Curriculum Night - Mrs. Tyson's 3rd Grade

Curriculum Night - Mrs. Tyson's 3rd Grade

Curriculum Night Mrs. Tyson 3rd Grade 2019-2020 Curriculum Math and Language Arts are based on Georgia Standards of Excellence and delivered in a clear and consistent manner that fits individual needs. REAL time (daily)- a time in each grade level for academic enrichment and extra support. Science topics will include GA Habitats, Rocks and Minerals, Fossils,

and Thermal Energy/Heat. Social Studies topics will include Early American Indian Cultures, European Exploration in North America, Colonial America, Roots of our Democracy, Economics, and map skills. Science and SS will be integrated throughout our ELA and Reading Tools to Achieve Learning Anchor Texts (text complexity, modeled discussions, and skills) Good Habits, Great Readers (leveled readers) Writers Workshop Interactive notebooks used as resources for learning Integrated Curriculum with Social Studies, ELA, Math, and Science

STEAM activities (Science Technology Engineering Arts and Math) Online Resources-students can login to most things through Launchpad using Fulton County ID and birthday. How do we monitor learning and progress? We are continuously assessing students through: Quizzes, Tickets out the Door, quick checks Unit Tests- announced one week prior Observations Writing Samples Discussions Individual and Small Group Work

One-on-one Instruction and teacher conference Project Based Learning Tasks and Activities Reading and Math benchmark assessments Homework Policy Homework is given Monday-Thursday or on an as needed. It will vary from teacher to teacher and student to student. When homework is assigned, the purpose is to practice/maintain skills. Students are responsible for all homework. It will also be posted on my website. Homework should be kept in their bobcat homework folder. Students will need to read for a least 20 minutes a night MondayThursday. Math homework will consist of a choice board that will be

completed by Friday. Expected to turn in completed assignments Friday (unless otherwise stated).Textbooks, workbooks, or notebooks should always come back Testing -ITBS: Oct. 21, 2019-Nov. 1, 2019 There is no preparation for this test other than a great nights sleep and a hearty breakfast each day. (Used to compare 3rd graders to other 3rd graders) -Georgia Milestones Window: April 20-24, 2020 3rd grade will take ELA, Reading, and Math online.

For more information, visit The Milestones practice site is on my website. You may have your child begin practicing at any time. Typing at home with program is highly encouraged, found on Classlink (Launchpad) VIP Folders White VIP envelopes containing graded papers will go home on the dates listed for all students K-5. Please review the graded papers, sign, and return the envelope and graded papers to

school. Occasionally, this white VIP envelope may go home on other days with important information inside (e.g. field trip permission slips). When you see this envelope, please be sure to check its contents and return it to school in a timely manner. Grade recording is done electronically. You can always access your childs grades via infinite campus Report cards will come once a quarter.

Semester 1 August 27 September 10 September 24 October 8 October 22 November 12 December 3 Semester 2

January 14 January 28 February 11 February 25 March 10 March 24 April 14 April 28 May 12 Grading Categories

Summative Grades Definition: Summative grades are those reported to communicate an evaluation of student learning and mastery of standards. Examples: Summative evaluations of learning typically include tests, projects/reports, and exams, but may include observations, quizzes, performance assessments presentations, lab reports, and personal communications Formative Grades Definition: Formative grades are those reported to communicate how student learning is monitored during instruction on standards.

Examples: Formative assessments typically include observations, quizzes, work completed inside or outside of class, performance tasks, presentations, lab reports, personal communications, and other assignments. Progress Reporting Definition: Progress checks occur during student learning across an entire course and communicate student growth across multiple learning experiences. Examples: Progress checks may include growth data from pre-assessment to post-assessment, BAS, running records, effort, social skills, work/study habits and

Grading Scale Recovery The opportunity for recovery will be offered to any student who scores below 75% on a summative assignment. Communication will be sent home with any student who meets this criteria. This communication will outline the concepts not yet mastered and include the date for the recovery assessment. Reteaching will take place in the classroom prior to the recovery assessment. Infinite Campus

To register for the new Infinite Campus Parent Portal you must provide the following: Student Name Student Date of Birth Last 4 digits of the students social security number or FCS student ID # Grade After completing the Campus Parent registration, you can access the Parent Portal at any time for all students in the same household. For full set-up directions visit

Behavior Bobcat Expectations: Be Respectful Be Responsible Be Ready to Learn We use Class Dojo to track behavior in our classroom. Our school focuses on using P.B.I.S. (positive behavior intervention and support) strategies to encourage and recognize positive behavior. PBIS is an evidence-based, data-driven framework proven to reduce disciplinary incidents, increase a schools sense of safety, and support improved academic outcomes. We teach behavior like we teach academics.

Teachers lead lessons about the SBCE Behavior Matrix. Behavior expectations are posted in all areas of the building. Behavior Behavior Students and classes are rewarded and recognized for appropriate behavior. PURR Tickets School Store Hallway Heroes

Golden Spoon BYOT Goal of BYOT is to have students creating products in a variety of ways that they could not do with traditional paper and pencil. Additionally, it allows more children access to online content in a more efficient manner. completely voluntary MUST connect to filtered wifi network at SBCE. Data/cell plans should be disabled. The device must be in the off position while not in use. Devices cannot be accessed at lunch, recess, during any after school program, including

Prime Time, or the bus no communication via email or texting Your child must have the SBCE BYOT agreement signed and returned prior to bringing in his/her device. You are encouraged to review the contract with your child prior to sending it in. How can you stay connected? Volunteer to help with class parties Look for opportunities in the weekly Bobcat Tales! If you volunteer with students at SBCE you must do mandatory volunteer training online. This must be completed 48 hours prior to you volunteering with children. This includes parent

reader and field trip chaperones. Digitally via class website, teacher emails to parents, infinite campus, and Bobcat Tales Communication I send emails and update my website every Friday Emails: will have important dates/information and what we will be learning the following week [email protected] Website: dates/information, schedules, class list, homework, spelling, units of study

Bobcat Tales Parent & Community Newsletter will be emailed to all families every other Friday from administration. Questions and Conferences Please write down any questions pertaining to the whole class on a post it note and leave it at your childs seat on the way out. I will answer questions in a via email. Questions pertaining to your individual child can be

addressed via email or during conferences. Please sign up via Sign-up Genius. I will send out a link shortly with the dates and times via email. Show what you know! Please get out your device and prepare to sign onto to take a review quiz. This is optional and FUN! Class Dismissed! Please head to your childs MATH teacher

for the remainder of the evening. Math Class Units of Study: Unit 4 (3rd): Geometry Unit 5 (3rd): Representing and Comparing Fractions Unit 6 (3rd): Time and Measurement Unit 1 (4th): Whole Numbers, Place Value, and Rounding in Computation Unit 2 (4th): Multiplication and Division of Whole Numbers Unit 3 (4th): Fraction Equivalents *All units have some component of graphing and data integrated Interactive Notebooks: contains big ideas for each unit and resources for

reviewing and studying concepts -Needs to go home and come back! -Has notes and modeled examples for students to use as a resource for a study tool Math Class Homework: given on an as needed basis based on the skills we are working on -Virtual, McGraw Hill workbook, or handouts, Multiplication facts weekly Tests will be announced one week in advance. Students will

use their interactive notebook, homework, and workbook as study tools for tests. Updates and information regarding math class will be emailed to parents Online Resources:, iMath, McGraw Hill Online Workbook Communication I update my website every Friday Emails will be sent as needed or to let you know about a upcoming Test.

[email protected] Website: homework and units of study Please allow 24 hours for a response during the work week.

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