Context Clues -

Context Clues -

7 Strategies for Using Context Clues in Reading English 7 & 8 Context Clues Word Parts The idea: Break down the

different parts of a wordbase word (word stem or root word), prefixes, and suffixesto figure out what it means. Some words have a prefix only (reread), a suffix only (reading), both a prefix and a suffix (prereading), a

combination (unreadableness), or Word Parts Discrimination Dis-: not, opposite of, reverse, deprive of; apart, away crimin: verdict, judicial decision;

judgment tion: indicates the word is a noun Definition/explanation The idea: Look for a definition or an explanation within the

sentence. Discrimination or unfairly targeting one or more groups by those who perceive themselves to be superior can cause distress. Definition/explanation

The idea: Look for a definition or an explanation within the sentence. Vulnerable people are often times in need of protection under certain laws so others cannot take

advantage of them. Synonym What is a synonym? Words that have almost the same meanings such as

happy and glad Synonym Synonym The idea: Words next to the unknown word can be a clue that

there is a synonym. Discrimination or bias can cause distress toward the targeted group. Synonym When people know they are

vulnerable or defenseless, they tend to protect themselves to avoid harm. Example The idea: Providing examples of the unknown word can give readers a clue to meaning.

Like shunning smokers in restaurants by making them satisfy their habit outside, discrimination targets a perceived undesirable group Example Vulnerable people, such as young

children, the elderly, or handicapped individuals, might have protections under certain laws. Antonym/contrast

The idea: opposite information about the unknown word can be offset by words and phrases such as unlike, as opposed to, different from. Discrimination, as opposed to fairness for all people, can have damaging effects on a targeted group.

Antonym/contrast Vulnerable people, unlike those who can stand up for themselves, tend to be the target of unethical or dangerous individuals.

Analogy The idea: Comparisons of the word help to determine what it means. The ill effects of discrimination are like hateful, wicked

tendrils gripping the heart. Analogy Vulnerable people can be like fragile glass in need of care and attention.

Appositive The idea: Look for the grammatical structure of appositives which can provide a definition, synonym, or example. Discrimination, the act of showing bias to one group, can have damaging effects.

Appositive The elderly and handicapped, a vulnerable group of individuals, have laws to protect them from unethical individuals.

Words are fun! Read everything! The End!

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