Developing a Win-Win Communication Style - CBODN

Developing a Win-Win Communication Style - CBODN

Chesapeake Bay Organization Development Network Transform Minds to Transform Organizations April 30, 2010 Dr. Suzanne Kryder Minds Influence Minds Influence Organizations 2010 Suzanne Kryder

2 Brains are Naturally Negative Vigilance & anxiety Sensitivity to negative information

High priority storage Negative information trumps positive Lingering traces of negativity in brain Vicious cycle of negativity creates pessimism --Hanson, Buddhas Brain, 2009 Is a good strategy for influencing another negative mind? Brain-based Skill #1: Meeting of the Minds Reflect

Laser Inquire calm mind focused mind solving mind 2010 Suzanne Kryder 4 Britt

2010 Suzanne Kryder 5 The Mind to Lead Model Problem Reactivity Judgments, Assumptions, & Ambiguity Ineffective Decisions & PUSH Behaviors

2010 Suzanne Kryder 6 My response? 2010 Suzanne Kryder 7 The Mind to Lead Model Problem

Process Negativity & Reactivity Mindfulness Judgments, Assumptions, & Ambiguity Exploration

Ineffective Decisions & PUSH Behaviors Influence 2010 Suzanne Kryder Outcome no matter what 8

Objectives 1. Major structures and functions of the brain 2. Research on how leaders can train the mind to stay calm and manage change 3. Three brain-based skills for managing ambiguity and complexity: Meeting of Minds, Mind over Matter, and Peace of Mind 2010 Suzanne Kryder 9 Neuroleadership

A new scientific framework that uses findings on how the brain works to enhance the practice of leading others. 2010 Suzanne Kryder 10 Jean 2010 Suzanne Kryder 11

Triune Brain Neomammalian (Human): corresponds to cortex Paleomammalian (Mammalian): roughly corresponds to limbic system including amygdala Reptilian: roughly corresponds to brain stem MacLean, P. D. 1990. The Triune Brain in Evolution: Role in Paleocerebral Functions. New York: Springer.

2010 Suzanne Kryder 12 Brain-based Skill #2: Mind over Matter We create non-reactivity by developing circuits in our brain that enable the lower affectgenerating circuits (limbic amygdala) to be regulated by the higher modulating ones (prefrontal cortex or PFC). Mindful awareness

may directly influence nonreactivity by altering the connections between the PFC and limbic area. --Siegel, The Mindful Brain, 2007 2010 Suzanne Kryder 13 Mindfulness Practices Feet and Seat Warm Sandy Beach Breath Awareness

2010 Suzanne Kryder 14 Gene 2010 Suzanne Kryder 15 Brain-based Skill #3: Peace of Mind Three negative thoughts about someone I dislike at work:

A. B. C. From The Work by Byron Katie ( Ask four questions: 1. Is it true? 2. Can you absolutely know that its true? 3. How do you react when you believe that thought? 4. Who would you be with the thought? 2010 Byron Katie, Inc. 16

Summary Transform Organizations by Transforming Minds by remembering: Brains are naturally negative To PULL out rather than PUSH into minds Prefrontal cortex can modulate reactivity in limbic system Copyright 2009 Suzanne Kryder, Inc. 17

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