Corporate PPT Template

Corporate PPT Template

Mandip Bhuller Fastest ROI: Linux RAC clusters Oracle Corporation I'm doing a (free) operating system (just a hobby, won't be big and professional like gnu) for 386(486) AT clones . Linus Torvalds Usenet posting, 1991 Enterprise Linux Today Linux has become the hottest thing in corporate America since e-mail For some companies, the gains from

converting are so large that CIOs get giddy talking about it. -Fortune, Oct 2002 Only Linux is Growing Estimated Growth of Server OS Market 2002 - 2006 Percentage Growth 60 58% 40 20 0

-4% -20 -18% -25% -40 -60 -48% Linux Windows

Unix Source: IDC 2002 Netware Other Business Landscape Customers require more ROI than their existing investments Must provide more scalable, available solutions and yet REDUCE costs Support and maintenance costs for larger SMPs are relatively expensive

Pace of technology change is increasing Reaching max of current SMP machine requiring a much large server frame and more $$$ Too many servers, too expensive, hard to manage Oracle Applications on Linux: Faster and Cheaper Phys. Memory Average Resp. Time 90% Resp. Time

List List Price Price CPUs/ Computer CPU Speed Intel/Linux Intel/Linux 22 2.4

2.4 GHz GHz 66 GB GB 1.3 sec sec 2.2 2.2 sec sec $8,860 RISC

22 750 750 MHz 88 GB GB 1.7 sec sec 3.8 3.8 sec sec

$53,330 Running Oracle Applications Standard Benchmark for 251 Concurrent Users Now getting to about 5 times cheaper and three times faster for compute Drive towards technology Need for a common infrastructure that allows organic / GRID computing Leverage resources for other projects Simpler to create server pools for all applications Need more scalable and available software to glue common hardware together Cannot change existing applications Will not be locked into any particular technology Must reduce management costs and server costs Drive towards LINUX and RAC

In only 3 years taken 13.7% of $50.9 B server market Is Linux ready for companies? DiamlerChrysler uses it in car crash sims. 20% faster 40% cheaper than Unix Morgan Stanley replacing 4K servers running other O/ S and saving $100M over 5 years Over 700 eBusiness suite Linux customers Electronic arts found that a 2 proc Intel was equivalent to a 4 proc SMP. 10:1 price diff Cnet got great performance and then sold its SMP machines on ebay for more than the Intel ones cost to buy! LINUX is new (10yrs) and volatile but RAC helps Oracles Commitment to

Linux: Products Every Oracle Product Runs on Linux Today Oracle in the Linux Community Integrated Development and Support Oracle, Red Hat and United Linux development teams integrated in a non-exclusive partnership Oracle contributes to Linux kernel code Quality Assurance

Oracle QA now part of Red Hat and United Linux development process Open-source Contributions Established Linux kernel team making contributions to open-source under GPL Oracle Cluster File System Worked with Red Hat, SuSE and the open source community to drive features into Linux

Improved I/O throughput Improved memory utilization Improved SMP scalability Graceful degradation under load Oracles Commitment to Linux: Customer Support Direct support of Linux worldwide Red Hat Enterprise Linux AS and ES UnitedLinux Single point of contact for support

Single point of solution for support No additional Oracle support contract required Oracles Commitment to Linux: Security Submitted for EAL2 Defining the path for EAL4 Linux: Oracles Choice We run our whole business on Linux. Lawrence J. Ellison Oracle Corporation, 2003

Internal Use of Linux at Oracle Key internal systems migrated to Linux Oracle Files Online Oracle demo systems Oracle outsourcing systems Oracle financial systems More planned

Linux + Oracle + RAC Linux could be considered younger than other more mature operating systems Rapid rate of addition although its reaching a level of maturity Better and better enterprise support from vendors Scaling to 4 Procs 2.4 and > 8 with kernel 2.6 Oracle RAC provides the mainframe stability and scale out for apps beyond 4 procs Key 9i RAC Messages RAC delivers unprecedented performance and scalability RAC is the premier high availability database RAC runs all applications out-of-the-box and unmodified

Bottom line: RAC reduces IT costs. Use all nodes. Nothing wasted What is RAC? Start small, pay as you grow, unlimited headroom Works with ALL applications Simplified management to rapidly add servers and disk Use with Linux, HP, IBM, Sun, Windows NT

Oracle9i RAC on Linux Customers Merrill Lynch FAA Acuity Lighting (Formerly Lithonia) Dell IT AusRegistry CERN

Electronic Arts Texas Tech University Ellis Island Shell Embry Riddle German Police Sikla Many more RAC availability Hot Failover

Warm Failover Cold Failover Restart Transparent Application Failover Oracle9i RAC is Scalability Grow your DATA Grow your USERS Grow PROCESSING POWER Users

Oracle9i RAC is Scalability Only cluster database that scales out-of-the-box Grow your DATA Grow your USERS Grow PROCESSING POWER Cache Fusion: Superior Performance of a SHARED CACHE Users Cache Fusion he c

a C d e r a h S Why RAC? Benefits of added scalability and added availability when you add extra nodes. Flexible.

No need for ANY application changes to run RAC Data is shared amongst all the nodes in the cluster Any application on any node sees all the data When a node crashes no data is lost Workload is partitioned automatically across the available nodes

Add and remove nodes flexibility. Runs of all major platforms. Grow with demand. Saves cost RAC Today Over 200 production reference customers. Across all common hardware platforms. 10i RAC version released Wide delivery of Consulting accelerator services Addition of cluster file systems Certification of common platforms and applications Single most scalable platform for enterprise solutions. Scale on demand and manage effectively. Widely being used by gaming companies now.

Electronic Arts, Sony online entertainment and others. Some RAC References Acxiom World leader in multi-channel customer data integration

Austrian railways - Austrian Railways is the state-owned railroad of Austria British Telecom World leader in communications Freemarkets Connecting buyers of goods and services. Moved into production in less than a week! Electronic Arts Sims online. 20 clusters, 5 nodes, 300K SQL/s

Sony Entertainment Large SMP clusters, scaling and HA SAS Statistical Analysis Software SITA State information technology agency UPS Leader in transportation of goods. 16K tps Vector SCM Track cars from plant to dealer Offering a Full Spectrum of Technology Services Security Migration Reliability Transaction Processing

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