Comstock Memorial Union - Winona State University

Comstock Memorial Union - Winona State University

Minnesota State Colleges and Universities Revenue Fund Overview and Student Union Budget Information Presented to the Student Fee Management Committee (SFMC) November 9, 2012 Joe Reed, Director of Student Union & Activities Tracy Rahim, Associate Director of Student Activities & Leadership Minnesota State Colleges and Universities Revenue Fund Overview Legislative Background Established in 1955 as an independent enterprise fund Includes: residence halls, dining services, student unions, parking facilities, and any other revenueproducing buildings Predates all systems. The fund was created more than 10 years before the establishment of the state university system Has authority to sell revenue bonds. Academic and administrative buildings must use General Obligation bonds of the State of Minnesota Operations Funding Authority Minnesota Statues 136F.90-136F.98 Master Resolution adopted by Board of Trustees on September 20, 2001 Administered through the Vice President of Student Life & Development Includes residence halls, dining services, student union facilities Does not include programming or other Activity Fee funded operations Facility Fee Student Senate must be consulted prior to submission of fees for approval MnSCU Board of Trustees must approve fees Other Income All universities attempt to maximize non-fee income to the best of their abilities. Examples are

conferences, food service commission income, and space rentals for on- and off-campus groups Structure The revenue fund is a single fiscal entity from the perspective of the outside world The revenue fund went from centralized to decentralized in 1998-2000. Operations and programs are locally managed and funded by each campus 2 MnSCU Revenue Fund Management Goals and Objectives Revenue Fund Facilities Includes the 7 state universities 65 buildings have a total of approximately 4,500,000 sq. ft. Kryzsko Commons is 123,425 sq. ft. Reserves An operating reserve of three to six months of the operating expenditures, less the R&R deposit, must be maintained R&R reserves are separate from operating reserves Repair and Replacement (R&R Program) A required level of funds must be spent/accumulated annually to keep buildings at status quo Examples: Furniture, painting, carpet, small remodels MnSCU requires $2.57 per sq. ft. to be allocated from the operating account to the R&R account. Deferred Maintenance Budget A required level of funds to be spent/accumulated to keep building systems functioning/upgraded Examples: HVAC, plumbing, electrical, roof, windows, fire alarms/sprinklers FY2008-FY2013: $420,000 3 Expenses Detail

Revenue Detail Facility Fees Rent Employee Services Student fees collected for daily operation, debt load and maintenance Bookstore & office space rent Vendor table rental Room rental Other Revenue Vending commissions Food service commission (from the Smaug and Catering) ATM commissions Check cashing commission Fax service fees Interest Income Interest that is received on our reserves 11 full and 2 partial salaries & benefits for employees across campus Overtime Shift differential Student payroll Unemployment compensation Workers compensation ASF professional development funds Fuel & Utilities Electricity

Garbage Utilities Materials & Supplies Equipment Fun Fact Traditionally considered the living room of the campus, todays union is the gathering place of the college. The union provides services and conveniences that members of the campus community need in their daily lives and creates an environment for getting to know and understand others through formal and informal associations The role of the college union has grown out of the widely held view among educators that what college students do in the hours outside the classroom is of major importance and that the union can give a new dimension to education-vastly expanding the time, area, and means through which the college educates. Classified & unclassified staff salaries & benefits Any equipment purchased for the operating side of the Student Union Other Operating Expenses Repairs & services Communications Advertising, building repairs, equipment rental, preventative maintenance contracts, printing services, other purchased services Telephone & long distance service, postage Travel expenses Memberships fees & registration expenses Bad debt write-off Administrative fee Both MNSCU and WSU Business offices 4

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