College-Ready Writing & the "FPT"

College-Ready Writing & the "FPT"

CollegeReady Writing & the FPT Jean Wolph Missy Callaway Suzanne Jackson Louisville Writing Project What do you hope to see in a student essay? What do you hate to see in a student essay?

Analyzing Student Writing Dreams There are many kinds of dreams, the American Dream, dreams about your ambition, day dreams, and night dreams. I believe that dreams influence emotions to be hopeful, hopeless, and entertained. When I was in my country, I didn't understand why people talked about the American Dream. When I came here I realized the meaning of this word. People come from other countries and do business here. They earn lots of money and spend money for everything they want. They spend their lives in the way they couldn't do or couldn't be in their countries. Therefore the American Dream has the power to influence people to work or study harder in order to reach their goals. Dreams about ambition, I have a dream about my ambition. I'm studying Accounting. I

hope I will be an accountant in the near future. I hope my dream will come true. The dream of my ambition pulled me to come to school especially to an eight o'clock class--even I don't like to get up early in the Winter Quarter. Day and night dreams make me laugh or sometimes make me feel upset. If I have bad dreams, I feel upset. Those dreams warn me to do everything carefully that day. Sometimes I have day dreams. Even with my eyes open, my mind goes somewhere. When my mind comes back, it makes me happy. I believe that any kind of dream has the power to influence our lives. It gives us the emotions of hope, hopelessness, and happiness. --College ESL student in a remedial writing course, Adapted from The Five-Paragraph Theme Redux by Elizabeth Rorschach The Quarterly, Vol. 26, No. 1 (National Writing Project, 2004)

In groups of 3-4, please do the following: Read the piece carefully. Imagine the assignment that was given. List

all of the strengths you see in the work (note: grammatical errors were corrected for the purposes of this activity); possible assumptions the student holds about good writing; and Implications for instruction. What kind of grade do you think this essay received, high or low? Why? Be ready to share your thoughts. What do college professors

REALLY want from student writers? What college professors say Select one of the laminated quotes to reflect on. Respond using your own experiences as a writer OR Respond using your background in the teaching of writing OR Respond using your knowledge of your

students (former and/or current) achievement in writing. Sharing Share your reactions (your writing response) with your small group. Share highlights with the large group. Exploring Alternatives to the FiveParagraph Theme Bernabei

Classical Toulmin Rogerian , s c i e t s a i

l r u u m e r H fo t o n Bernabei Kernel Essays

Over view of the issue Som e say But I say because

So now Classical Argumentation: Components 1) Introduction: captures attention of audience; urges audience to consider your case 2) Statement of Background: narrates the key facts and/ or events leading up to your case 3) Proposition: states the position you are taking, based

on the information youve already presented, and sets up the structure of the rest of your argument 4) Proof: discusses your reasons for your position and provides evidence to support each reason 5) Refutation: anticipates opposing viewpoints; then demonstrates why your approach is the only acceptable one (i.e. better than your opponents) 6) Conclusion: summarizes your most important points and can include appeals to feelings or values (pathos) Toulmin Argumentation Data

Claim Qualifier Warrant Backing Rebuttal Rogerian Argumentation: Components

Introduction: statement of problem to be solved or question to be answered Summary of Opposing Views: described using a seemingly objective persona Statement of Understanding: concedes circumstances under which opposing views might be valid Statement of Your Position

Statement of Contexts: describes contexts in which your position applies/works well Statement of Benefits: appeals to self-interest of readers who may not yet agree with you; demonstrates how your position benefits them Before we explore these structures, lets gather background information. Well experience a mini-unit, Should Cold Sufferers Wear Masks? Photo Credit: Eneas De Troya

View this video: VIDEO: Nothing to Sneeze At (Science Friday) Researchers at MITs Applied Mathematics Lab used high-speed cameras and fluid mechanics to demonstrate the impressive distances traveled by coughs and sneezes. Text #1 Record what you observed. List facts and key words that would make good evidence in

argumentative writing. Be sure to note the source! FACTS KEY WORDS Source: Nothing to Sneeze At (Science Friday) Writing #1 View this video about sneezing from abc news:

http :// 8478 Well watch it twice, recording facts and key words as we view. Add to your chart, but note the new source. FACTS KEY WORDS Source: The Best Way to Sneeze (

Text #2 / Writing #2 Ask Dr. Ty: Will early exposure to colds boost immunity? Dr. Tyeese Gaines / updated 8/5/2012 9:15:01 AM ET "I had my son in daycare for the three years leading up to his start in Kindergarten this fall," Cheryl G.McGrattan asks on Facebook. "He got every cold and virus that cycled through the class. I am told he will be more resilient and have good immunity in the years that follow. Is this truth or wishful thinking?" There is actually some truth to this. A child exposed to colds and viruses earlier in life will develop a stronger immune system

and is less likely to become sick in his or her later years. Immunity is immunity, explains Dr. Jordan S. Orange, chief of immunology, allergy and rheumatology at Texas Childrens Hospital. When you get it, you have it. So, if you get it Text #3 Will early exposure to colds boost immunity? cont. earlier, youre going to be immune earlier. However, heres the catch: there are actually hundreds of different cold viruses. For example, adenovirus -- one of many viruses that causes cough, congestion, pink eye and diarrhea -- has 54 different types. So, while children may build up immunity to the two or three viruses

theyve been exposed to, there are still hundreds more that their immune systems have not yet encountered. Meaning, that child may get sick from the new viruses just like everyone else. Some experts still say more exposure to germs is better. The use of hand sanitizers and excessive cleanliness are actually blamed for the increase in asthma, allergies and autoimmune disorders in a theory called the hygiene hypothesis. Text #3 In pairs, share what you thought was important from the videos and the text. Add to

your notes after sharing. Then discuss this question: Should cold sufferers wear masks? Partner Talk Trying the Argument Planners Bernabei Kernel Essays Rogerian

Classical Toulmin Debriefing: How did it go? How might you use these in your classrooms? Another option: X-raying a model text Choose an effective piece. Identify components. Name what each component of the argument

DOES. Result: A potential structure for your writing. X-raying a text: Try it! In a grade-level pair, x-ray the model youve been given. Share. Sharing Wrap up and Take Away For more information:

Prezi on Argument Structure ure/