Construction Documents

Construction Documents

Bids CONTRACTING Khamis. 1 introduction O Standardized Bidding Procedures O Advertisement for bids O Bid package O good bidding strategy 2 PreProcurement Conference Standardized Bidding Procedures

Submission of Bids Bid Evaluation & Ranking Advertisem ent Opening of 1st Envelope - Eligibility Docs & Technical Proposal Post Qualification Pre-Bid Conference

Opening of 2nd Envelope - Financial Proposal Contract Award Adertisement for bids O Why we need advertisement for contract: 1. Getting to good price 2. Giving chance for all contractor 3. Knowing range cost of project 4. Prepare the market 4 How to Advertise for bid O Newspaper

O construction Magazine O Business web site O Business conference O TV O App on cell phone 5 Bid package What is bid package = the drawings + the project manual the drawings: Architectural plane Structural plane Mechanical plane electrical plans 6

7 project manual book consisting of: invitation to bid requirements O instructions to bidders O bid forms O bond forms O experience qualification forms O contract form (the agreement) standard clauses O labor law O laws, rules & regulations O taxes, licenses & inspections 8 general and special conditions O environmental protection O temporary facilities and utilities

9 10 Sample Post Bid Report STATE OF NEW YORK OGS DESIGN AND CONSTRUCTION COST CONTROL SUPPORT Answer these questions PROJECT TITLE: FACILITY: Renovate Club Room Helen Hayes Hospital

FIRM NAME: TELEPHONE: CONTACT: DATE: LOW BIDDER West Fair Elec.Contrs.Inc. 914-769-8050 Casey Sharma/Joe F. 06/15/2000 POST BID REPORT Page 2 PROJECT NO.: REPORT BY: YES ____ ____ ____

____ ____ The bid appears mathematically balanced. The bid appears materially balanced. The low bidder visited the job site. The low bidder has previously completed projects for the state. Low bidder should be able to perform the contract satisfactorily at the price bid. NO ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ 40825-E SDD Unable To Determine

(explain below) _______ _______ (identify similar contracts below) _______ COMMENTS: The quantities and unit prices for the major work items have been compared with the OGS estimate and the differences are itemized below: OGS: 52,000 item description quant. unit unit total cost cost 1. Conduit 2300 ft

3.08 $7,084 2. Removals/Demo 162 hrs 38.48 $6,234 3. Overhead & Profit 1 ls 6571 $6,571 4. Wiring 7200 ft 0.38 $2,736 5. 6. 7. low8. 9. 10.

List the major items of work from your estimate. And compare to the idders costs quant. 300 40 1 4500 LOW BIDDER: unit unit cost ft

3.08 hrs 38.48 ls 4800 ft 0.38 41,750 total cost $924 $1,539 $4,800 $1,710 TOTAL COST DIFFERENCE (BID-OGS) ($6,160)

($4,695) ($1,771) ($1,026) EXPLANATION OF DIFFERENCES: Explain the differences The contractor is presently working at this facility and understands the entire scope of work of this project. The contractor is reusing the existing conduit to a greater extent than the OGS estimate anticipated. This is the second time West Fair Electric has bid on this project and been the low bidder. The differences from the OGS estimate are reasonable after discussing them thoroughly with the contractor. RECOMMENDATION: Based upon the above information, award of this project to the low bidder is recommended. Make a recommendation

good bidding strategy: 1.Reading & Reading & Reading project manual. 2.visiting to the site of construction look for: 1. source of water 2. source of power 3. environmental issues 4. soil conditions 5. equipment availability 6. distance from your company offices distance from suppliers and subcontractors 12 3. Scope of Work: Be attention that you only bid on the work relative to your own scope of work.

4. Payment Terms: When? How which ?which stage to get payment 5. Bid Forms: Have to you to use the forms they put into the package book. This makes the task of opening bids easier and fairer to the owner 13 6. Making Questions. 14 Thank you 15

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