Decolonization - MRS. BRAUN'S CLASSROOM

Decolonization Vietnam, etc France and Algeria voting structure had given the French more power than the native Muslim people of Algeria violent clashes between the Muslims and the French directly after World War II spur on even

more Algerian nationalism civil war breaks out in 1954 between Algerian nationalists led by the National Liberation Front and the French the war divides French opinion and does not end till 1962 under General Charles de Gaulle, France eventually grants Algeria independence in 1962 many Muslims who supported France either flee Algeria for France or are massacred In 1959, Charles De Gaulle as President of the French Republic visited Algiers to great acclaim from its European inhabitants, known as colons. By 1962, however, he had sponsored a referendum that led to Algerian independence and the flight of most of those people. Loomis Dean/Getty Images, Inc. France and Vietnam

communist, anti-colonial, and nationalistic Vietnam leader Ho Chi Minh declares Vietnams independence from France in 1945 civil war breaks out in 1947 the French are crushed at Dien Bien Phu peace accord in 1954 splits Vietnam in two North Vietnam Ho Chi Minh and the communists

South Vietnam French controlled Vietnam and the Cold War the United States believing that North Vietnam was a puppet of the Soviet Union and the Peoples Republic of China form the Southeast Asia Treaty Organization to combat the communists France withdraws from South Vietnam in 1955 leaving Vietnamese political groups to fight for its power United States supports Ngo Dinh Diem, a strong anticommunist nationalist (but certainly not for democracy)

the National Liberation Front with its military wing the Viet Cong make it a goal to overthrow Diem Diem becomes more repressive in 1963, Diem is assassinated by an army coup, supported by the United States the United States, hoping for popular support in South Vietnam support Nguyen Van Thieu to be in charge The Vietnam War Kennedy is assassinated and his successor Lyndon Johnson steps up the

commitment to South Vietnam especially after the an attack on an American ship in the Gulf of Tonkin Hundreds of thousands of soldiers invade Vietnam and Results of the Vietnam War

peace negotiations start in 1968, but no treaty till 1973 1975 South Vietnamese troops evacuate country, but are routed by the North Vietnamese turning all of Vietnam over to the communists / South Vietnam capital renamed Ho Chi Minh City Vietnams results in the U.S. war hurt American prestige, many European nations felt

the United States neglected them to fight an aggressive colonial war produced enormous divisions and debates in the United States The Vietnam War 1965-1973 major bombing attacks of Vietnam at wars peak

500,000 American troops are stationed in Vietnam 58,000 Americans killed 1969 Vietnamization President Nixons policy to gradually withdraw troops from Map 296 DECOLONIZATION SINCE WORLD WAR II The Western powers rapid retreat from imperialism after World War II is graphically shown on this outline map covering half the globefrom West Africa to the southwest Pacific.

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