Diapositiva 1 - Genova

Diapositiva 1 - Genova

Outer Endcap External Bus tape Claudia Gemme, Ettore Ruscino (INFN Genova) ITk Week 24 September 2018 Embedded tape External tape 1 Overview of a serial power electrical services One serial power chain per each side of the Half Ring: 8 quad modules in the Inner Layer 11 quad modules in the Middle Layer 13 quad modules in the Outer Layer The new version of the EC bus tape is implemented as an external, inner rim, tape. So far, the middle half ring tape has been implemented. 2

Middle half ring Top view DCS/LV PP0 HV PP0 On each wing, connection to the module and PSPP chip For two wings, connection to the DCS/LV and HV PP0 boards are foreseen The routing of power and NTC lines is done on 5 layers. 3 Normal Wing schematic Wing routing Connector to the flex module

4 Special wing to PP0 Cards (LV/DCS and HV) See Grahams talk for PP0 * * In this version two NTCs are routed to the LV/DCS PP0, from both modules at the HR edge 5 Production plans The middle Flex Ring routing is completed.

Optimized on a HR geometry slightly different wrt most recent Layout TF2 (R int - 0.6 mm) Two vendors contacted: Phoenix and Eltos that should produce 6 bus tape each. Now, planning electrical and mechanical tests. Max dimension [mm x mm] Isolation material Minimum vias hole/full diameter [um] Vias technique Stack up thickness [um] Copper thickness [um] Phoenix 600x350 Arlon 85N

150/300 Full stack 650 190 Eltos 750x350 Polymide 200/800 Blind or Full stack 580 250 Phoenix Bus Tape: Dielectric layers will be in Arlon 85N http://www.arlonemd.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/03/85N.pdf Full stack vias (from Top to Bottom Layers) Production launched: prototypes are expected in late October Eltos Bus tape:

dielectric layers will be in Polymide http://www.dupont.com/content/dam/dupont/products-and-services/electronic-and-electrical-materials/flexible-rigid-flex-circuit-materials/documen ts/PyraluxAPclad_DataSheet.pdf Discussion of Layout completed, we hope to submit the production in late September Full stack vias (from Top to Bottom Layers) only for Serial Power line Blind vias (From Top to InnerLayer2) for DCS and HV lines 6 Bus tape cross section (Phoenix PCB provider) 7

Bus tape cross section (Eltos PCB provider) Very preliminary layout, received on Friday! 250 um Copper out of 580 total. The 70um on the top level reduces some possible criticalities in the Phoenix option. Other small difference in Vias dimension Possible to build large panels where also Outer bus tape can fit. 8 Voltage drop and Total power

Voltage drop has been calculated Hyperlynx on Phoenix bus tape with current of 8A RTotalBus bus tape on serial Powering = 0,05 Ohm Expected 3.1 W on the bus tape, ~ 2.6 % of total power delivered to the 11 modules (123.2 W) Expected to be a bit lower for Eltos design for difference in vias A larger contribution comes by the connectors: BM28 connector contact resistance quoted: Rcontact = 0.1 RLV per connector = 11 m RTotalConnectors = 0,13 8.5 W RTotal = RTotalBus + RTotalConnectors = 0,18 Ohm Total Power on tape = 11,6 W 9,4 % of total power in the SP chain

9 Conclusions Middle Half ring bus tape design completed Submitted to Phoenix expected in October Technical discussion concluded with Eltos Hope in a different submission soon Now preparing to receive them and to perform electrical and mechanical test In contact with Niklaus for PSPP chip Chambers to survey tape before and after gluing on half ring in construction in Ge. 10 Spare 11

BM28 connector resistance: https://www.hirose.com/product/en/products/BM28/BM28N0.6%2D60DS__2%2D0.35V%2853%29/ BM28 connector contact resistance : Rcontact = 0.1 -> 2 * 18 shorted contact RLV per connector = 2 (in/out) * 1/(18 / Rcontact )= 11 m 2 Power drop per connector = 11 e-3 * 8 = 0,7 W Total connectors in the middle FlexRing = 12 Rtotal connectors = 12 * 11m = 0,132 Total connectors power drop = 8.5 W Rtotal FlexRing serial Powering = 0,049 Ohm Rtotal FlexRing+ R total connectors = 0,049 + 0,132 = 0,18 Ohm Total Electrical Power drop = 3,14 + 8,5 = 11,6 W Half Flex Ring power drop is 9,4 % of total power delivered to the 11 modules (123.2W) 12

NTC There are 2 NTCs per module flex; -One of them (NTC0) is for the PSPP chip: one line is sent to the PSPP chip, the other is connected to the module local ground (this will be done at flex module level); -The other NTC (NTCx and NTCx_RET, x = a,...k) has both terminals on the connector because it will be either connected to the PSPP for redundancy (in this case I shorted NTCx_RET with the local ground) or (x= d,e) will be connected to DCS controller if the module is positioned to the Half Ring edge (in this case is necessary to bring NTCx and NTCx_RET directly to DCS End of Stave card --> see P3 and P4). Flex Module (n) Temp0 Temp1 NTCa NTCa_RET HR - flex connector Flex module connector

NTC0 PSPP chip Local gnd For example: It is LV1 for P0 Connector (see Page 7) GNDmod,GNDsup,VSS,GND_A,GND_D NTCa HR-flex Flex Module (on edge) PSPP chip

Temp0 x Temp1 HR - flex connector NTCd NTCd_RET Flex module connector NTC0 Local gnd For example: It is LV5 for P4 Connector (see

Page 7) GNDmod,GNDsup,VSS,GND_A,GND_D NTCd To DCS controller HR-flex 13 Connector P0 For flex module Connector P4 (and P3) For flex module in the HR flex edge.

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