Critical Reading Skills - University of Washington

Critical Reading Skills - University of Washington

Reading The OTHER Breakfast of Champions! Lets Review






SPEC/SPIC: See TEND: Stretch thin CLA/CLU To Close VO/VOC/VOK/VOW: Word FRA/FRAC/FRAG: To break SAT & Critical Reading Skills Time4Learning contactUs.htm What is Reading Comprehension?

Reading comprehension skills separates the "passive" unskilled reader from the "active" readers. Skilled readers don't just read, they interact with the text. Inner Monologue Benefits of Good Reading Comprehension Reading comprehension skills increase the pleasure and effectiveness of reading.

Strong reading comprehension skills help in all the other subjects and in the personal and professional lives. High stake testing control advancement through elementary, middle, and high school and determine entrance to college. Congress decides to mandate good reading skills Congress charged the National Reading Panel (NRP) with researching the effectiveness of various approaches to

teaching children to read. They wanted to find out what methods work best for reading improvement Tactics that work We are using the following strategies that work for reading comprehension: .Mind Mapping . Direct instruction . Use of decodable texts . Embedded skills instruction . Integrated reading and writing

. Access to quality literature . Whole-class instruction . Teacher modeling Speed Reading Develop "traditional" old fashioned speed reading habits first Once thoroughly ingrained it will allow the student to input and scan information quickly Reading becomes habitualized at mostly an unconscious level. In this version of speed reading, rather than the

incoming flow of information being the focus of attention, active cognitive processes that organize information dominate. See references to Blink by Malcolm Gladwell Mind Mapping Basically going through information in order to find the major concepts A student can create a visual Mind Map or a Linear Mind Map Really helps for studying for tests in general


HOMEWORK LISTENS even when he doesnt seem like it Chunking Reading Basically highlighting chunked portions of the reading in order to read faster Students practice reading the highlighted areas faster and faster until they reach the desired speed and comprehension levels

Vocabulary Vocabulary is important to not only reading, but writing. Studying and utilizing vocabulary helps reading comprehension It is also very important for the verbal SAT Be familiar with types of Passages List Them: Science, History, Art, Fiction, Minority, Double Passage

Scientific --Tactic: Look at sentences before and after to explain hard terms, Read quickly for facts Historical Tactic: Put Ex to mark examples in margin, Circle names, Read carefully Art Tactic: Remember it is always Positive Types of Passages Tactics cont

Fiction --Tactic: Read carefully, Figurative, take your time to read Minority Passage Tactic: Always Positive Double Passage Tactic: Read intro, Read one, do questions, Read second, do questions, Then do questions for both References Time4Learning,

Wiki Books, Rocket Reader, OSPI, DRILL TIME!!!!! WORD: Money 10 Money, Matinee, Minute, Maid, Money,

Maalox, Malodorous, Money, Man, Minute, Main, Money, Matt, Money, Minute, Maid, Matinee, Maid, Man, Matt, Malodorous, Manatee, Man, Money, Mall, Man, Matt, Minute, Money, Malodorous, Malodorous, Mall, Minute, Maladroit, Malcontent, Mall, Money, Maid, Matinee, Money, Main, Money DRILL TIME!!!!! WORD: eating

6 Painting, fainting, eating, waiting, tainting, stating, trading, nailing, bailing, bating, eating, fainting, nailing, mailing, stating, waiting, fainting, baiting, tainting, eating, forgetting, jailing, trailing, eating, tainting, waiting, eating, nailing, trailing, eating, hailing, painting DRILL TIME!!!!!

4 WORD: fulfilling Final run, finale, final year, final time, fulfilling, final fun, final run, final game, fatal move, final year, final summer, finale, fulfilling, final time, final game, fulfilling, final grade, final class, fulfilling, final move, full of

DRILL TIME!!!!! WORD: sit up 5 Herd up, nerd up, sit up, stood up, put up, heads up, sit up, come up, shut up, what up, sit up, nerd up, herd up, put up, shut up, heads up, sit up, what up, come up, heads up, stood up,

herd up, nerd up, shut up, put up, heads up, what up, sit up, sip DRILL TIME!!!!! WORD: UB ROCKS 9 Everyone Rocks, UB Rocks, Darren rocks, Meron Rocks, UB Rocks, Rishawn Rocks, Loc Rocks, UB Rocks, Victor Rocks, Joseph Rocks, Amber

Rocks, UB Rocks, Preetika Rocks, UB Rocks, Tony Rocks, Ashley Rocks, UB Rocks, Donna rocks, UB Rocks, Everyone Rocks, UB Rocks, Leny Rocks, UB Rocks, David Rocks, Brian Rocks, Phong Exercise Time! See how quickly you can find the main idea! Micrometer

King Cobra Measures small distances Deadly! One more time! Junko Tabei Skilled Horse riding

Fashion 1st Japanese woman to reach top of Mt Everest American Natives had amazing horse riding skills Teenage girls spend the most ***Be the first to see count how many times you see the phrase listed? 9

****How many times do you see the phrase listed? 7 Find the word that means the definition! One more time!

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