Design Sprint A Critical Analysis and a Constructive Alternative Tom Gilb [email protected] Created 30 March 2019 Edit (Startup week link) 12 May 2019 An advanced Design grownups. The Startup Week*. Agile Value Delivery ** Monday Quantify critical stakeholder values Tuesday Identify top 10 strategies or designs to each the values Wednesday Rate strategies versus values and costs, and risks on an Impact Table Thursday Decompose best strategy, and rate value/costs of details to choose next weeks value delivery Friday meet with managers to get OK Next week (and every week later) deliver some measurable stakeholder value measure results, costs learn about problems early adjust designs for future * source is Polish Export examples in Innovative Creativity book ( chapter 9. Done over 2 days with 60 people in 20 teams. Warsaw, at Startberry (startup Incubator) **, DL812: extensive slides, DL568: short paper, see Presenter Notes in this slide. Sprint for

Project Startup versus Design Sprint Planguage Evo Engineering Based Systems Applicable (UX) All Values Quantified Risk Mgt (.Cred, Prty) Scale-Free Decades of Experience Research Published: HP Many publ.Case Studies AI Prioritization Val/ Design estimates V& Programming Craft Software and UI Limited Values Not Quantified No Explicit Risk Mgt. Not proven large scale Hot new idea No known research Cant find cases, yet Role player decides pri. No estimates Dodgy Prototype Yellow Sticky Culture See Presenter Notes for references Design Sprint Claimed Benefits <-Jake (of course YOU are skeptical, and know this.) Skeptical Observations 8 incredible Design Sprint benefits for your business Here are the 8 amazing Design Sprint benefits you get in your business by employing this methodology of Google:

1. Design Sprint helps you save time and money Design Sprint is designed to work quickly and intensely to get a solution to a business problem through design. By using Design Sprint you reduce the time you spend on the design process and the process of defining your product, going from months to days This is a great benefit because you save a lot of time and money and allows you to define a validation plan based on the feedback from your users. 2. Design Sprint Quickly Reduces Product Development Cycles Derived from the above, development times are dramatically reduced, as Design Sprint work on a connecting problem with the solution. This helps you to test whether an idea works or not, without developing products with very long production cycles (Idea, Design, Approve, Develop, Launch and Validate). With the Design Sprint you become a more agile organization Before investing in the development of your product or a new functionality that requires an expensive process you can dedicate 5 days so that the team understands the problem that your company is facing, designing the solutions, creating a functional prototype and validating your ideas in a matter of hours. Becoming a more agile organization. 3. Real feedback with Design Sprint Knowing the feedback of your product is fundamental to developing successful products. Many times when we get this information is when we have finished the project. With the Design Sprint, you know firsthand and quickly the real feedback from your customers. This feedback is crucial because it helps you improve your product or service at the same time you design it On the other hand, your team is actively working on the process, as the production cycle involves different sources of information within your organization. 4. Validate your business ideas with Design Sprint Without validation, it is difficult for ideas and products to work. That is precisely what you will do on the last day of the Sprint in a very concrete way. Through Design Sprint you can design the validation plan of the business idea or functionality of your product Being clear how the process will be, the time you are going to invest and the type of results with which we can continue the process of transferring your product to the market. 5. Generates business and innovation. Design Sprint gives your team a way of working to solve complex problems in a week. So you can achieve a new approach to the project that would have taken months, even years 6. Align expectations with your team Making all departments share knowledge, needs, and strategy so that the result is a solution that satisfies and meets needs. Being able to make your step to deploy is a cycle of continuous product integration

7. Help you measure The sprint design uses measurement processes in the different phases that the methodology uses. What allows you to measure the results obtained at the end of the process, as well as the impact of the same on your business and on the equipment and surplus generated during the process 8. An agile and fast methodology that you can apply to your business Once you internalize the Design Sprint methodology you can use it and coordinate it with other processes that you already have established in your project or business. Typically, the first time you make a Sprint Design is tiring and difficult. We recommend that you count with the help of a Sprint Master Certified to achieve these incredible results <-TSG These claims are made by a seller of Design Sprint training and certification service ( Most of the terms and concepts have poor definition, and are highly ambiguous (examples) Design, Align Expectations, Investing (Product Dev), Complex Problems, measure the results, agile methodology, validation, and many more. Not one single number is offered to indicate the magnitude of improvements No clear baseline (who is going to get improved) is indicated No references to real case studies with results, costs, problems No comparison with any other known methods No links or references to anything Lots of causal assertions, none proven This feedback is crucial because it helps you improve your product or service at the same time you design it No indication or example of the types and magnitude of the costs for the individual, the project, and the organization for learning and maintaining the Design Sprint method No glowing references from real people or customers No information about how things went after the first week, to tell us how good or bad the week was. Constant implication: Google is successful, therefore this method is good ttp://

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