Consonants: Plosives

Consonants: Plosives

Who is your role model? Think about this question and be prepared to share aloud with the whole class. [p], [b], [t], [d], [k], [g] mcjYGVbw

Body stretches Face stretches Voice stretches P B T Cognate sounds

[p] is voiceless bilabial plosive [b] is voiced In other words, you produce them by stopping the airstream with your lips, building up pressure, and suddenly releasing the air. 1. 2. 3. Put your lips together; press them fairly firmly closed. Build up air pressure in your mouth; dont let any air escape through your

nose. Keep your teeth slightly apart. Allow the air pressure to force your lips apart making an audible explosion of air. 1. 2. Follow all the steps for [p], but start to produce voice at the same time that your lips close. Dont press the lips as firmly or hold them together as long as you did for [p].

Sample: [p] Pat was very happy. [b] The boy was in the rubber boat. Spellings: [p] [b] p as in pat b as in boat pp as in happy bb as in rubber gh as in hiccough pb as in cupboard

[p] pat [b] bat pond bond rope robe lap

lab rapid rabid BEGINNING Pea napkin Picnic MIDDLE deep upon tip Pen append

ape Pick repel grape Person appear chop END BEGINNING MIDDLE beach labor globe

bird rabbit robe bail urban tribe burned harbor bail subway club

grab END [pl] [pr] [pt] (All positions) (Beginning and Middle) (Middle and End) please proudcryptic

place progress soaped plow prank peptic ample appraise leaped applause opera mapped plum pruneoptical staple represent topped hopeless prize cryptic apply prince slept

I fed raspberry sherbet to my baby brother. They probably had ice cubes in the cooler at the curb. The party at Pebble Beach disturbed the neighbors.

The puppy bumped his paws and stopped abruptly. Turn to page 79 in your textbook Lets practice aloud 9fqpCqBA Meagan Sovine

If you had 1 million dollars, what would you spend it on? Think about this question and be prepared to share aloud with the whole class. FixvoKBw

Body stretches Face stretches Voice stretches K G D 1. Dean's Meals means deals. 2.

Denise sees the fleece, Denise sees the fleas. At least Denise could sneeze and feed and freeze the fleas. 3. Did Dick Pickens prick his pinkie pickling cheap cling peaches in an inch of Pinch or framing his famed French finch photos? 4. Did Doug dig Dick's garden or did Dick dig Doug's garden? 5. Diligence dismisseth despondency

6. Do drop in at the Dewdrop Inn. 7. Do thick tinkers think? 8. Does this shop sport short socks with spots? 9. Don't pamper damp scamp tramps that camp under ramp

lamps. 10. Don't spring on the inner-spring this spring or there will be an offspring next spring. 11. Double bubble gum, bubbles double. 12. Dr. Johnson and Mr. Johnson, after great consideration, came to the conclusion that the Indian nation beyond the Indian Ocean is back in education because the chief occupation is

cultivation. 13. Draw drowsy ducks and drakes. 14. Dust is a disk's worst enemy. [t] and [d] are cognate sounds.

[t] is voiceless lingua-alveolar plosive. You produce it by blocking the airstream with the tongue and upper gum ridge, building up air pressure and suddenly releasing it. [d] is produced in the same way; just add voice as you produce it. 1. 2. 3. Narrow the tongue and place it against your upper gum ridge. Make sure the sides of the

tongue touch the sides of the upper molars. Lower your jaw slightly, keeping your teeth apart. Hold your tongue firmly in place against the gum ridge. Force some air from your lungs and allow pressure to build up behind your tongue. Let the air pressure overcome your tongue and force it away from the gum ridge. This way, the air escapes quickly and goes over the dropped tongue and between the teeth. 1. 2. Follow steps 1 and 2, an start step 3.

As the air pressure begins to force your tongue away from the gum ridge, add voice. Try to time your voicing so that it begins at exactly the same time that your tongue starts to leave the gum ridge. Sample [t]: Thomas liked to walk two tight ropes. Sample [d]: The dog digs for bones in the yard. Spellings [t]: Spellings [d]: t as in to ght as in tight d as in dog ed as in liked th as in Thomas dd as in ladder pt as in ptomaine bt as in doubt ed as in poured

tw as two tt as in tattoo [t] and [d] are cognate sounds. They are the same consonant sound. The main difference is in the production. [t] is a voiceless plosive while [d] is voiced. Contrast [t] and [d]: tip dip tie die knotted nodded

right ride matter madder sat sad BEGINNING team atone MIDDLE caught toss enter note telephone hotel thought tooth sisterpassed tunnel

cheated feast END Level 2 practice words Lets practice aloud! BEGINNING MIDDLE dawnbody said damp

under hood dentist added void dart deducted sled duel cider plead END

[kt], [tr], [sts], [tn], [tl], [t], [t] [t], [t] Producing the [] and [] after a t requires a little extra effort to ensure the proper pronunciation. This means producing the [t] sound on the teeth rather than the gum ridge to anticipate producing the [] and []. Here are some examples: hit the ball went through sit there

bright thought [kt]: act, knocked, correct, soaked, duct, respect, locked. [tr]: treat, trial, true, truck, train, trust, entreat, actress, electric

[sts]: casts, rusts, hosts, wastes, tests, insists, rests, bursts [tn]: button, cotton, rotten, forgotten, kitten, certain, mountain [tl]: battle, settle, total, cattle, metal, petal, accidental, bottle

[dz], [dr], [dn], [dl] [dz]: try to produce one sounds that combines the [d] and [z] together seeds, bids, finds, leads, blinds, tends, rids [dr]: dream, drip, dressing, cathedral, droop, draw, driver, drag [dn]: hidden, student, widen, sadden, shouldnt [dl]: riddle, poodle, padlock, meddle, paddle, idle Turn to page 100

Lets practice aloud! 1. 2. 3. 4. He avoided the dirty extra duty. The datelines ranged from Dallas to Desert City. The padded doilies were soiled. I decided to find some diesel fuel after daybreak.

[k] and [g] are cognate lingua-velar sounds [k] is voiceless [g] is often voiced Plosives that you produce by blocking the breath stream with the back of the tongue and soft palate, building up the pressure and suddenly releasing it. 1. 2. 3.

4. Open your mouth slightly. Raise the back of your tongue and press it against the soft palate. Build up air pressure behind the tongue. Dont let any air escape through your nose. Let the air pressure force your tongue away from the palate. Make sure the release is sudden an explosion. 1. 2.

Follow the same steps as for [k]. Produce voice as the tongue begins to block the airstream. Sample: [k] The quiet locksmith was the plays key character. [g] Your grades go down with vague guesses on exams. Spellings [k]: Spellings [g]: k as in key cqu as in lacquer c as in cat kh as in khan gg as ck as in lock x as in lax (with[s])

cc as in occur gue as in plague ch as in echo gh as in ghost qu as in queen (with[w]) que as in plaque g as in go in egg gu as in guess x as in exam (with[z]) [k] came [g] game

coast ghost cut gut pick pig duck dug

Often the letter [x] is mispronounced when combined with [k] and [g]. The combinations of [ks] and [gz] are what create two of the different [x] sounds. Rules: When x is follow by a vowel in a stressed syllable, its almost always pronounced [gz] such as in exam. When x is followed by a pronounced consonant or an unstressed vowel, its pronounced [ks] such as exceed or oxen.

[gz] exact [ks] mix exempt excuse exhibit ax exaggerate exhaust

exit explain Dont omit the [k] sound from words with the cc and the ex spelling. In words like occur the [k] sound is clearly pronounced however it can be incorrectly omitted in words like accept because it is followed by the [s] sound. Example: except

excited successive accent access accessory BEGINNING can doctor cushion MIDDLE took walking chemistry aching

kid lacquer common pack echo stuck END check stick [kl]

cloth [kr] sacrifice [ks] excuse [kw] quest ankle incredible mixture inquire

icicle crew exercise queen buckle cross excellent qualify clash

recruit expand quiet Turn to page 108 Lets practice aloud together! BEGINNING MIDDLE END

guess agony bag gadget began good magnet gauze vague egg signature colleague

guilt trigger twig [gl] [gr] [gz] [gd] gleam grip twigs wagged glass grantbugs shrugged glare agree exist logged legal regret exempt

single angry pigs lugged tagged Be careful to calculate the correct gradations when giving gratis recipes.

Alaska is the biggest state in the country, but its coasts and lakes are becoming increasingly polluted. The regular caretaker took his gardening with a grain of salt. The bag lady haggled with the ticket taker over the cost of enclosing her luggage in plastic.

Turn to page 112 Lets practice aloud together! Put everything away Absolutely no talking! You may write on this paper You may use either pen or pencil

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