Destination: College

Destination: College

Destination: College Things You Need to Know In this presentation OSSD Requirements/Your Transcript College Programs Gathering Information Course Selections for Grade 12 Application Process Mark Transmission Offers of Admission English Language Requirements Scholarships and Financial Aid Important Dates

OSSD Requirements + Transcript 30 credits Literacy requirement 40 Community service hours Updated and accurate transcript? (summer school, night school, intl languages) MUST have 6 4U/4M courses to apply to college degree programs

Gathering Information Important Websites: - Matchmaker and My Skills Assessment - Career Spectrum surveys Things to consider: Strengths + areas of interest Proximity to home Campus life Work experience Example: Gathering Info Programs College School/ OCAS Progra Campu Progra

m s m Code Admissio n Requirem ents Program Progra Start m Date Feature s

Busines s Admin. Humber 20091 / Lakesho re OSSD, ENG Sept . 4C/4U, Gr. 2020 12 C/M/U math, 2 additional gr. 11/12 C/M/U

courses Busines s Admin. Humber 02511 / Lakesho re OSSD, ENG Jan. 2021 4C/4U, Gr. 12 C/M/U math, 2 additional

gr. 11/12 C/M/U courses COOP Gathering Information contd Potential Additional Requirements: Portfolio submissions (i.e. art programs) - Continually update it - Know the requirements - Know submission deadlines Audition dates (performance programs) First Aid CPR

Criminal Reference Check Campus Tours: Book an appointment to tour the campus College Application Process October February 1st Visit select Apply 5 program choices in ranked order (max. of 3 per school) OEN (from report card/transcript) RHSS school number 938009 Complete mailing address Payment format (credit card strongly recommended) $95

Program choices) you are applying to in ranked order (program names and codes) Equal consideration deadline: February 1st Be sure to use an appropriate email address that you check regularly Video applying to Ontario Colleges Applying to College Select Apply Create your account

Video applying to Ontario Colleges v=kqyTffuiaX8 Other Resources: Mobile App Mark Transmissions Make sure your transcript is upto-date and accurate Electronically (we take care of it) Offers of Admission

Earliest offers February 1st Must confirm acceptance through Deadline to confirm acceptance May1st June first semester tuition due (check offer package for details) Check email (even SPAM folder) How will I know if I am accepted to College? OCAS

online will show your acceptance status. Check your file regularly for updates. Colleges will mail/email you a letter stating that a conditional acceptance is offered. What does conditional mean? You still need to complete all OSSD

requirements Your average grade must stay the same or increase! (even a drop of 1% could result in your offer being withdrawn) College Applied Degree Programs - You must graduate with a minimum of six 12U/M credits You must pass all prerequisite subjects that are required for your program You must successfully pass any required auditions or submit a Profile Questionnaire etc. as required You must meet minimum English Language English Language Requirements

In Canada less than 5 years, may be required to write an English Language Proficiency Test (i.e. TOEFL or IELTS) Application will not be considered until test results have been received Research now (test dates, locations, times) Online practice test Scholarships and Bursaries START

RESEARCHING NOW Admission averages Application based Websites Your parents workplace Complete the applications well in advance Additional documentation may include: recommendation/reference letters, transcript, essays Courier Confirmation of receipt Scholarships and Bursaries Websites: Rick Hansen Secondary School Website School specific OSAP Financial assistance (it is a loan) Based on financial need (income + assets) Can begin to apply in late April/early May: ng/how-get-osap

Must wait until you have received an offer of admission and have a student number from the post-secondary school to apply If accepted, you receive half the money at the start of the school year, and the remainder during the school year Ontario Student Grant Apply for the Ontario Student Grant https :// Criteria: parents earn less than $50,000 per year

will be studying full time will be attending a publicly assisted college or university meet the eligibility requirements for OSAP Important Dates (20192020) Oct 23-24: Ontario College Information Fair at Enercare Centre (Exhibition Place) Oct. 27: Student Life Expo (Metro Toronto Convention Centre) Campus Tours/Open Houses ASAP Feb 1: equal consideration deadline, earliest release of offers, earliest date to confirm offer of admission

April/May: apply for OSAP and the 30% tuition grant May1: confirmation of acceptance deadline Mid June 15: tuition deposit due July: offers can continue into this month Questions or Concerns? See your Guidance Counsellor

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