Conf Call Slides

Conf Call Slides

omniran-18-0029-01-00TG IEEE 802.1 OmniRAN TG March 20th, 2018 Conference Call 2018-03-20 Max Riegel, Nokia Bell Labs (TG Chair) 1 omniran-18-0029-01-00TG Conference Call Tue s da y, Marc h 2 0th , 2 01 8 at 09 :3 0- 11 :00 a m ET J oi n Web Ex mee ti ng https:// 5ef afcddedf45c895b51 Meeting number: 951 371 039 Meeting password: Omni RA N J oi n by p ho ne +19724459814 US Dallas

+442036087616 UK London +861084056120, +861058965333 China Beijing Access code: 951 371 039 Global call-i n numbers ht tps://noki ameet ings.webex. com/noki ameet ings/gl obalcalli n.php?serviceTy pe=MC& E D=533523267& tol lFree=0 2 omniran-18-0029-01-00TG Agenda proposal Min u tes R e po rts Transfer of P 802.1CQ to Omni RA N TG P80 2 .1 CF-D 1 .0 co mmen t re s ol uti on Open i ssues of implementation of remedies Documentat ion of proposed dispositi on Review of information model revision (Clause 8.1) Review of revision to Identi fiers clause (Clause 6.7) Review of other amendments

Plan for swapping to searchable f igures (.svg) N e xt mee tin g AoB 3 omniran-18-0029-01-00TG Participants have a duty to inform the IEEE Participants shall inform the IEEE (or cause the IEEE to be informed) of the identity of each holder of any potential Essential Patent Claims of which they are personally aware if the claims are owned or controlled by the participant or the entity the participant is from, employed by, or otherwise represents Participants should inform the IEEE (or cause the IEEE to be informed) of the identity of any other holders of potential Essential Patent Claims Early identification of holders of potential Essential Patent Claims is encouraged 4

omniran-18-0029-01-00TG Ways to inform IEEE Cause an LOA to be submitted to the IEEE-SA ([email protected]); or Provide the chair of this group with the identity of the holder(s) of any and all such claims as soon as possible; or Speak up now and respond to this Call for Potentially Essential Patents If anyone in this meeting is personally aware of the holder of any patent claims that are potentially essential to implementation of the proposed standard(s) under consideration by this group and that are not already the subject of an Accepted Letter of Assurance, please respond at this time by providing relevant information to the WG Chair. 5 omniran-18-0029-01-00TG

Other guidelines for IEEE WG meetings All IEEE-SA standards meetings shall be conducted in compliance with all applicable laws, including antitrust and competition laws. Dont discuss the interpretation, validity, or essentiality of patents/patent claims. Dont discuss specific license rates, terms, or conditions. Relative costs of different technical approaches that include relative costs of patent licensing terms may be discussed in standards development meetings. Technical considerations remain the primary focus Dont discuss or engage in the fixing of product prices, allocation of customers, or division of sales markets. Dont discuss the status or substance of ongoing or threatened litigation. Dont be silent if inappropriate topics are discussed do formally object. For more details, see IEEE-SA Standards Board Operations Manual, clause 5.3.10 and Antitrust and Competition Policy: What You Need to Know at 6 omniran-18-0029-01-00TG Patent-related information

The patent policy and the procedures used to execute that policy are documented in the: IEEE-SA Standards Board Bylaws IEEE-SA Standards Board Operations Manual Material about the patent policy is available at If you have questions, contact the IEEE-SA Standards Board Patent Committee Administrator at [email protected] 7 omniran-18-0029-01-00TG Participation in IEEE 802 Meetings All participation in IEEE 802 Working Group meetings is on an individual basis Participants in the IEEE standards development individual process shall act based on their qualifications and experience. ( section 5.2.1)

IEEE 802 Working Group membership is by individual; Working Group members shall participate in the consensus process in a manner consistent with their professional expert opinion as individuals, and not as organizational representatives. ( section 4.2.1) You have an obligation to act and vote as an individual and not under the direction of any other individual or group. Your obligation to act and vote as an individual applies in all cases, regardless of any external commitments, agreements, contracts, or orders. You shall not direct the actions or votes of any other member of an IEEE 802 Working Group or retaliate against any other member for their actions or votes within IEEE 802 Working Group meetings, see section and section 3.4.1, list item x By participating in IEEE 802 meetings, you accept these requirements. If you do not agree to these policies then you shall not participate. 8 omniran-18-0029-01-00TG Business #1 Call Meeting to Order

Chair called meeting to order at 09:40 AM ET Minutes taker: Hao is taking notes. Mandatory slides Mandatory slides were presented, no announcements came up. Roll Call Name Affiliation Max Riegel Hao Wang Walter Pienciak Roger Marks Nokia Fujitsu IEEE EthAirNet Assoc.

Name Affiliation 9 omniran-18-0029-01-00TG Agenda Minutes Reports P802.1CF-D1.0 comment resolution Open issues of implementation of remedies Documentation of proposed disposition Review of information model revision (Clause 8.1) Review of revision to Identifiers clause (Clause 6.7) Review of other amendments Plan for swapping to searchable figures (.svg) Next meeting AoB 10

omniran-18-0029-01-00TG Business #2 Minutes 18-f2f-meeting-minutes.docx Acceptance postponed to the next F2F Reports OmniRAN TG will take responsibility for P802.1CQ Procedural questions will be discussed on the March 28th .1CQ call OmniRAN mentor archive has new category for uploading .1CQ related contributions. Review of information model revision (Clause 8.1) Not available yet. Hao asked about a terminology issue of using operation of OAM with a broader meaning than used for network management. Max recommended to use terminology with such broader scope for the contribution, and let the commenters of D2.0 decide whether such broader usage is appropriate. 11 omniran-18-0029-01-00TG

Business #3 Review of revision to Identifiers clause (Clause 6.7) f-d1-0-ch-6-7-identifiers-revision-proposal.docx Roger introduced his approach and findings for the identifiers section. During discussion some clarifications were added to the document in a revision. Max offered to check for the name of the information element in 802.1X containing the AN-ID used for 802.3. The outcome of the discussion was uploaded to mentor -identifiers-revision-proposal.docx Review of other amendments Hao introduced the text for the addition to clause 7.8 of a monitoring procedure delivering monitoring values to the NMS. It amends the accounting procedures of the clause. The contribution was appreciated by the group and accepted as remedy for CID#102 prise-network.docx Max briefly showed the small modification to the figures of the proposed text to indicate that an Ethernet switch can also act as NA in addition to the aggregation functionality of the BH. With this small modification the contribution was accepted for inclusion into the next draft.

ccess-network.docx After presenting the deployment scenario of a virtualized WLAN access network for IoT devices at the Rosemont, IL face-to-face meeting, Max asked the group for any concerns to add the 12 omniran-18-0029-01-00TG Business #4 Open issues of implementation of remedies Walter is working on the implementation of the agreed remedies and had no open issues to clarify with the group. Documentation of proposed disposition Max currently updates the Java database of the comments with the remedies and conclusions of the comment resolution process to allow for documentation and the tracking of the implementation. He will hand-over the completed database to Walter for tracking the editorial process. Parallel to the entries into the Java database, the Excel containing the comments will be kept aligned. A snapshot of the updated comments spreadsheet was uploaded and presented. The spreadsheet also contains pointers to the remaining actions for delivering input. Plan for swapping to searchable figures (.svg) Max recommended to prepare all the necessary .svg figures for the next conference call on April 3rd to provide

more time to resolve issues appearing during insertion. Next meeting .1CQ conference call on March 28th, 09:00 10:00 AM ET .1CF conference call on April 3rd, 09:30 11:00 AM ET AoB None Adjourned by chair at 11:03 AM ET 13

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