Creating a College Admissions Testing Plan

Creating a College Admissions Testing Plan

Creating a College Admissions Testing Plan Western Alamance High School January 12, 2017 Review of the Options PSAT/NMSQT Pre ACT SAT ACT AP Tests Test Optional? In two-years, 3 of 4 tests have changed and additional A Testing Plan Interpreting your test scores Which tests are in your wheelhouse How to prepare for them Making a roadmap moving forward Make the most of your time and money!! The Pre Tests

PSAT Pre ACT Should be taken after Math II Can be taken as early as 8th grade Score result is SAT score from same day Given to all 10th grade students in October during school for free

Gives predicted ACT score range Includes scores for English, Math, Science, and reading Max is 1520 (vs. 1600 for SAT) Leaves out complex Math III skills Includes STEM score

Will be Saturday only moving forward Can pay to test ACT scores at or above benchmark mean a student has a 50% chance of a B and 75% chance of a C in specific first year college course Connected to National Merit Scholarship based on index score

Include Holland Interest Inventory Neither Minimum 200 for current class test have a writing component Get to know the PSAT Measures what you learn in high school What you need to succeed in college Measures reading, writing/language, math developed over years Does not ask for facts or to recall math formulas. It measures your reasoning and critical thinking skills No secret tricks or cramming No penalty for guessing Total testing time is 2 hours and 45 minutes Cost is $15 and no fee waivers available at this time Your CollegeBoard Account Use access code to create your account and establish ID Do not register for SAT by creating new account if you already

set this up Saves time and effort Skills insight gives Kahn Academy Practice plan for intended test date 6 full length practice tests Your AP Potential Only distributed to students who took the PSAT Potential is based on students who scored similar and scored 3+ on AP exam Exams are free and are out of 5

Classes can be semester or year long +1 for GPA scale (same as ACC or Elon classes) Can be difficult to drop, so think carefully Know if AP is for you What can it be used for in the future Pre ACT ** too new for analysis**

Why PRE Test Scores ARE NOT sent to colleges Prepares you at a reduced cost for the real thing 4 page packet report feedback including benchmarks Actual test only gives scores, NO PREP! Free personalized test prep

Predicted score for each test Item response analysis Ideas for Progress Official SAT practice with Kahn Academy based on your score ACT also offers free test prep, but less personalized College, career and financial aid planning tools

Sets up your CollegeBoard and ACT account & ID numbers Specific to PSAT PSAT has National Merit Scholarship Program (11th graders only) Personalized AP potential The Actual Test SAT ACT Score scale 400-1600

Score scale out of 36 Average is 1100 Average is 21 No penalty for guessing No penalty for guessing Optional Essay

Optional Essay Scored sections are evidence-based reading/writing & math Four sections Revamped Vocab section Total time is 3 hours (+50 mins for essay)

Include Science Reports a STEM score Total time is 2 hours 55 minutes (40 min essay) Score reports have become more in depth Most schools DO NOT require the essay (UNC-Carolina for example does not)

Duke only NC school to require Check your schools website! Given for FREE to juniors in February/March 3rd most important component in college admissions SAT Subject Tests 20 subject areas 1 hour each Score is 200-800 Can sit for up to 3 at a time Higher Tier schools may require SIT FOR THE SAT FIRST! Student Insight

I wish I would have tried harder I wish I would have taken this seriously Besides post high school, test scores can be used for dual enrollment programs at ACC and Elon. Why Test? GPA is not always indicative of achievement Grading criteria across classes/teachers/districts/ states vary Puts everyone on an even playing field Grades have continued to be inflated Test Optional

Analyzed things like: Academic record Writing samples Personal interviews Letters of recommendation NC Schools

Wake Forest Guilford College Lees McRae Catawba Brevard Belmont Abbey

Your Roadmap Enroll in most challenging courses that you can do well in Take both Pre ACT and PSAT Determine what kind of test plays to your strength DO NOT need to take both tests Based on Pre Tests determine where time is best spent

Take exam 2-3 times Spring Junior year and Fall Senior year Math III and English III Early birds can cross one more thing off senior year to-do list Utilize resources Know admission deadlines

Upcoming Test Dates Test Prep Apps prep4ACT ACT practice prep ACT up Kahn Academy

Magoosh ACT Grading Game Math Brain boost ACT bootcamp at Eastern Alamance on February 25th from 9-1 with lunch provided Topics include: # of correct answers for the score you want

5 minutes to guessing effectively Difference between right and best Punctuation mark worth 20% of score How to simplify word problems Full length tests=ENDURANCE Math without a calculator

Reading short articles Stop overthinking Make it a priority and dont pay for something wont really use. See you WAHS homepage to register and While the test is important, remember it is just one small component of your application. The more you know about the test, the better prepared you can be to play the

game correctly! Questions?

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