Diapositive 1 - Primary Resources

Diapositive 1 - Primary Resources

Relative pronouns who,why, when, which, whose,where, what

who in The woman _____ works reception is French. The house, _______

which is next to mine, is for sale. Thats the hotel ________

we spent whereour honeymoon. The reason_____why we

stopped going to that restaurant was because the service was so long. The teacher, _____who

was mentioned at the meeting, is over there. The town ______ where

they live is by the sea. I understand _____what you

mean. why Is that _______ you decided not to go there anymore.

Jenny, ______ whose father is a judge, is studying law.

Can you see the man ______ is standing who at the bus-stop?

The restaurant ______ we whereyesterday was had lunch in the papers this morning.

We often go to St. Tropez ______ is on the French which

Riviera. July and August are the months ________ its the hottest

when in France. St. Tropez is _______ where Bardot lives. Bridget

No, that isnt ______ I said! what Thats John, the man ______ has

just been who promoted. Thats John, the man

who ______ has just been promoted.

Thank you for your report which ______ was very interesting.

whose Brian, ______ car broke down, arrived late at the

meeting. The house was broken when into _____ Lucy was

out shopping. Saturday was _______ we when

were expecting them to arrive. Look at that big white house! Thats _______ my

where mother was born.

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