Compare JUCMNav vs OpenOME as GRL Tools

Compare JUCMNav vs OpenOME as GRL Tools

GRL Tools JUCMNav vs. OpenOME CSI5112 Project Winter 2008 Bo Peng, Li Chen, Yessine Daadaa 1 Overview

Background The challenges What we need Why them Evaluation criteria Methodology Evaluation Conclusion References 2 Background BYL Inc. Specialized in tax preparation software Provides over 100 firms across Canada with personal and corporate tax software Has been released several versions of tax software since 1999 Planning to release a new version

(SofTax08) in May. 2008 with new features 3 The Challenges Try to meet all clients requirements Introduce new features to clients Generate reports in UML format for development and easy-to-read documents for customers Multiplatform required - WIN/UNIX Integrate tools into the companys environment JAVA/Eclipse 4 What we need We need to find tools can help us to: gather clients requirements review the design

evaluate architecture decisions avoid holes and resolve conflicts validate and verify business needs A effective GRL tool at the early stage Fit into the companys environment 5 Why them JUCMNav and OpenOME Well-known goal-oriented software engineering tools Both have mature GRL functionalities required Both are free software developed by Canadian Universities Both are Java/Eclipse-based 6 Tools presentations

JUCMNav: jUCMNav is a graphical editor for the Use Case Map (UCM) notation Created by five students supervised by Professor Amyot at the University of Ottawa Open-source application available under the

Eclipse Public License (EPL) Uses the Eclipse Modeling Framework (EMF) and the Graphical Modeling Framework (GEF) First developed as a replacement for jUCMNav User interface follows Eclipse standards jUCMNav takes advantage of the Eclipse views (hierarchical/graphical outline, properties, resources) Improved usability: drag & drop editing, group manipulation, unlimited undo/redo, Multiple element references Auto-layout mechanism Only allows the creation of syntactically valid models OpenOME:

OME, Organizational Modeling Environment Supports agent- & goal-oriented requirements engineering: Created at the University of Toronto OpenOME, extends OME as a Protg plugin Visualize and Query Requirements Models

NFR Non-Functional Requirements framework i* strategic actors modeling GRL Goal-based Requirements Language Supports elicitation and analysis of strategic requirements; Search and highlight views in the requirements goal models with knowledge management for the Semantic Web. OpenOME is designed to be a goal-oriented and/or agent-oriented modeling and analysis tool 7 Evaluation criteria

Usability Evaluate aspects drawing features report generating and etc. create model view model analyze model with user defined strategies and scenarios Format of modeling Report (level of impact: High)

Support of import/export formats Compatibility with other tools (level of impact: High) Integrate with the IDE used in the company Document (level of impact: Low) Help document & tutorial Quality of user manual 8 On Criterion Create model OpenOME: create graphically clicks IE

not as intuitive textually by define an initial file in q7 syntax learning curve high JUCMNav: create graphically drag and drop more intuitive 9 On Criterion View model

OpenOME: visual GRL signs for evaluation results label propagation can evaluate the satisfaction of high-level goals with respect to the label assignments to the lowlevel tasks analyze model with user defined strategies JUCMNav:

use numbers to evaluate results number propagation can evaluate the satisfaction of high-level goals with respect to user init values to the low-level tasks using algorithm analyze model with user defined strategies and scenarios 10 On Criterion OpenOME:

.tel (text) .vdx (XML) Import formats supported JCUMNav: JUCM SCENARIOS XML MSC contains UCM Scenario 11 On Criterion Export formats supported OpenOME:

.tel .sml (Simple Markup Language) .vdx (Visio) .png (potable network graphics) JCUMNav: as individual diagrams (GRL):

.dot .jpg .bmp .gif .png as whole URN files: .dxl (DOORS Extension Language) .csm (optical tracking, 3d format) .html

.grl .csv 12 On Criterion documentation OpenOME: JUCMNav: not up-to-date, basic documentation & tutorials up-to-date, detailed

documentation, and tutorials 13 Methodology We developed several test cases for evaluation criteria For each test case, we developed a scenario The test cases are designed to record the behavior of each tool for each criterion preferably in quantitative manner if possible compare the results

Use testing results and examples to demonstrate advantages disadvantages (of each tool) 14 Test cases Test case used to evaluate the Help document Support TC-1: Create Model TC-2: Analyze Model TC-3: Generate Reports 15 OpenOME

16 JUCMNav 17 Test case 1: Create model According to the requirements from clients, create models in OpenOME and JUCMNav Checkpoints: Intuition and complexity GUI interface and ease of understanding, basic and advanced operations Support copy and paste, undo, reuse of objects Help system 18

Test case 2: Analyze model Analyze created models under different scenarios Checkpoints: Input from other projects Search and recalculate Validation & verification with business reality 19 Test case 3: Generate reports Generate analysis results in various formats Text-based and Graphic-based Developers and customers Checkpoints: Supported import/export formats UML, XML, etc

Model Presentability to stakeholders. How can stakeholders understand models? Verification/Validation for conceptual models. How can such (potentially large) models be verified? By stakeholders? 20 Conclusion The purpose of the project is to make comparison between JUCMNav and OpenOME From the business goal, we defined the subgoals From the sub-goals, we defined the evaluation criteria. We developed test cases to evaluate the tools against the criteria Right now, We are not able to recommend any tool , because the evaluation has not finished.

21 References bin/view/ProjetSEG/ JUCMNavRelease300 bin/view/ProjetSEG/JUCMNavTutorials openome/ csi5112/ 22 Questions 23

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