CUGG March 8, 2011

CUGG March 8, 2011

CUGG March 8, 2011 Numerous & Varied Internet Search Engines Comprehensive List The Search Engine List: Comprehensive List of Search Engines The Top 100 Alternative Search Engines (by Charles Knight, Alternate Search Engines editor) General Use

Google (#1) Bing Yahoo (#2) AltaVista Cuil (see notes) Excite

HotBot AllTheWeb Galaxy AOL Search Live Search

Lycos GigaBlast Alexa MSN (#3) Ask (#4) Accounting by the International Federation of Accountants For resources and information on Ifrs and Accounting.

Bit Torrent Btjunkie Demoniod * Flix-flux IsoHunt**

Mininova The Pirate Bay Torrent Spy Torrentz Blog Amatomu Bloglines BlogPerfect* BlogScope**

IceRocket Sphere Technorati Books FreeBookSearch - Comprehensive book searching portal with more than 30 search engines in its archive,

the site searches hundreds of digital libraries and also scours the net for hidden books. Google Book Search Google's entry will not let you see full text if the copyright is still active in your jurisdiction. Business

Alibaba* Bankers Almanac Hoovers Kompass LexisNexis**

ThomaNet Email* Nicado TEK (time equals knowledge)** Enterprise

AskMeNow Autonomy Dieselpoint* dtSearch Endeca Exalead Expert System Fast Search Funnelback Google Search Appliance**

SharePoint (MSN) Northern Light Open Text Oracle SAP TeraText Suite Vivisimo *** Zylab Forum Omgili Find out what people are saying. Personal experiences, solutions to

problems, ideas and opinions. Games CheatSearch* Genie Knows Wazap** Human Search ChaCha Eurekster swicki*

Mahalo Rollyo** Trexy Wink*** International

Accoona (China) Alleba (Phillipines) Ansearch (Au,NZ,UK) Araby (Middle Eas) Baidu* Daum (Korea) Guruji** Goo (Japan) Miner (Hungary) Najdi (Slovenia)

Naver (Korea) Onet (Poland) Onkosh (Middle East) Rambler (Russia)

Rediff*** Sapo (Portugal) (Switzerland) Sesam (Norway, Sweden) Walla (Israel) Yandex**** Job (employment)

Bixee (India) Career Builder Craigslist CV Fox*** Eluta (Canada) Hot Jobs (Yahoo)*** Incruit (Korea) Indeed Jobs (Poland)

JobsDB (Asia, Pacific) JobPilot (European) Jobserve (UK)**** (India) SimplyHired Stepstone (Europe)

TheLadders***** Legal Canadian Law List FindLaw* The Lawyers List**

Lexis Nexis*** Quicklaw (owned by Lexis Nexis) Maps Geoportail (French) Google maps* Mapquest AOL** Michelin Windows Live Maps***

Yahoo Local Maps**** Medical Bioinformatic Entrez EB-Eye Genie Knows GoPubMed

Healia* KMLE Medical Dictionary MeSH** Search Medica WebMD*** MetaSearch

Brainboost* Clusty Dogpile** Excite Hotbot Ixquick*** Kayak**** Krozilo mamma

Metacrawler Metalib***** Mobissimo Myriad Sidestep Surfwax Turbo10****** Webcrawler

Multimedia YouTube* Blinkx FreeBookSearch FindSounds** MetaCafe Musgle

PBS*** PicSearch**** Podscope SpeechBot Singing fish Strimoo

TVEyes***** Veveo/Vtap****** Web-Cam-Search News Google News MagPortal*

LexisNexis Topix** Yahoo News*** Open Source

DataparkSearch Egothor Gonzui Grub Ht://dig* iSearch Lucene Lemur mnoGoSearch Namazu

Nutch OpenFTS Sciencenet** Sphinx Swish-E*** Terrier wikiaSearch Xapian YaCy

Zettair People AnyWho* Explode.Us** InfoSpace Linked In***

Spock Wink ZabaSearch**** ZoomInfo Question & Answer Ask* AskMeNow** AskWiki BrainBoost eHow*** LexxeAlpha LycosiQ Powerset

Windows Live QnA Yahoo answers**** Real Estate For Sale by Owner* (U.K.) inmanNews Properazzi (Europe)** Rightmove (U.K.) Trulia*** School The College Search Engine*** Google University Search*** Scientific

Scirus The most comprehensive scientific research tool on the web. Over 450 million scientific items indexed at last count. Wolfram alpha Mathematics, science, & technology Shopping

Google Kelkoo msnShopping* mySimon** NexTag** PriceGrabber**

PriceRunner** RetailMeNot*** (owned by eBay) Shopwiki Shopzilla**** Source Code Google

JavaScriptSearch Jexamples Koders* Krugle PHP Classes repository Use Net Google groups* Formerly Deja News

Visual Search Engines Grokker* A visual Meta Search Engine lets you choose which sites to search and presents the results in multiple views outline view, map view. KartOO** A visual Meta Search Engine, it searches multiple search engines and

presents its results in a 2-dimensional map. Blogperfect: Google-powered Blog Search Dieselpoint Dieselpoint provides advanced full-text search with data navigation capability. It gives users highly relevant results not possible with either traditional search engines or SQL databases. FreeBooksearch

ChaCha search A search engine that pays human "guides" to answer questions for users. This is a technique known as social searching. FindLaw A database of 1,000,000 lawyers to find attorneys in your area. All Topics in FindLaw are geared for the Public, by Subject Area. Google Maps Provides directions, interactive maps, and satellite/aerial imagery of the United States, as well as other countries.

Can also search by keyword such as type of business. WebMD A source for health information, a symptom checklist, pharmacy information, and a place to store personal medical information. The leading US Health portal, it scores over 40 million hits per month. Brainboost Now Type in a question in natural language, get an answer. PicSearch

Search the web for images. An image search service with more than 2,000,000,000 pictures. MagPortal Find individual articles from many freely accessible magazines by browsing the categories or using the search engine. You can mark articles or find similar articles with several useful tools. Spock "The world's most accurate people search. Sign up to find people you know."

Offers free access to millions of topics from the world's leading publishers. The official site of the National Association of Realtors. Search listed properties all across America. The College Search Engine Searches the websites of colleges and universities worldwide, not just the USA. If it is on a university website somewhere, this search engine will find it. Wolfram alpha Shopzilla

(Owned by Bizrate) helps shoppers find, compare and buy anything, sold by virtually anyone, anywhere. Has 20 million unique visitors according to ComScore. BizRate reviews stores and products. Thats all folks!

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