESTIONS??

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