Delivering the Future 2014 Initiatives - PMI La Crosse

PMI- Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow 2014 Initiatives Ron MacDonald, CAE Chapter Partner Regions 2 and 3 OUR FOUNDERS E. A. Ned Engman James Snyder, PMI Fellow

Dr. J. Gordon Davis, PMI Fellow Eric Jenett, PMI Fellow Susan Gallagher Milestones in our History 1969- PMI Incorporated

1969- First Seminars and Symposium Event @ Georgia Institute of Technology - 26 People joined the new Project Management Institute 1974-

First Chapter Formed- Houston, Texas 1982- First Executive Director of PMI hired 1984- First PMP certification exam offered

- 43 People passed the exam our first PMPs 1990- PMI Educational Foundation Incorporated 1996- PMBOK Guide

Other Certifications and Standards have followed Strategic Planning The PMI Board of Directors initiated a Strategic Planning Activity in early 2001 designed to provide long term strategic direction through the first half of the 21st Century This document, which was last modified in the fall of 2012, provides a roadmap for all PMI initiatives and activities

The plan identifies PMIs - Core Purpose - Core Values - Envisioned Goal PMI Core Purpose and Values To advance the practice, science and profession of project management throughout the world in a conscious and proactive manner

PMI Core Values Project Management Impact Professionalism Community Engagement Volunteerism 6

1997 31,333 Total Members. 6,119 Certification Holders Representing 96 Countries 95% Membership 95%PMPs Membership 93%

93% PMPs 4% Membership 4%PMPs Membership 3% 3% PMPs 0.75% Membership 0.75%

Membership 0.5% PMPs 0.5% PMPs 0.25% Membership 0.25% Membership 3.5%

PMPs 3.5% PMPs February 2014 446,959 Total Members. 640,476 Certification Holders in Nearly Every Country in the World 60.8% Membership 60.8%PMPs

Membership 48.9% 48.9% PMPs 15.1% Membership 15.1%PMPs Membership 13.2% 13.2% PMPs 7.2% Membership

7.2%PMPs Membership 5.0% 5.0% PMPs 16.9% Membership 16.9%PMPs Membership 32.9%

32.9% PMPs 51 Practitioners Knowledge and Networking through Your Local Chapters

280 Chapters worldwide! Knowledge and Networking through Virtual Communities Engaging with

your peers around the globe Knowledge and Networking Globally How it all comes together

Organizations Focus on Thought Leadership Academic Markets Academic & Educational Programs Academic

Academic Resources Programs PMI Education Foundation Strategic Focus

Strategic and global Research

New curricula and materials Teacher training Multiple translations

Strategic partnerships with Departments of Education 2014 Strategic Focus:

Expanding PM for youth, ages 13 to 19 years old 2014 Initiatives Leading Authority Respected Advocate Preferred Partner

Credible Resource Innovator Premium Reputation 22 2014: PMIs Differentiation Product ProductLeader Leader

Thought ThoughtLeader Leader Global GlobalAdvocate Advocate Indispensable Partner Indispensable Partner

2014: PMIs Differentiation Product ProductLeader Leader 2014 Product Leader: Knowledge Portal

Its all about knowledge and networking 2014 Product Leader: Enhanced Requirements Management Offerings Credential Knowledge Center of Excellence Standardization & Maturity

in practices improves project success while reducing project cost Project Success by Maturity Level Standards Professional Development Global Congress

Thought Leadership Career Framework Maturity Source: IAG Consulting Business Analysis Benchmark Requirements-Management

2014 Product Leadership: Professional Recognition CCR Redesign Development in meaningful ways Simplify the categories and the process Build value around the credential PMI 2012

Thought ThoughtLeader Leader 2014 Thought Leadership: Be the Authority HSI Benchmarking 2014 Thought Leadership: Be the Authority Pulse of the Profession

2014 In-Depth Topic: Change Management 2014 Thought Leadership: Be the Authority Events and Research Conferences Global GlobalAdvocate Advocate

2014 Advocacy: Government Relations 2014 Advocacy: Corporate Relations Global Executive Council Leaders Indispensable IndispensablePartner

Partner 2014 Indispensable Partner: Academic Programs collaboration with Chapters PMI will develop tools & resources for chapters to reach out to local colleges and universities PMI will reach out to chapters globally to assess current status of

chapter Academic outreach activities and to identify areas of collaboration Program will be launched in Q3 2014 Indispensable Partner: Our Volunteers Dont ever question the value of

volunteers. Noahs Ark was built by volunteers; the Titanic was built by professionals. - Dave Gynn, Coleman Professional Services, Ohio

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