Conflict - Mrs. Garrison's English Class

Conflict - Mrs. Garrison's English Class

Conflict Silently, take one minute and think about what is going on in this picture. Discuss your thoughts with a neighbor. Look at the second picture and repeat this process. First, reflect silently for a minute

then discuss your thoughts with a neighbor. Learning Objective Identify conflict in a text excerpt or short story and label it internal or external using the SWBS model then determine if it is character vs. character, self, nature, or society

Review Conflict: A struggle between opposing characters or opposing forces. Conflicts are the complications that move stories forward. Characters try to solve the conflicts in the story.

Big Idea Model #1 Sarah has a history project due tomorrow. She has had two weeks to work on it but has not started. Sarah wants to go out with her friends tonight but is worried about getting a bad grade. She is contemplating if she should go out or stay home.

Internal Conflict Character vs. Self STEPS 1. First, read the text. 2. (SOMEBODY) Identify the main character. 3. (WANTED) Determine what the character wants. 4. (BUT) Ask yourself, Who or what is coming between the character and what they want?

5. (SO) Finally, ask yourself, Is this conflict between the character and himself or herself, or is it between the character and an outside force? Depending on your answer label your conflict as internal or external. 6. If it is internal it is character vs. self. If it is external, look at the notes and example for each option. Choose character vs. character, nature or society. Model #2

STEP 1: Read Text Jims dad is driving him and his friends to a big football game in town. Although they left in plenty of time, he seems to have lost his way. Jim thinks he saw the football field a couple of blocks back. When he tells his dad, he says, Whos drivingyou or

me? Step 2: Somebody Jim Step 3: Wanted wanted to go to the football game Step 4: But his dad got lost and wouldnt take directions

Step 5: So his struggle is EXTERNAL. Character vs. Character Guided Practice #1: Martha wants to go away for school. She is offered a partial ride to a boarding school in Japan and a full ride to a boarding school in Pennsylvania. She doesn't know

which opportunity she should choose. INTERNAL Character vs. self Guided Practice #2: On a visit to a New England boarding school, a group of Philadelphia Academy students get stuck in an ice storm and have to reschedule one of their visits to a class

lecture. EXTERNAL Character vs. nature Guided Practice #3: For the past month, older middle school boys have bullied you on the school bus. They typically call you names, and sometimes, even poke at you. Finally one

day, you get fed up and scream, Dont ever touch me again! EXTERNAL Character vs. Character Guided Practice #4: Marissas school has a state level icehockey teamfor boys. When Marissa and a group of girlfriends want to start a girls hockey program, She is told that, although

its a nice idea, girls hockey is not something they are willing to endorse. EXTERNAL Character vs. society Guided Practice #5: Although Jessicas friends say that shes very attractive, she thinks just the opposite. She often beats herself up about her weight

and overall physical appearance. INTERNAL Character vs. self Guided Practice #6: Tom thinks someone from his fifth period class is extremely cute! Hes been trying to work up the nerve to ask her out, but hes just too scared.

INTERNAL Character vs. self Review What are the two main types of conflict? Conflict is also known as what? What are the 3 types of external conflict we talked about? Which type of conflict deals with a character having an individual struggle that causes emotional pain?

Which type of conflict deals with a character having a struggle with another person, animal, or creature? Which type of conflict pits the main character against the elements, such as a thunderstorm or tornado? Which type of conflict deals with the character going against what a large group considers normal behavior?

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