Digital Citizenship -

Digital Citizenship -

Digital Citizenship in Lodi USD Federal Law: Protecting Children in the 21st Century Ac t : 10/10/2008 Defined Internet Safety Safe online activity for children o Protect children from cybercrimes, o Help parents shield their children from material that is inappropriate Requirements for public schools o Educate minors about: o

Appropriate online behavior (including chat rooms and social networking sites) Cyberbullying awareness and response Must submit a certification to the Commission that this is being done Teeth: e-Rate! State Regulations

Education Code 51870-51874 (51872.5) Requires that District Technology Plans include a component to educate pupils and teachers on: o Ethical use of information technology in the classroom o Internet Safety o Avoiding plagiarism o Understanding copyright Unlawful online downloading Illegal peer-to-peer file sharing State Regulations Education Code 32261

Mandates a safe, secure, and peaceful school environment School districts will develop and implement interagency strategies, in-service training programs, and activities that will improve school attendance and reduce school crime and violence, including vandalism, drug and alcohol abuse, gang membership, gang violence, hate crimes, bullying, including bullying committed personally or by means of an electronic act Necessary Topics

Cyberbullying awareness and response Chat rooms Social Networking sites Ethical use of information technology in the classroom Internet Safety Avoiding plagiarism Understanding copyright o Unlawful online downloading o Illegal peer-to-peer file sharing Digital Citizenship Implementation Committee

Volunteers were requested in a district-wide email. The committee met five times: o 1/30/12 o 2/6/12 o 2/13/12 o 2/27/12 o 5/7/12 Committee Participants Name

Site Grade Jill Keefer Larson Kindergarten Marianne Chang Clairmont Primary ELA Coach

Nanci Johnston Beckman 5 Shelli Brown Sutherland ELA Coach Robert Seymour Silva 6

Crystal Brown Houston English, 7-8 Martha Snider McAuliffe Social Studies, 7-8 Charles Taylor McAuliffe

Social Studies, 7-8 Monika Rose Lodi High English Judy Gervasi Tokay High Special Ed George Krukis Lodi High

Math Wendy Schubert Ansel Adams Special Ed- RSP Linda Pianto Bear Creek High Special Ed Randy Malandro

McAuliffe Principal Process Teachers explored three Digital Citizenship programs: Common Sense Media, iSafe, and NetSmartz. The following criteria were used in scoring these programs: Breadth of topics Student Engagement

Teacher ease-of-use Available formats Time needed for each lesson The committee unanimously recommended the Common Sense Media curriculum across all grade levels. Teachers split into grade level groupings. Each group recommended lessons by grade level covering topics that are mandated by State and Federal regulations. Committee Recommendations

The Committee made specific grade level lesson recommendations from the Common Sense Media library. Common Sense Media released an eRate Toolkit with their own lesson recommendations including documentation) in March, 2012. The Committee met in early May to review the eRate Toolkit. The Committee unanimously recommended implementing the Common Sense Media eRate Toolkit lessons for Lodi Unified School District. Many Committee members recommended adding some copyright lessons at the High School level (please see grades 9-12 recommended lessons in their original recommendation.) Original Recommendation: Grades 9-12

Common Sense Media Click here to view video from the web.. CSM Implementation Plan CSM Teacher Web Page Internet Filtering Category Descriptions Access by Group Filtering tool - Bluecoat Questions & Comments

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