Comprehension of Narrative Text - Mrs. Potts Class

Comprehension of Narrative Text - Mrs. Potts Class

Chapter 8 Comprehension of Narrative Text Reflections on Reading Comprehension Consider this passage: Teachers need to marinate students in a new skill if it is to become permanent knowledge (Flynt & Cooter, 2005, p. 775).

Do you agree? Will you be inclined and prepared to try a variety of strategies and activities with a student if the first one you try doesnt seem to work? Strategies Readers Use to Understand Text Draw inferences Predict Self-monitor

Retell and summarize Activate prior knowledge Draw conclusions Use knowledge of text structures Visualize before, during, and after reading

Ask questions Reading Skills Decoding Fluency Vocabulary Strategies for Reading Comprehension Reading Strategies

Before and During Reading Before reading: Predicting Setting a purpose During reading: Making inferences Self-monitoring Visualizing Connecting prior

knowledge to texts Connecting Prior Knowledge to Texts Background Knowledge Literary background (text-to-text connection) World knowledge (text-to-world connection) Life experiences (text-to-self connection) Reading Strategies After Reading

Retelling story elements Drawing conclusions Elaborating on the authors intent Comprehension and Critical Literacy Goal of critical literacy is for teachers to encourage students to recognize connections between their lives and the lives of real or imagined story characters . . . to explore authors possible biases,

and to reflect on how to take social action to create a more compassionate world (Richards, 2006, p. 193). Do you believe it is a teachers responsibility to help students learn how to create a more compassionate world? Why or why not? Critical Literacy Themes Recognize social barriers, or how barriers have been broken Examine multiple perspectives of historical events

Look at the language of the text and explore how language can be used to change situations Juxtapose two contrasting texts Find ones identity by discussing differences within the classroom and examining ways to overcome prejudices Find ways to take action Questions to Encourage a Critical Stance

Behaviors and Characteristics of Poor Readers (Richek et al., 2006) Behaviors and Characteristics of Poor Readers (Richek et al., 2006) Focus exclusively on pronouncing words. Remember small, unimportant details. Rely too much on picture clues. Lack appropriate background knowledge.

Have a limited vocabulary. Dont recognize failures of comprehension. Dont connect prior knowledge to text. Have difficulty drawing inferences. May lack decoding skills. Assessment of Narrative Comprehension: Informal Informal reading inventories (IRIs)

Miscue analysis Retrospective miscue analysis Running records Retelling Think-alouds Cloze/maze tests Rubrics Computer programs

English Learners and Narrative Texts Recommendations for instruction: Explicit In depth At a slower pace With opportunities for discussion and response Selecting Narrative Texts

for English Learners Based on students cultures Have chronological story lines Contain few colloquial expressions If appropriate, have themes based on fitting in or being different Teach everyday survival topics, such as days of the week/month or types of clothing Have predictable story lines Have illustrations that advance the story

Teaching Comprehension Strategies to Poor Readers Teach in context Use simple reading material Individualize Choose an appropriate strategy Teach the strategy explicitly Model using the strategy

Give appropriate feedback Provide numerous opportunities for practice Dont present multiple strategies at one time Have the student verbalize the steps of the strategy Before, During, & After Reading Strategies

(Santoro et al., 2008) Intervention Strategies Focusing on Narrative Comprehension To use before, during, and after reading: Pairing nonfiction and fiction texts The Memphis Comprehension Framework Repeated interactive read-aloud Story lines

To use before reading: Alternate writing Directed listeningthinking activity (DLTA) Directed readingthinking activity (DRTA) (continued) More Intervention Strategies To use during reading: Text mapping Reciprocal questioning

Think-aloud for narrative text Think-aloud mystery And this is the rest of the story Teacher-made audiobooks Text-talk Wordless books for developing inferential reading (continued) More Intervention Strategies To use after reading:

Repeated readings Different perspectives: Diary entries Painting mental pictures Spin the discussion Graphic organizers Retelling with puppets Question Connect Transform (QCT) Character perspective chart Venn diagrams Character sketch

Sample Story Web (Story Map) Character Perspective Chart For Characters in The Farewell Symphony Technology and Comprehension of Narrative Text E-readers: Fascinate many students

May help reluctant readers become interested in reading Allow readers to build on present knowledge through active involvement with the story Use caution: Readers may get caught up

in the animation and not follow the story Readers may lose interest if the story isnt engaging Related Video Presentation You can see a video presentation on assessing comprehension using a miscue analysi s (which is related to the discussion on page 190

of the chapter).

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