Configure Skype for Business for Skype Room Systems, Project ...

Configure Skype for Business for Skype Room Systems, Project ...

BRK4005 Configure Skype for Business for Skype Room Systems, Project Rigel and Surface Hub Brian R Ricks Co-Owner / Principal Consultant BriComp Computers, LLC Lync / Skype Conference Systems Conference Systems through the Years Lync Room Systems 2013 Smart Crestron

Surface Hub 2015 Microsoft Project Rigel 2016 Logitech Polycom Crestron Others? Skype Room Systems Skype Room System is about Room Collaboration Single vs. Dual Display Surface Hub

A NE W CATE GO RY: CO LLABORAT ION DEVI CE Whiteboar d Audio/Video Conferencing Apps Projectio n Cross-Platform Solution

Best-inClass Hardware Project Rigel Project Rigel Overview Enable rich collaboration through Skype for Business in nearly any meeting room Center of Table Control Codec powering Skype for Business app Surface Pro 4 Leveraging Third Party Hardware Smart dock built by Logitech, other partners to be announced Extensible with Skype Certified Accessories to enable

scale for any meeting room Managed as a Windows Device Standard Windows 10 Enterprise Always-on, locked screen to Skype Leverages Microsoft management tools (SCCM, Intune) Timing: Preview: Aug. 2016 GA: Q4 CY16 Positioning Surface Hub with Project Rigel Purpose Project Rigel and Surface Hub are complementary

products in a portfolio designed to meet modern meeting space needs Surface Hub is a premium all-in-one collaboration device built for inking and touch Project Rigel is a dedicated Skype Meeting device Both feature the familiar Skype Meeting experience Surface Hub Project Rigel

Team Collaboration Skype Meetings Skype Meeting Experience Whiteboard and Inking PSTN Conferencing

PSTN Calling In-room PC Projection - Wired and wireless Wired Display

55 and 84 capacitive touch screen External display or projector (non-touch) Touch Control Integrated + Keyboard Center of Table Audio/Video Built-in cameras and mics + Skype Certified

accessories Needs Skype Certified accessories Windows 10 Team Enterprise Runs Windows 10 (UWP) Apps

- Skype for Business support 2013, 2015, Online 2015, Online Exchange Support 2013, 2016, Online 2013, 2016, Online Intune and SCCM Management Device Manufacturer

Microsoft Partners Surface Hub and Project Rigel Requirements Permissions / Accounts / Versions Permissions Directory Exchange Skype Accounts

Mailbox Skype Enabled user (PSTN optional but feature dependent) Versions On Premises Exchange 2013, 2016 On Premises Lync 2013 On Premises Skype 2015 Office 365 Active Directory / Azure On Premises Enabled AD Account OPTIONAL: No Password Expiration Office 365 Minimal Licensed: E1 OPTIONAL: E5 and PSTN or E1 w/ Cloud PBX and PSTN

Exchange Required Room Resource Enabled / Known Password Licensed (O365) Surface Hub ONLY EAS policy with no Password, MFA Optional Add Organizer to Subject FALSE Delete Comments FALSE Delete Subject FALSE Remove Private Property FALSE Additional Response Anything you want Set-CalendarProcessing -Identity UserName -AutomateProcessing AutoAccept AddOrganizerToSubject $false AllowConflicts $false DeleteComments $false DeleteSubject $false -RemovePrivateProperty $false -AddAdditionalResponse $true AdditionalResponse 'This is a room!' Lync / Skype

Required Meeting Room Enable-CsMeetingRoom -Identity -RegistrarPool SipAddressType EmailAddress Optional Enterprise Voice Set-CsMeetingRoom -Identity UserName -LineURI -EnterpriseVoiceEnabled $true Automation Requirements Single Script Surface Hub Project Rigel On Premises (including Hybrid) Cloud

Support for Multiple Admins AD / User Management Exchange Management Skype Management Bulk Input Coming Soonwatch for announcements Device Monitoring and Management Monitoring for Rigel What do you use today? System Center Operations Manager (SCOM) Call Quality Dashboard (Online and On Premises) PRTG

Solarwinds Other Windows Desktop is the core, not Server Remember local firewalls GPOs to the Rescue for Project Rigel Domain Join for easy management Management for Rigel What do you use today? System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) Operations Management Suite (OMS) coming soon Intune Active Directory Group Policies Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) Other

Windows is the core, not Server Remember local firewalls Domain Join Rigel in a Workgroup Remote Powershell Step 1) Logged in as local admin from an elevated PS prompt: Enable-PSRemoting force Step 2) Sign into a PC with matching administrator name / password to Rigel Devices (consider VM) Step 3) Launch PowerShell and run commands Remote PS Commands Get Application Status invoke-command { $package = get-appxpackage -User Skype -Name Microsoft.SkypeTeam.RigelApp; if ($package -eq $null) {Write-host "SkypeMeetingRoom not installed."} else {write-host "SkypeMeetingRoom Version : " $package.Version};

$process = Get-Process -Name "Microsoft.SkypeTeam.RigelApp" -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue; if ($process -eq $null) {write-host "App not running."} else {$process | format-list StartTime,Responding}} ComputerName SkypeMeetingRoom Version: StartTime: 9/21/2016 6:37:47 AM Responding: True Remote PS Commands Get Attached Devices

invoke-command {Write-Host "VIDEO DEVICES:"; gwmi -Class Win32_PnPEntity | where {$_.PNPClass -eq "Image"} | Format-Table Name,Status,Present; Write-Host "AUDIO DEVICES:"; gwmi -Class Win32_PnPEntity | where {$_.PNPClass -eq "Media"} | FormatTable Name,Status,Present; Write-Host "DISPLAY DEVICES:"; gwmi -Class Win32_PnPEntity | where {$_.PNPClass -eq "Monitor"} | Format-Table Name,Status,Present} ComputerName AUDIO DEVICES: VIDEO DEVICES: DISPLAY DEVICES: Name Status Present

Name Status Present Name Status Present ---- ------ -------

---- ------ ------- ---- ------ ------- OK TRUE

Generic PnP Monitor OK TRUE Surface Display OK TRUE XI100DUSB-HDMI Video OK TRUE

Jabra SPEAK 410 USB Logitech Webcam C930e OK TRUE Logitech Webcam C930e OK TRUE XI100DUSB-HDMI Audio

OK TRUE Realtek High Definition Audio(SST) OK TRUE Intel(R) Display Audio OK TRUE Intel(R) AVStream Camera 2500

OK TRUE Remote PS Commands Get System Info invoke-command {gwmi -Class Win32_ComputerSystem | Format-List PartOfDomain,Domain,Workgroup,Manufacturer,Model; gwmi -Class Win32_Bios | FormatList SerialNumber,SMBIOSBIOSVersion} -ComputerName PartOfDomain : True Domain:

Workgroup: Manufacturer: Microsoft Corporation Model: Surface Pro 4 SerialNumber: 014269661753 SMBIOSBIOSVersion: 106.1281.768

Reboot System Restart-Computer ComputerName Remote PS Commands Retrieve Logs invoke-command {Powershell.exe -ExecutionPolicy Bypass -File C:\Rigel\x64\Scripts\ Provisioning\CollectRigelLogs.ps1} ComputerName File saved using current time/date to C:\Rigel\x64\Scripts\Provisioning\ on the device and in a ZIP file. Includes a plethora of system and client logs. Monitoring for Surface Hub Operations Management Suite Make life easy Create a DOC file and place on USB Management for Surface Hub What do you use today? may not work Intune

Active Directory limited Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) Windows is the core, not Server Domain Join limited Project Rigel Lessons Learned Group Policies On Premises GPOs Screensavers Interactive Logons (i.e. warnings) Software Installations (RIS) Auto-logon Create a specific Room Systems OU

SCCM Ensure No Power Saving is enforced Create a Room System Collection Apply a High Performance (aka Always On) Policy or minimally Always on during business hours Check and Verify Are there global PC settings impacting? If so, exclude the Room System Collection (beware the client settings) Client Settings Anti-Virus (Defender) Software Updates Etc. Quality of Service (QoS) This is a PC, not a server

Similar theme, normal QoS settings apply as you have them defined Application to specify Microsoft.SkypeTeam.RigelApp.exe Windows Update WSUS / SCCM Operating System Updates Drivers Current Branch for Business Windows Store / Enterprise Store Auto Update Updates Managed Troubleshooting Project Rigel Notes from the Field Multiple Reboots expected at initial Startup

(updates) Patience is a virtue Latest Firmware / Drivers should be installed Per manufacturer Win10 Support becausethis is a PC Unused Audio / Video should be disabled Largest issue HDMI audio Remote Desktop Enable and perform all commands remotely #MeetingAccomplished Want to win a new Skype Room Systems meeting room bundle from Microsoft and Logitech? Check out Skype Room Systems in the Expo Hall

at Microsoft Showcase MS 111 or Logitech Booth 1818. Snap a photo of the device in action and share your photo on Twitter or Instagram with the *No purchase necessary. Open only to legal United States residents. Sweepstakes ends 9/30/2016. See for Official Rules. hashtag #MeetingAccomplished, or upload it Microsoft Ignite #MeetingAccomplish to, Skype for Business @ Ignite Breakout Sessions Thursday 9:00BRK2071

9:00BRK2086 9:00BRK4013 10:15BRK4005 10:4 BRK206 59 Bolded sessions planned for promotion via socia Richard Schwendiman, Jason Deploy and operate Skype for Business for Windows Collier & Paul Cannon Plan for Skype for Business Mobile Clients Praveen Maloo Dive deep on the new Trusted Application API for David Newman & Ganesh Skype for Business Online Sridharan

Configure Skype for Business for Skype Room Brian Ricks Systems, Project Rigel and Surface Hub Revolutionize adoption for Skype for Business Mike Hollinshead & Nick Online Suter 10:45BRK3055 Plan and deploy Skype for Business Voice Devices 12:30BRK3054 12:30BRK3301 14:0 BRK207 04 14:15BRK3059 14:15BRK3060 16:0BRK305 Plan for Skype for Business cloud connectivity with

Microsoft Office 365 Waseem Hashem Nikolay Muravlyannikov Understand the Skype for Business meeting room Irena Andonova interop Kelly Services & Skype for Business: A Timothy Kroeger customers story Deploy Cloud Connector Edition with Microsoft Office Korneel Bullens 365 Manage Skype for Business Server 2015 Scott Stubberfield & Bryan Nyce Manage mobility with MDM and Skype for

Praveen Maloo & Lilly Tao C101 C108-C109 B302 - B303 C101 Georgia Ballroom Thomas Murphy Ballroom 4 Thomas Murphy Ballroom 1 C202 - C204 C114 C113

C108 - C109 C108 - C109 Friday Bolded sessions planned for promotion via socia BRK208 Drive real-world success with Skype for 8 Business platform solutions James Skay C108 - C109 10:45BRK2089 Deliver compliance with Skype for Business Online

Dan Strader C112 9:00 Deploy ExpressRoute for Skype in Microsoft Office Korneel Bullens B216 - B217 365 11:0 BRK207 Meet the communications needs of your users Jamie Stark, Taimoor Husain C101 05 with Skype for Business THR2026 Bldg B Theater 12:05

Get engaged with Skype for Business preview Mirunan Gunarajah R - Level 4 Configure Skype for Business Cloud Connector 12:30BRK3079 Lasse Nordvik Wed B405 - B407 Edition with your SBC Thomas 12:3 BRK400 Troubleshoot media flows in Skype for Thomas Binder Murphy 07 Business across online, server and hybrid Ballroom 1 10:45BRK4011

Join the Skype for Business Discover rich discussions and Community information sharing across customers, partners, and users IT Pro Forums User Forums Broadcast Updates Tips and Tricks

Product Updates Deploy, ramp-up on new services and onboard new users with Microsoft FastTrack: om/ Join the Microsoft Tech Community to collaborate, share, and learn from the experts: http://techcommunity.microsof

Please evaluate this session Your feedback is important to us! From your PC or Tablet visit MyIgnite at From your phone download and use the Ignite Mobile App by scanning the QR code above or visiting 2016 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

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