IBM Cloud Private for Data Overview Burt Vialpando IBM Executive Analytics Architect August 2, 2018 Agenda IBM Cloud Private for Data the business case Industry drivers Technology drivers IBM Cloud Private the foundation IBM Cloud Private for Data what is it? Value proposition Architecture & component capabilities Collect, organize, and analyze: screen shots Packaging & use cases IBM Cloud / 2018 IBM Corporation 2 IBM Cloud Private for Data The Business Case Multi-cloud and AI are driving digital transformation >85% >59% Of enterprise IT organization will commit to multi-cloud architectures Of large enterprises see improved application quality & reduced defects using containers

3 out of 4 Of large enterprises will have digital transformation at the center of corporate strategy within two years IBM Cloud / 2018 IBM Corporation 4 out of 5 Of companies do not yet understand the data required for AI 4 Multi-cloud is being driven by cloud native architectures Microservices and containers are changing IT The Compound Annual Growth Rate of traditional IT continues to shrink while public and private cloud continues to grow CAGR: -8% Traditional IT LLiif ftt aann dd S Sh h if if t t t nt een mm

opp lol vee eev DD onn ioi pp att pp rra AA egg w tte eew In NN In ic lilc bb uu PP Private Cloud CAGR: 16% IBM Cloud / 2018 IBM Corporation Containers and microservices are keys to this transformation Portable Portable Applications

Applications Public with Virtual Private Cloud Public Cloud Public Cloud CAGR: 30% 5 Microservices the first key to cloud native applications Making development & deployment more efficient Microservice vs. monolithic architecture UI UI Business Logic Data Access Layer Microservice Improves fault isolation: Larger applications can remain largely unaffected by the failure of a single module Microservice Eliminates long-term commitment to a single technology stack: Microservice

DB DB Monolithic Architecture IBM Cloud / 2018 IBM Corporation Microservices benefits Microservice Microservice DB DB DB DB Microservices Architecture Microservice DB DB Try out a new technology stack on an individual service and roll it back if required Easier development: A new developer can more easily understand the functionality of a service Easier deployment: Auto provision, auto scale and provide autoredundancy 6

Containers the second key to cloud native applications Reducing operational and development costs Virtual machines vs. containers overhead App 1 App 2 App 3 Bins/Libs Bins/Libs Bins/Libs Guest OS Guest OS Guest OS App 1 App 2 App 3 Bins/Libs Bins/Libs

Bins/Libs Container Engine Hypervisor Operating System Infrastructure Infrastructure Containers can be 2 3 times more resource efficient than virtual machines On average Docker developers ship software 7x more frequently B V Containers virtual software in the way that virtual machines have virtualized hardware IBM Cloud / 2018 IBM Corporation 7 Container automation and orchestration is essential Enter: Kubernetes Containers are revolutionizing IT But they require orchestration IBM Cloud / 2018 IBM Corporation Kubernetes - Means helmsman or pilot 8

Private Clouds address the new IT reality Method Development Deployment Environment Waterfall Monolithic Bare metal On-Premises App 1 App 2 App 3 Bins/Libs Bins/Libs Bins/Libs Guest OS Guest OS Guest

OS Hypervisor Infrastructure Agile Programming N-Tier Virtual Server App 1 Bins/Libs App 2 App 3 Bins/Libs Bins/Libs Off-Premises Perception of cost Time to value Created by digital transformation Container Engine Operating System Infrastructure Agile DevOps

IBM Cloud / 2018 IBM Corporation Microservices Containers Cloud 9 Public Cloud + Private Cloud = Hybrid Cloud * Different cloud options Public Cloud On-Premises Private Cloud Hosted Private Cloud Hybrid Cloud Hardware Deployment and Management Vendor Customer Vendor Shared between vendor and customer

Hardware Sharing Model Shared Dedicated Dedicated Partially shared and partially dedicated Scalability High Medium High High Low Cost Yes Sometimes Sometimes Sometimes Predictable Cost No

Yes Yes No Utility Billing Yes No Depends on vendor Partial Flexibility Yes Limited Limited Yes Customization Capabilities No Yes Depends on vendor

Partial Enhanced Security and Compliance No Yes Yes Yes Instant Provisioning Yes Yes Yes Yes * A Hybrid Cloud is a highly orchestrated environment, where all sources act as one A Multi-cloud environment simply refers to the use of multiple cloud sources of any kind, without necessarily being orchestrated IBM Cloud / 2018 IBM Corporation 10 Why care about Private Clouds? Adoption brings agility and efficiency Cost Efficient & Scalable Infrastructure Build, package & deploy applications in containers; run at scale with Kubernetes

50% Benefit Data Center System Utilization & Server Reduction 75% Benefit Manage Performance Elasticity, Bursting, High Availability 35% Benefit DevOps Faster Deployments 30% Benefit Deployment Efficiency Containers & Microservices 50% Benefit Improved Security Management & Risk Reduction Accelerate Time to Market Refactor applications into microservices & modernize monolithic applications Manage Data at Scale 3-Year $5.4 Million Cost Savings; 255% ROI Access, govern, & analyze your data at scale; accelerate your journey to AI IBM Cloud / 2018 IBM Corporation Business Value Assessment Customer Output:

Standard On-Premises vs IBM Cloud Private 11 Introducing IBM Cloud Private (ICP) Brings the native cloud to the enterprise Rapid innovation Hybrid integration Docker & Kubernetes Integrated Cloud Foundry Secured DevOps Consistent IBM Cloud / 2018 IBM Corporation Investment leverage Existing apps, data, skills, infrastructure Containerized middleware Prescriptive guidance Management & compliance

Core operational services Flexibility to integrate with other enterprise management components 12 IBM Cloud Private the foundation for ICP for Data The key components Docker The company driving the container movement and the only container platform provider to address every application across the hybrid cloud. Docker is the clear leader in container technology with 2B+ downloads and the #2 most popular project. It also has an open design with contributors like IBM, Red Hat, Google, Microsoft, VMware, Amazon, Rackspace, and others. Kubernetes A portable, extensible open-source platform for managing containerized workloads and services, that facilitates both declarative configuration and automation. It has a large, rapidly growing ecosystem with services, support, and tools widely available. It is the clear leader in the container orchestration space. Helm A Kubernetes package manager that helps you define, install, and upgrade Kubernetes applications, regardless of complexity. It is the current leader with the most mature capabilities in Kubernetes package management space. IBM Cloud / 2018 IBM Corporation 13 IBM Cloud Private the foundation for ICP for Data Other essential components IBM Cloud Automation Manager a multi-cloud, self-service management

platform that allows you to efficiently manage and deliver services through end-to-end automation. IBM WebSphere Liberty a highly composable, fast to start, dynamic application server runtime environment. IBM SDK for Node.js provides a JavaScript runtime and server-side JavaScript solution for IBM operating systems. IBM Microservice builder delivers a turnkey solution that incorporates runtime, tools, DevOps, fabric, & customer-managed container orchestration. Discover & Try Others Prometheus, Jenkins, Logstash, Kibana, Calico, etcd, Grafana, Heketi, Filebeat, GlusterfS, MariaDB, Nginx, Kafka, Zookeeper, many more IBM Cloud / 2018 IBM Corporation 14 IBM Cloud Private for Data What is it? What is IBM Cloud Private for Data? ICP for Data is a well-integrated collection of microservices built on cloud native architecture enables your organization to access a vast array of enterprise on-prem or cloud data sources ICP for Data is a robust end-to-end platform for all data and analytic needs within your enterprise encourages collaboration and communication within the enterprise by removing barriers advances a data driven culture within your organization applies data management, governance and analytics capabilities within a private cloud setting

Value proposition Enables modernization of data infrastructure Optimize costs with cloud-native behind the firewall Reduce costs of manage multiple product stacks and enable use cases Agility, scalability, elasticity, self-healing IBM Cloud / 2018 IBM Corporation Empowers end users with self-service Provision trusted data and analytic services in minutes Use tools of choice (open source, etc.) No vendor locking Accelerates teams through governed collaboration Break down silos through governance and lineage Automate seamlessly integrated crossfunctional workflows Enterprise security 16 ICP for Data solves your data challenges in one platform

Collect Collect Organize Organize Analyze Analyze Hybrid Data Management Unified Governance & Integration Data Science & Business Analytics Collecting structured and unstructured data Cataloging, masking, and finding data Self-service analytics tooling and productivity Inside or outside the cluster Integrating, transforming, and shaping data Descriptive & predictive models* & business reporting Managing fit-for-purpose

data repositories IBM Cloud / 2018 IBM Corporation * Prescriptive roadmap: Q4, 2018 17 ICP for Data at a glance Extensible, Open API Platform App Developers Data Engineers Business Partners Personalized, Collaborative Team Platform Business Analysts Data Stewards Data Scientists IBM CLOUD PRIVATE FOR DATA Administration Cloud Native Microservices Machine Learning & Model Deploy Data Science Policy Management

Reporting and Dashboarding Database Management Transformation Services Discovery & Exploration Classification & Governance Enterprise Data Catalog optional IBM CLOUD PRIVATE B V IBM Cloud / 2018 IBM Corporation 18 ICP for Data component capabilities Collect Organize Analyze Component Capability Description

Database Management 1) in-cluster databases, or 2) federated databases, or 3) native connection databases and data source repositories Transformation Services Transformation jobs, working with data source definitions, management of ETL flows Discovery & Exploration Database schema and table extractions, metadata syncs to feed into the Enterprise Catalog Classification & Governance Auto classification of data assets in the catalog, assignment of terms to assets, tagging with ML & fuzzy/pattern based classifications for governance Policy Management Business rules and validation of data assets, compliance, define quality standards in the catalog Data Science Access to open source tooling, frameworks, and IBM value-add Machine Learning Model Management Deployment of machine learning models with elasticity and load balancing, monitoring, and management of models in production Dashboards

Aggregate & display metrics & key performance indicators (KPIs), enabling them to be examined at a glance before further exploration B V IBM Cloud / 2018 IBM Corporation 19 ICP for Data persona enablement examples Persona Data Engineer (Collect) Data Steward (Organize) Data Scientist (Analyze) System Administrator Enablement Create new Db2 (and other) relational databases and warehouses Support data federation & virtualization best practices Facilitate cross-cloud hybrid data access & movements Build data movement & transformation flows to help prepare data for other users to consume Build an enterprise catalog through auto-discover & classify all existing data sources Tag & annotate data sets & other assets, index for search - generally make assets easy to

find Visualize consumers of data & producers with lineage, metrics about consumed assets, with quality profiles Find data of interest from all data in the enterprise Explore, visualize & understand data Prepare, refine/shape and transform data - then publish transformed data sets Share analytics assets with other collaborators & publish into the enterprise catalog Train machine learning models & deploy a scoring service Provision quickly with the complete set of capabilities Allocate and manage resource usage and scale as needed Monitor the health of the system B V IBM Cloud / 2018 IBM Corporation 20 System administration console (stand-alone deployment) Capabilities Provisioning capabilities Configuring, upgrading, and automating

Allocating and managing resources Monitoring system health Ensuring uptime and performance Maintaining system security - Admin e.g. SSH, SSL, LDAP, tokens, users, etc. Ensuring parity between dev, test, and prod environments IBM Cloud / 2018 IBM Corporation B V 21 System administration console (ICP)

Manage all users, services, images, and system health IBM Cloud / 2018 IBM Corporation Admin 22 In-cluster databases* Collect IBM proprietary database repositories Open source database repositories Db2 MongoDB Flagship, full featured RDBMS, configured in row organized tables that is well-suited for transactional workloads. Document-oriented NoSQL JSON database. Db2 Warehouse RDBMS configured in column organized tables that is well-suited for analytics workloads. EnterpriseDB Based on PostgreSQL, this is an object-relational database system that uses and extends the SQL language combined with features to safely store and scale complicated data workloads. Db2 Event Store In-memory database optimized for event-driven

data processing and analysis built on Apache Spark and Apache Parquet, capable of high speed ingest that is well-suited for IoT data sources. IBM Cloud / 2018 IBM Corporation * Databases in grey road mapped for early Q3, 2018 23 Federated databases* Collect Data federation can access multiple data sources & join them together as one unified SQL processing view It also has a number of highly optimized performance techniques, including workload pushdown, function compensation & SQL transparency IBM Cloud / 2018 IBM Corporation * Databases in grey road mapped for early Q3, 2018 24 Native connection databases and data repositories Collect Data Source Data Governance Transformation Amazon S3

BDFS Data Science Dashboards Data Source Data Governance Transformation Data Science Hive-CDH Custom JDBC Hive-HDP Db2 Cloud Informix

BigSQL Data Set Db2 Db2 for z/OS File Greenplum HDFS HDFS-CDH HDFS-HDP

Hive JDBC Kafka MS SQLServer Dashboards Netezza ODBC Oracle

PostgreSQL Seq Teradata WebSphere WebSphere MQ B V IBM Cloud / 2018 IBM Corporation 25 Transformation services Organize Perform ETL with a powerful UI with: - Projects Connections Table definitions Jobs

Create, edit, load, and run transformation jobs Data automatically propagates metadata from one stage to the other stages later in the job, increasing productivity. Highlights all compilation errors Find what you need fast by using the flexible Search feature IBM Cloud / 2018 IBM Corporation B V 26 Automatic asset discovery explore and profile Organize Automation of metadata ingestion, column profiling, and data quality assessment Automation of rules and business term assignment IBM Cloud / 2018 IBM Corporation 27 Business glossary Terms Create common vocabulary for the organization

Framework for creating, nurturing, and promoting terms connecting business and IT Enable ability to create, preserve, and publish knowledge about information across the organization IBM Cloud / 2018 IBM Corporation Organize 28 Business glossary Term details (grouped under Category) IBM Cloud / 2018 IBM Corporation Organize 29 Governance policies & rules Organize Create governance policies and rules

Enforce compliance and data quality IBM Cloud / 2018 IBM Corporation 30 Governance rules & policies Policy details IBM Cloud / 2018 IBM Corporation Organize 31 Governance rules & policies Rule details masking example IBM Cloud / 2018 IBM Corporation Organize 32 Curation dashboard to govern and approve asset requests Organize Manage asset promotion and govern quality across the organization

Approve, reject, or ask for additional information Single approval process across data and analytic asset types - e.g., datasets, models, notebooks IBM Cloud / 2018 IBM Corporation 33 Approve requests & make searchable with enterprise search Organize B V IBM Cloud / 2018 IBM Corporation 34 Enterprise catalog Organize Find and explore governed data and analytics assets

View metadata and lineage Dig deeper into data and analytics relationships IBM Cloud / 2018 IBM Corporation B V 35 Relationship graph with explorer Organize Explore relationships between data assets, terms, analytic assets, users, etc. Gain in-depth understanding of metadata through crowdsourcing (e.g., ratings, comments) and machine learning Understand context, rates, and usage patterns IBM Cloud / 2018 IBM Corporation

Explore deeper to understand context, rates, and usage patterns 36 Manage data science projects Analyze Tailored experience for data science teams, enabling teams to boost productivity Version control across analytic artifacts throughout project lifecycle Manage collaborators with correct level of access control IBM Cloud / 2018 IBM Corporation 37 Refine and shape data Analyze Visually refine and shape

your data Made simple for the data scientist, citizen data scientist or business analyst IBM Cloud / 2018 IBM Corporation B V 38 Models: create, train and test Notebook example Analyze Create models using your favorite runtimes and APIs - e.g., Python, R, Scala, TensorFlow, Keras, Spark ML, etc. Use favorite open source tools of your choice - e.g., Jupyter or Zepplin notebooks, RStudio, H2O, etc.

B V IBM Cloud / 2018 IBM Corporation 39 Models: create, train and test Visual modeler example Use IBM value-add modeling such as the visual modeler & SPSS modeler Version, test, and evaluate models Manage models across dev, test, staging, and prod Deploy models and scale automatically for online, batch, and streaming use Monitor model performance with feedback loop and automatically trigger retraining and redeployment with rolling upgrades

IBM Cloud / 2018 IBM Corporation Analyze 40 Publish analytics assets (and their data) to the catalog Analyze Publish datasets, notebooks, ML models, and projects to Enterprise Catalog Enterprise Catalog enables others to understand data usage, lineage, and relationships B V IBM Cloud / 2018 IBM Corporation 41 Cognos Dashboard Embedded Analyze

Live connection to underlying data Smart creation of visualizations Interactive exploration of data through filtering and navigation paths Embed dashboards where users are without losing interactivity IBM Cloud / 2018 IBM Corporation 42 IBM Cloud Private for Data top use cases Enable governed, secure access to your data regardless of where it lives IBM Cloud / 2018 IBM Corporation Build the Information Architecture you need to enable self-service

analytics and AI Shift from monolithic to microservices for agility and efficiency Accelerate transformation for regulatory compliance, such as GDPR the biggest change in data protection in 20 years 43 IBM Business Partner: Building enterprise data pipelines Datameer and IBM have teamed up to accelerate your journey to AI through an integrated platform that delivers a foundational approach to seamlessly collect, organize, secure, and analyze data from across your enterprise. Organizations that ignore AI will soon be left behind by more agile competitors.

IBM Cloud / 2018 IBM Corporation 44 IBM Cloud Private for Data packaging options IBM IBM Cloud Cloud Private Private for for Data Data IBM IBM Cloud Cloud Private Private for for Data Data Make Make your your data data ready ready for for AI AI Cloud Cloud Agility, Agility, Lightning Lightning Fast Fast && AI-ready AI-ready Cloud Native Edition Enterprise Edition

Collect, Organize & Analyze data in production Full function deployments with enterprise QoS, add-on modules & AI ready Basic Support Basic & Premium Support Community Community Edition* Edition* Build Build apps apps and and manage manage data in non-production data in non-production Includes Includes ICP ICP Foundations Foundations IBM IBM Cloud Cloud Private Private Build Build open, open, cloud-native

cloud-native apps apps with with public public services services and and run run them them anywhere anywhere Cloud Native Edition Enterprise Edition Create apps in production Modernize apps in production * Roadmap: Mid September, 2018 B V IBM Cloud / 2018 IBM Corporation 45 IBM Cloud Private for Data Get started today! IBM Cloud / 2018 IBM Corporation

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