CPS 216: Advanced Database Systems - Duke University

CPS 216: Advanced Database Systems - Duke University

CPS 216: Advanced Database Systems Class Project Shivnath Babu Course Logistics Grading: Homework Assignments 15% Project 25% Midterm 25%

Final 35% Expectation from Project Show me that you can apply what you have learned in class to a new problem in data management It is not sufficient to show that you have mastered the concepts taught in class Ex: Implementation of a B-Tree is insufficient! An implementation will be required as proof-ofconcept unless you can convince me otherwise

Way to Proceed If you already know the problem you want to work on for the project, let Shivnath know Otherwise: Pick a topic Think about problems within that topic (Shivnath can give you suggestions) Discuss with Shivnath to narrow down to a specific problem within that topic

Possible Topics What is happening today in data management Data streams Web search: Google, Yahoo! Data mining (SQLServer) Sensor data management XML (+ relational) Data integration

Using a Traditional DBMS User/Application Query Query Loader Result Result

Table R Table S New Approach for Data Streams User/Application Register Continuous Query (Standing Query)

Input streams Result Stream Query Processor Project Requirements Proposal DUE ON OCTOBER 17 (TUESDAY)

Shivnath will give you feedback Literature survey Mid-project meeting(s) with Shivnath Based on progress Algorithms, implementation, Final report (DUE AROUND NOVEMBER 29) Final demo (AROUND DECEMBER 1) END TERM LIKELY DATE: DECEMBER 5

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