Context-based Criticism

Context-based Criticism

CONTEXT-BASED CRITICISM FEMINIST POLITICAL-ECONOMIC CULTURAL Context-Based CRITICISM Examines the context in which a literary texts author, the text itself, and or/ the reader exist

Unlike text-based, context-based can (and often does) include outside research. FEMINIST CRITICISM Takes into consideration the social circumstances surrounding the creation and reading of a text. Focuses on aspect of the

literature that have been ignored by male authors, male readers, or male critics. Examines gender distinctions implied in roles that women play in the text FEMINIST CRITICISM Will examine language (some critics argue that men and women

use language differently) Will examine language oppositions and imagery associated with men vs. women Will examine issues of maternity. POLITICAL-ECONOMIC Also called MARXIST. Interested in the relationship between the characters and their

society, especially the class system. Generally looks for a level or awareness shown in the literature of such issues. POLITICAL-ECONOMIC Looks for signs of economic exploitation

Because the works reflect the economic social order that produces it, writers are expected to reflect their class concerns Contradictions & exaggeration of character, description, or language in a piece of literature are taken as critique of the social order. CULTURAL CRITICISM

Began in the 1960s and called attention to the issues involving Asian, Latino, Chicano, and African-American literary experience that is not taken into account by traditional critical methods. CULTURAL CRITICISM Both stated and unstated cultural

issues are examined Special uses of language are examined (such as rhythmic pattern and dialect) Cultural criticism also takes into account alternative lifestyles.

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