Diffusion S LEQ How can you describe the processes by which tangible and intangible

phenomena diffuse? Diffusion The dissemination of ideas, people, goods, or other phenomena across space. Tangible or intangible

Hearth/Node where the characteristic originates BELL WORK: 9/4 Pick up the new calendar and put it in your binder. Its Badge Day!

Relocation Diffusion Spread through physical movement of people When people move from place to place, they take it with them.

Examples? (Turn & Talk) Draw it! Expansion Diffusion Snowball method of diffusion Can result in one of 3 processes Hierarchical Diffusion

Contagious Diffusion Stimulus Diffusion Contagious Diffusion Rapid and widespread throughout a population Spreads through person to person

contact Examples? Draw it! Hierarchical Diffusion Diffuses among a hierarchy From the top down

Early adopters -> majority adopters -> laggards Examples? Draw it! Diagram of Contagious Diffusion

Human Geography, deBlij & Murphy, 7th ed. Page 28 A is a diagram of contagious

diffusion. Notice virtually all adopt. B is a diagram of hierarchical diffusion. Notice the leapfrogging over some areas.

Stimulus Diffusion The spread of an underlying principle, even if the characteristic itself fails to diffuse. Examples? Draw it! BARRIERS TO DIFFUSION

TIME and DISTANCE DECAY farther from the source & the more time it takes, the less likely innovation adopted CULTURAL BARRIERS some practices, ideas, innovations are not acceptable/adoptable in a particular culture e.g. pork, alcohol, contraceptives

PHYSICAL BARRIERS physical barriers on the surface may prohibit/inhibit adoption Distance Decay Contact diminishes with increasing distance and eventually disappears.

How can you relate the concept of distance decay to that of diffusion? Distance Decay Graph

Learn to think about distance decay in a spatial context Think of distance decay in terms of an x and y axis

Space-Time Compression A reduction in the time it takes for something to reach another place Apply the concept of space-time

compression to diffusion. BELL WORK: 9/5 Reading quiz begins in 5 minutes! READING QUIZ: 1. Name one geographic concept. 2. What is environmental

determinism? 3. The idea that its possible for people to make choices based on need and available technology, instead of being limited to what the environment gives them is called _____________?

LETS HAVE SOME FUN! Push all desks towards the back of the room. Girls vs. boys Demonstrate each type of diffusion (relocation, hierarchical, contagious, & stimulus) through acting/skit/demo 5 minutes to plan

Take turns acting out Judged on creativity (1-10 pts) and effectiveness (1-10 pts) Nicholas Christakis: How social networks predict epidemics http://www.ted.com/talks/nicholas_

christakis_how_social_networks_pr edict_epidemics.html LEQ How can you describe the processes by which tangible and intangible phenomena diffuse?

Cultural Ecology S Debate Topic Does the environment

you grow up in determine the way you will live your life? Cultural Ecology The study of human-

environment relationships BELL WORK: (10 MIN) Use the Internet or newspaper to find an article that relates to

geography. Give a brief summary of the article in your own words. Explain how it relates to geography Environmental Determinism

The belief that the physical environment causes social development and controls behavior. Possibilism

People, mostly, have the ability to adjust to their environment, and choose a course of action. Case Study: Read in Rubenstein:

The Netherlands: Sensitive Environmental Modification (28) Florida: Not-So-Sensitive Environmental Modification Extended Activity Flip through the pictures in

Chapter 1 (excluding maps). For each picture, write down one vocabulary word that the picture could depict. Geography uses a vocabulary that is specific and unique to study and discuss various regions of the world. Two of these unique terms are

cultural ecology and possibilism. 1. Define each of these terms as they are used in cultural and human geography. 2. Through the use of a specific example, illustrate each of these terms using an example from TWO of the world regions on the map below.

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