Coming Together to Work Together in Hamazori

Coming Together to Work Together in Hamazori

COMING TOGETHER ROUNDTABLE Mancherji Joshi Hall of the Athornan Madressa Dadar, Mumbai, January 15, 2008 Commemorating Togetherness Working Together in the Spirit of Hamazori. 9:00 PROGRAM Registration and Tea 9:30 Benediction and Monajats Talk on Hamazor - Er. Ramiyar Karanjia Greet each other with hamazor greeting Self-Introduction & Comments by participants Background of Coming Together by Rohinton Rivetna

10:30 Followup on 2007 Discussion Items (Reports by owners of action items) 1:00 Lunch COMING TOGETHER ROUNDTABLE - BACKGROUND Rohinton M. Rivetna We are a worldwide Community Without Borders. Overcoming many vicissitudes over the centuries, our Community has grown and prospered, and has become the hallmark of integrity, industry, goodness and charity, wherever we have settled. The stature and prestige that our

community has achieved, was built with wisdom and foresight by generations before us. 50 years ago, we were oceans away. 25 years ago, we were continents away. Today, we live in a global village, barely a click of a mouse away. It is the responsibility of each and every one of us to preserve and protect our worldwide Community Without Borders. A REMARKABLE BONDING Our Community is blessed with instant bonds of kinship, wherever we may reside in the world. Our actions must be deliberate to strengthen, not fragment this remarkable bonding. We can accomplish much by Coming Together

and Working Together. Our tradition teaches us, and history confirms that there is Strength in Togetherness. The Barsom - In Togetherness lies our Strength The payvand - Importance of staying connected Hamazori Hamazor Baad, Hamazor Hama Asho Baad May we be united in strength, May we be united in strength with all righteous people BACKGROUND First Coming Together Roundtable, in 2005 at the Eighth World Zoroastrian Congress, London. Developed a list of issues, challenges and projects. A vision was presented. 2nd Roundtable in Mumbai, on January 8, 2008. Developed a list of Actionable Items with owners responsible for followup.

We are gathered here today to build upon the good work done by many around the world. We are gathered here today to strengthen our bonds through common action. We must focus on social togetherness, harmony and cooperation, with respect for our religious diversity. This is a Zarathushti Chaordica -Bringing order out of chaos. No Organization left behind. No Zarathushti left behind. VISION & MISSION Vision for the Community: To nurture a caring, compassionate, altruistic, harmonious, observant, esteemed and prosperous worldwide Community.

Mission: To come together and work together in hamazori for the Zarathushti and global communities. WHERE HAVE WE COME FROM? WHAT HAVE WE DONE WELL? We have Come Together several times: London 2005, Mumbai 2007 and 2008. We have done a good job of identifying a large number of issues, challenges and projects. We have identified ownership for some of these items. Much good work has been done by people around the world. But much work is left to do

WHERE ARE WE GOING? WHAT DO WE NEED TO DO BETTER? We can actualize our mission through a networking of our Community organizations worldwide to work on issues, challenges and projects, in regards, exclusively, to our communitys socio-economicwelfare needs. We need to do a better job of coordination and followup. We need to structure ourselves better. We need the help of a central coordinator/administrator. In the end we must remember the ten little words: If it is to be, It is up to me.

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